34 thoughts on “Holy Shit.

      1. His past is gonna haunt him if it hasn’t already 👻 I think it’s sad that he’s apologizing left right and center for his mistakes to try and win people’s votes. Because saying “sorry” fixes everything. *sigh* Just saw the article on google.


  1. When they start going back DECADES, ya they are going to find something. In the states we have a lot of noise too, but the noise is created by a small % of the voter base. Most people make political decisions based on their personal circumstances. To his costume, I dont find it offensive, but Im not a person of color. Imagine for a moment, if he were a conservative and this came out.

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    1. I think that if he were a Conservative and this came out there would not have been an apology. It probably would have been a lot of deflection and “move along now reporters”. That’s just my honest opinion based on what I’ve seen how they respond to racism within their own party.

      The woman in the Conservative riding in I think… Calgary south… one of the calgary ridings, she’s an open and honest racist who has no qualms about hiding it. She posts racist attacks on people of any colour and culture that aren’t white almost weekly on her public Facebook account for her candidacy and no one in her party cares. I think they only care about racism when they can use it as political leverage.

      All that being said. It Is wrong. It was wrong. It was idiotic of him. I dont agree with it. But it won’t change my vote. I’m hoping you’re right that most people will make their decision based on personal circumstance and not an offensive photo.


  2. No worry. Trudeau is a Progressive Democratic Socialist. The Media will downplay it and he’ll never be held to the same standard as conservatives. Could you imaging what a storm would happen if Trump did this?

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    1. I dont think the media will downplay it. Not based on what I’ve seen the past few years in this country.

      I could not imagine what would happen if Trump did it. But then again I find so much of American news to be more opinions than news so… it would probably be a field day… and he’d been on all 20000 different channels at once


      1. Checked this am and they’re already trying to diffuse it by pointing to others doing the same thing. Next they’ll turn it away from Trudeau completely back into an attack on racist Republicans. But let’s see monday

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      2. I hope it’s getting diffused internationally such as on CNN because I definitely dont want the world to get an opinion of Canadians as being racist!. I just listened to a 25 minute piece on the photos and how its going to affect our election and how its made international headlines and how they dont know that he can come back from this. I do hope public perception of Canadians isn’t swayed.


  3. at least he’s admitted to, and apologized for, such behavior. to me, that’s the right way to handle such public relations disasters, rather than deny or try to blame others. I think people are more forgiving when people show remorse.

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    1. I had that people are saying his apology isn’t genuine. I’m pretty sure when shit like this happens, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If he hadn’t apologized people would be all like ‘WTF MAN?’ But he apologizes and they’re all ‘WTF MAN?’

      I’m not saying I agree with it. Because I definitely don’t. But there are a lot of people in glass houses throwing stones right now…


  4. I think a comment I read on one of the articles put it best:
    “Trudeau did brown face in the past but apologized and has been pushing to admit more Syrian refugees into Canada. Sheer has been quoted saying very anti gay marriage things in the past and still refuses to attend LGBT events.”
    I’m paraphrasing but you get the gist of it, I might not like either of them but at least one is willing to admit they made a mistake and supporting policy that backs that up.

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    1. Wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. Andrew Scheer doesnt have an apologetic bone in his body and doesnt believe hes wrong when he devalues and demoralizes such a large population of Canadians based on his own religious belief.

      I just hope thos Trudeau picture isn’t going to cost him the election and the next four years of our lives.


  5. V, if that is the worse that the person did than I guess it isn’t too bad.
    I wonder if someone posted all the crazy things we have done as teens or young adults how would we look.
    Thank goodness there was no digital cameras around when I was a teen!

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    1. I’m worried that it could cost him the election because people won’t see past it. The reality is, like you said, everyone has stupid shit in their past. Is it right? No. Did he apologize? Yes. Are the conservatives going to ride this train right through to election day to try and sway people to not vote for him? Absolutely


    1. Oh yes, we get all of the American news up here, quite often ahead of our Canadian news. I’m well aware of the hell you’re dealing with by the ‘Commander in Stupidity’ right now. lol Sorry, I really don’t like him…

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      1. Don’t worry neither do I 🤦‍♀️ I do like Justin and I was so disappointed to see so many pictures of him in “black face (as we call it here)”


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