33 thoughts on “Where’d this bruise come from?

    1. Maybe? I wish I knew. Glad to hear that someone understands me though!

      I think I need to start looking into ways to help myself so I bruise less easy. I wonder if that’s possible.


  1. Love all the joking! πŸ˜‰ I joke about mine all the time. I wake up with new bruises on the regular with NO idea how I got them.

    The bruising began when I started taking a daily baby aspirin to keep my blood thin and help prevent a stroke. My bruising seems to get worse when my diet is all wonky. On the serious, though, with Celiac disease comes lack of absorption, check with your doctor that you’re not low in iron or some other necessary vitamin/mineral. (Pot said to kettle here!)

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    1. I do take an Iron supplement and have since my diagnosis, but it has been a while since I’ve had my iron levels tested. Maybe I should check and see if they’re still okay. Thanks for the idea!

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  2. I bruise easily too. I barely have to bump into something and I get a bruise … and I bump into things quite a lot πŸ˜‚. Most of the time I wear trousers so it’s no big deal but this year just before my Croatian holiday I ended up with a huge bruise which was totally visible in my shorts. 😝

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  3. I’m covered in bruises! Do you move carefully or do you power forward to get where you want to go? I walk into my bed frame, door frames, tables, the couch. Then the bruises show!

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    1. I definitely have walked into furniture before. Once I’m familiar with a place I’m pretty good. But in a new place… I might as well drop a brick on my head. haha

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    1. I’ve been told my Vitamin B12 deficiency could be a contributing factor. But I don’t think it should be that awful. I take a B12 supplement every day! Who knows. Maybe I should go get tested again and see what my levels are at.

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      1. Depends on the source and form of the supplement. B12 is best absorbed under the tongue. If you consume meat products regularly it would be a tough sell that there is a B12 deficiency, unless some body chemistry issues were present. For vegans, like me, B12 must be supplemented.


      2. Oh, I’ve had blood testing done. I had it done about a year ago and then I had it done about six months ago now. My B12 levels were less than half what they should be and didn’t climb despite the supplementation during those six months. I think it’s an issue for my body to absorb.


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