Adventures in job hunting: the fastest rejection I’ve ever received.

I applied for a position of Marketing Coordinator with this company on Monday, September 9th at around 8:30 pm via online submission.

The following is an email chain that went on between myself and this company yesterday, September 10th.

Email from potential employer: Tuesday, September 10th @ 9:00 am.

Good Morning Vee (my full name was used),

We have reviewed your application and are impressed with your qualifications and experience. We would like to know if you could come for an interview at our office [insert Calgary address here] on either Tuesday, Sept 17th or Wednesday Sept 18.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Thanks, G (full name was used)

Response email that I sent: Tuesday, September 10th @ 12:00 pm.

Good Afternoon G,

My apologies for the slow response.

Given the distance it would take for me to get to this initial interview, I am wondering if there is there a possibility that I could do my initial interview over the telephone or Skype?

Please let me know.

Thank you, Vee

Email from potential employer: Tuesday, September 10th @ 1:00 pm

Hi Vee,

Please kindly note that this job is located in Calgary.

Is that what you are looking for?

Response email that I sent: Tuesday, September 10th @ 1:11 pm

Hi G,

I am most definitely looking for a position in Calgary. I would like to relocate to Calgary to both work and live.

Thanks, Vee

Email from potential employer: Tuesday, September 10th @ 1:30 pm

Thank you for your response, Vee.

If you would like to relocate to Calgary then why are you unwilling to come to Calgary for an interview?

Thanks, G

Response that I sent: Tuesday September 10th @ 1:35 pm

Good Afternoon G,

Please note that I am not unwilling to come for an interview. I am simply asking if, for the first round of interviews, I might be able to do mine over the telephone or skype.

Then, if selected as one of the candidates you most like, I’d be happy to come to Calgary for an interview once the candidate pool has been whittled down to your final candidates.

Thanks, Vee

Email from potential employer: Tuesday, September 10th @ 4:55 pm

Good Afternoon Vee,

Thank you for clarifying.

While I would very much like to offer interviews to candidates from other cities and locations and offer the opportunity to do interviews over Skype and the telephone, we have already offered this position to another candidate and they have accepted.

Best of luck in your career search.

Thanks, G

Though it notes in several places on my resume that I presently have a BC address, what I’ve learned from this email chain is that they really didn’t read much of my resume.

I do not believe that they’ve hired someone for the position. I just think once they actually realized that I do not live in Calgary they stopped considering me for the job. And when they stopped considering me for the job, they needed to come up with a reason to explain why I was no longer being considered.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

As a hiring manager, to offer someone an interview on Tuesday morning for seven days in the future, how on earth could you then have hired someone for the position less than twelve hours later?

Also, if you’ve hired someone for the position, wouldn’t you take the posting off of LinkedIn and Indeed?

To conclude: It appears as though this company is not looking to hire the best candidate for the position, they’re main priority of importance is to hire someone that already lives in Calgary.

76 thoughts on “Adventures in job hunting: the fastest rejection I’ve ever received.

    1. Oh I’m fine. It just proves I was right in not wanting to shell out the money to go for an initial interview.

      I have no problem in paying for a ticket to go to an interview if I believe I’m genuinely being considered, but until that point, I’m not spending my money to deal with their bullshit.

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  1. Ohhhhh…..of course they haven’t hired another candidate. Why would they have engaged in that dialogue with you? Having been on the job market since January, I have been both horrified and amused at what I have encountered. I suspect you dodged the bullet….it sounds as though there was a bit of a power struggle going on, for no good reason. Hang in there and wait for the company that appreciates who are….and doesn’t want to waste your time.

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    1. I’ve been in the job market since January, too. I feel your pain and I absolutely understand.

      I like to tell myself I’ve dodged a bullet with these things but sometimes I’m just like… man, can I just catch a break, please? Just a small in, that’s all I need.

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      1. I know. Eventually I know the right thing will come along, but I had no idea it would take this long. It’s hard to plan life when you don’t know when regular income will be back. But I am determined to enjoy even this time…. so probably not making quite the same decisions as others would make. Hopefully it won’t hurt my search to want to continue life during this time!


      1. You’ll get the chance. Your suggestion re Skype would have made me think “I’ve got somebody special here” . Remember you are assessing the company too. They would have failed the test for me when your sensible Skype proposal was rejected. Hang in there V – you’ll do it.

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      2. I totally understand. I am looking for that too! Just that one damn chance to show them what I got and what I can do! 😦 it’s very hard not to feel upset at times. I NEED a job a so bad, to get my career started. I can’t even get a freaking an office assistant/front desk job. It’s hard not to feel totally useless sometimes, even though I have several years of experience in different roles, in different fields! Sometimes I am like should I start from scratch like I was in high school and consider getting a job a fast food chain, because at least then, I’d have a JOB. Somedays, it feels like I probably won’t even get that 😦

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    1. RIGHT?

      I remember how much it infuriated me when they did that at my previous office. They used to look at resume names and if the name looked like it could belong to a female they’d remove them from the resume pile and trash their resume.

      I feel like shit like that happens a lot in this day and age. Different offices might have different criteria, but they’re all definitely doing it.


  2. It is entirely their loss! A company once paid for me to fly to a different continent for an interview, that’s when I knew things were getting serious! Unfortunately I didn’t get the job but it showed me what good employers are willing to do if they feel they have found a good selection of candidates.

    Good luck in your search, may you find employers who are more worthy of you in future, Luna Xxx

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    1. Oh gooosh! I’ve heard of companies willing to fly out candidates. I’ve yet to come across one. Companies seem to be really cheap. I think that might have to do with my line of work though – people don’t put a ton of value into PR and digital marketing, they just think it’s easily done by anyone.

      Thank you for your luck. Much appreciated ❤


      1. The job I applied for was Customer Service! I couldn’t believe it when they told me they were paying for flights/hotels etc… Like 😱😱

        Well if you find any luck please let me know where you find it! I think I’ve misplaced mine! 😂 Xxx

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  3. I now live in Chicago, relocated with my family here from Philadelphia for a job. It is a huge expense that most companies cover when hiring a new candidate. Some companies won’t take on any of those expenses though, and it sounds like this company is one of those (because it doesn’t make sense otherwise). Why they weren’t just open with that and then let you decide is beyond me. Seems like a total dickish reply in that last response.

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    1. I’ve heard of companies being willing to fly out candidates for interviews. I’ve never experienced it in my ten years. My last employer was pretty cheap and in my job hunting what I’ve found is that people don’t appear to put much value in PR and Digital Marketing. I think they see it as something any ole’ schmuck can do.

      It’s funny because, if offered the job, I’d be willing to relocate at my own expense. But what I won’t do is come for an interview at my own expense when I know I’m not one of the final candidates. That, to me, just seems like I’m throwing my money away. Unless I’m one of the final four, I don’t want to pay to fly to an interview. You know what I mean?

      Sounds like you work for a good company that was willing to make an investment in you when they hired you. That must be a nice feeling!

      And yeah, as for their last reply, I had some choice words for when I sent them a response. haha!

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      1. Honestly, they covered the flight out for one of the interviews, but like you would figure, I was one of the final candidates by then.
        Problem is, digital marketing and PR is still this enigma to most of them. Hell, it’s even an enigma to me, lol. I believe you are on point with their probable feelings on it.
        I am very lucky in my job in that I am a polyurethane foam chemist… and that is a VERY specialized job, meaning there isn’t a huge pool of candidates out there and the field is shrinking. So my experience was very different than what I think most people will go through.
        I believe a lot of that would have been solved by them being straight out honest up front, such as a little note that said, “I am sorry, but we won’t be able to cover any expenses in relocating you. Would you still be interested?” That probably would have cleared up a lot.
        Hopefully one of these companies will go for you and take you on board.


  4. Between 1:30pm and 4:55pm, they hired someone for the position? Meaning they set up an interview with them and came to a conclusion? Seems highly unlikely. I agree with you Vee, it does sound like they made up a BS excuse to end the conversation. Good thing you didn’t book a flight just to receive rejection later. Their loss.


  5. I had a call yesterday from a recruiter at a company and got off the phone feeling wow, what a perfect full time position. I am so lucky. Less than 1 hour later, I received a notice, “My supervisor decided to go in another direction.” Weird, the job market is weird. She had just been hired. Perhaps I will wait another month and reapply but what if openings continue to come up…hmm.

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    1. The job market is so fickle. It’s a little ridiculous. I’m sorry that happened to you. I’ve been there before and I totally understand the frustrations.
      I’m sorry!

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  6. I think your location is working against you pretty hard. Is it possible for you to relocate to Calgary, get a “for now” job and a roommate while you look for the perfect job? I don’t mean to sound critical, but I know how hard it is to find a job in a city that you aren’t currently in. Or maybe get a few interviews lined up over a day or two and then make the trip for a few of them at a time?

    All the same, I’m sorry that you’re still going through all of this.

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    1. Oh, I do think that my location is working against me. I wholeheartedly agree with you there and I appreciate your suggestions.

      The thing is, I thought to myself, I’ll get a job at Wal-Mart or the grocery store and work that until I land a career position. Well, I used a Calgary mailing address, applied for positions at Wal-Mart and Starbucks and so on and so forth, lined up a bunch of interviews to do within a four day stretch and went and did them all.

      Rejected… from all of them. And that was with me trying to dumb-down my resume. I think people don’t want to hire me for a minimum wage, retail-style job because of the fact that I have an education and they think I’d likely leave quickly. It’s a catch 22. I’ll tell you though, it was a pretty low day in my life when Wal-Mart sent me an email saying I wasn’t qualified. I know it was a generic email they send to everyone, but reading an email from Wal-Mart that says you’re not qualified to be a cashier, that hurts the heart.

      Thanks for your note, for your well wishes and for reading my rant. ❤

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      1. Well that sucks. I’ve got nothing. But I wish you luck, friend. It finally happened for me, and I have faith that will happen for you.

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  7. There’s a lot of subtext to unravel with these emails from the company!

    To me, it sounds like they’re “just kinda” looking for a candidate. Which could mean they’re about to fire someone, or they’re not really fully committed to hiring for that particular position, but they have the listing out there just in case.

    You hit the nail right on the head though. It’s very likely that your resume ticked the right boxes with whatever software they’re using to screen candidates, but once they saw where you were located, you were pretty much out of the running since the cost and investment to have a new hire relocate to their area might have been over what they expected.

    Greasing the cogs with minimal cost and all that.

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    1. Is greasing the cogs a car term? I don’t know what cogs are, lol.

      Any recruiter worth their weight in anything would read a resume before sending off a “Can you come for an interview?” Even if they had a computer program scan it to start with, they should have scanned the resume before emailing me to see my BC address… and she clearly didn’t.

      Ah well, I guess…

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      1. Eh, I was just being cynical. Employees working for a large corporation are just cogs in a machine. Squeaky cogs get the grease to stop them from squeaking, or they get replaced. Corporations don’t care about their individual employees unless they affect their bottom line.

        Ok, wow, that was a little too cynical! I think my inner Tyler Durden is showing a little too much!

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    1. Well thank you for the compliment ❤

      Yeah, I think any employer worth their weight in the industry they operate should be desiring the best Marketing candidate for the job, not just someone who lives close.

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  8. Hello Vee,
    That truly is a shame what you had to go through. One would think a potential employer would appreciate that you are trying to save them (as well as yourself) unnecessary costs by offering to to do a Skype/phone conversation for the initial interview. I am sorry you had to experience this.

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    1. Thank you!

      Any company worth their merit would want to interview someone on Skype if they thought they were qualified because they’d be in the quest to find the best candidate. They clearly just want an easy hire. Oh well.

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  9. Don’t worry because the door is opening up for you something way better than that job. So don’t be discouraged. It has happened to the best of us.

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      1. Your welcome. And of course honey I know what u mean. I can’t handle rejection either. It’s like sometimes something you want got to come thru.


  10. Hi. Omg I relate so much! I have been job hunting for a while. It’s frustrating, especially since I have experience in SEVERAL different fields (I am an experienced cashiers, customer service rep, retail sales associate, administrative/office assistant and I am a certified medical office administrative. I am in Toronto, ON, Canada). I have all these very useful soft and technical skills that everyone looks for, yet it’s just so difficult to get a job! I keep trying and applying though. I did get a couple of interviews recently, but I didn’t get the jobs. So, I am also working on self-development. Job hunting, applying, going to interviews etc sure is an experience! Good luck to both of us and others who are on the same boat. I really need a job for my own personal and financial independence and security. I am seriously being held back because of this ONE thing!

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    1. I’ve been applying for jobs in Toronto too. I wholeheartedly understand the market out there and it’s tough! Oh my, I feel for you. I really do.


      1. You know I wanted to move to Calgary a few years ago, but I figured to do that, I need to have a lot of $$$ and/or a solid job offer first. I had neither. Plus I would have to take my husband, take our things, pets etc. I was still considering a move, but somehow it didn’t happen. I was kind of bummed out. Then the big Calgary economic crash happened….and I decided to stay put here. Lots of people I know have relocated to different cities. Some even moved to other provinces and countries.

        The job market is messed up. Most of the time, they post job ads because legally, they have to. In reality, 99% of the time they just promote internally or hire someone the employees personally refer.

        My husband, for example, lost out on a provincial govt position, because they hired the nephew of a man that already works in that department. There were many external applicants, and 3 employees referred 3 people they personally know. One of our friends referred my husband. The boss hired the nephew of an employee who is the senior supervisor of our friend. Mainly the reason behind the hiring is he is the nephew of the supervisor. That played a key role. It would have looked bad if he was snubbed. Can you believe this?

        If this happens on Govt. level, what happens elsewhere? I am not all surprised that that company rejected you. Ontario does have a new law that makes companies arrange accomodations for ANY applicants needing it, especially out of city/out of province applicants, regardless of position and industry. Not sure if Calgary has the same standards.


  11. I’m sorry to hear that. I have ever had these kind of experience a year ago. I applied job which isn’t in my town. The company called me to come for an interview. Since it’s not too far from my town (it only takes 1,5 hours by train), I came to the company. I thought they’d ask me “more” than what I’ve written on my CV. But, they just wasted my precious time by only asking basic question which has “written” on it. I be like, “when I sent my CV and application letter to you by email, did you really read them?”
    Seriously, they don’t deserve you, my dear big sist. It’s so unprofessional and disrespectful!


    1. Oh, I hate it when that happens. When you sit down in an interview and wind up thinking “why am I even here?” I’m so sorry, that sounds like a really frustrating day.


  12. If I can have a word as a hiring manager :). I am not saying this conversation was going the right way, but just a couple of comments.

    When we make an offer and wait for a person to accept (or not), we are still interviewing people. The reason is that if we wait, and then a person rejects, we might loose other suitable candidates. We won’t make two offers simultaneously, but a candidate might be deciding between two or more offers. Sometimes we like a candidate, but they stop in the middle because they accepted another offer. So a situation “somebody just accepted” is a real one. We can’t remove a job posting from linked in instantaneously, same as post it, all changes take from 24 to 48 hours (that’s by LinkedIn, not by us). I also found surprising onsite invitation without phone screening, but I do not know whether there is an analog of “tech screen” in your profession, so hard for me to tell.

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    1. Thanks for your suggestions Henriette. It’s nice to hear the thoughts from someone who is a hiring manager because all I can speak from is the side of the candidate.


      1. I actually recently experienced a very fast rejection that reminded me of this. After sending my application, I was asked if I wanted to add the email addresses of any people that could be a reference. I texted my former boss to ask if I could use him as one and he took maybe 45 minutes to respond. At the 44 minute minute mark though, I had already received a rejection email. Thanks anyway I guess!


  13. Oldest HR trick in the book: regret that position has already been filled. They could have aimed for originality in this case. You caught them out. Find out who their competitors in Calgary are and send an unsolicited job application. Could be interesting!

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  14. Oh my god. I would have ended the conversation when they asked why I am unwilling to come to calgary for an interview if i want to live there. It’s pretty standard for the first interview to be a phone interview if the candidate is in another town. Not an unreasonable request on your part…dumb employer. Lots of them out there. Or maybe just dumb manager.

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    1. Yeah, the whole situation was pretty annoying. “Why are you unwilling to for an interview?” Are you fucking kidding me? Had I asked a question like that it would have been such a gross, negative strike against me as a candidate. But potential employers get to talk like that? It’s sucky.

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  15. Some companies do not include it in their listings but they do really look someone in their area. Some are also, sorry for the word, unreasonable. And this seems like one of those cases. Hope you get a good job posting!


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