When it rains it pours.

I’m typing this on my dad’s computer. My computer went kaput yesterday. I’m less than impressed about it. My computer has thousands of dollars worth of design and editing software on it, so it’s really not just as simple as wandering down to the store and purchasing a new laptop. Replacing this computer is going to cost an arm and a leg.

I’ve ordered a new battery for it, I am hoping that might help. The battery has to come from the United States though, so it might be a while. In the mean time, I’ll be trying to use my dad’s computer, or, my phone. I’m going to try to stay away from my phone though because when I used my phone my spelling goes from bad to absolutely horrendous.

I’m being dramatic. I know that. But… I use my computer for a lot. It’s a piece of me. And I really, really, don’t want to have to replace it. Thus, I’m pouting today.

45 thoughts on “When it rains it pours.

  1. What kind of computer do you have, V? That really sucks that your computer decided to die. I used to have a MacBook and it decided to die 2 days before final exams so I lost everything. Then it decided to work again…. 1 year later. By that time, I had already replaced my laptop but back then it was really stressful shelling out money to buy a new laptop. I managed to sell the MacBook in the meantime and will never buy another one ever again.

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    1. I have a pretty high-end Lenovo Think-Pad. It’s about $1500 to replace if I were to go for this computer again. I love this computer, and it’s been amazing, but I don’t know if I could spend $1500 on a computer. I’d rather buy a cheaper computer and replace the software, if that makes sense. Though that could bite me in the ass to.

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      1. The irony of it all is that high-end is not so high-end when it breaks down. Like my parents’ Audi. That car had tons of problems and was constantly breaking down. So they ended up taking my cheap-ass Toyota and claiming it as their own.

        The laptop I use now is an ASUS. The fan needs to be repaired so I will take it in before school starts. I paid $1000 for it at Best Buy and it was on sale at the time. Buying something cheaper and upgrading it later on isn’t a bad idea. Hopefully you won’t have to replace your computer and the battery replacement will be sufficient!

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      2. Yeah, I’ve had a Lenovo since 2012 – had a desktop first and then switched to laptop, and I’ve got to say, this is the first issue I’ve ever had with a Lenovo. I’m hoping that it’s just the battery, after all, I do use it a lot.

        But the computing power, ram, hard drive, space, it’s all… ohhhhh it would cost a lot for me to get a comparable computer. Insert pouting face here.

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    1. Right now, all that I know is that it’s not turning on. I think that it’s the battery. I’m hoping that it’s just the battery. Because I’ve never had any other issues with the computer. I store my designs on an external hard drive and have never had a virus (knock on wood) so I’m thinking maybe the battery just gave out? I’ll see if I can get it to turn on when the battery gets here.


      1. That’s a good first step in troubleshooting and seems likely. Are you able to remove the battery and power up straight off the cable? You’re right about viruses – they don’t want your computer off – they need your computer on to do their nasty bidness.

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  2. I bought a lenovo…just a small one, to fit in my backpack when traveling around Europe three years ago. Suddenly all the middle row of keys stopped working. I’d have to hit the a s d f etc about 10 times to get one letter to appear. Soon got totally pissed off with that! Now got a HP model. Working much better. Like you say though its all that software that you lose that’s the worst.

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    1. I’ve been so happy with my Lenovos. I’ve been using strictly Lenovo since 2012. And this one, with all it’s software has managed to suit me so well and hasn’t slowed in it’s computing power one bit. It’s going to be a bummer to replace, so I am really hoping it’s just the battery.

      That’s kind of funny that your keys stopped working. I mean that sucks, and it likely wasn’t funny at the time, but I bet you look back now and think ‘how ridiculous’, eh?


    1. Thank you ❤

      For the most part, all of my photos and graphic design work are on external hard drives, so I'm not worried about that.

      But the software, that's gonna be an expensive replacement if this new battery doesn't work!


      1. One step at a time just wait for battery. Recently my laptop died the death. I needed to change some stuff in my first book which I’d already published. It was on that laptop. I needed a new lead I was so stressed. I just let go of the stress and accepted that I had to wait and no worrying was going to help me. Thank the universe it worked. My point is stay now not in the future.

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  3. V, I agree with those who say you can take your hard drive(it contains all your software and files) and they can recover everything by hooking it up to your new computer.
    If you have a good computer shop(Not box stores) take it and they will more than likely know what to do. Everything is not lost V.

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    1. I know!!!

      I remembered that when it wouldn’t turn on. I was like… ‘Damn, now I have to take my own advice and use my phone like I said all the cool kids were doing’. haha


  4. Oooh I can relate. I’ve been using my Dad’s computer too! I’m so thankful that he has basically given it to me (for limited time only). I hope that we will both be able to work on our own devices sooner rather than later.

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  5. I hope it’s the battery! A laptop is just a thing but in a way it is a part of me. I really like mine because of the possibilities it does offer. It’s a part of my day to sit and type. Software is so expensive though… I wish you good luck!

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  6. I get it. I love all my electronics more than my wardrobe. My laptop keyboard keys have stopped working, but to give it to repairs is taking a forever. So much is in there. I hope you get yours working fine.

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  7. I will have to cave in and get another one anyway… it’s still giving me problems. It’s annoying as hell. 😱😡


  8. Laptop failures are typically one of two things:
    1) Power supply/battery failure
    2) Drive failure

    Since your laptop isn’t turning on at all when plugged in- it likely points to a bad power supply.
    If the new battery doesn’t fix things, it points further to the power supply if there is no initial startup screen. Consider asking a repair shop what it would cost to check out and fix. Paying for a new power supply could be much cheaper than a replacement.

    I’d recommend checking local repair and getting a quote from Lenovo support as well.


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