The upcoming Canadian Election

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I’m going to talk, at length, about Politics. I am hesitant to talk about Politics because I understand that it’s an extremely divisive topic, but there are some things I feel I need to say.

First and foremost, I am choosing to not name any individual politicians in this post because I do not wish for this post to come across as hate filled. I just want to have an open and honest discussion about how I feel about the present state of Canadian politics. There is no hate here, just cause for alarm.

I consider myself to be very Liberal in nature. It’s who I am and what I believe, it’s the party I most align with. I do not agree with everything the Liberal party of Canada does, but, I understand that in life, you’re not going to agree with everyone 100% of the time and I still very much believe in the platform and policies they present.

Presently, in Canada, the media is playing the upcoming election out to be a neck-and-neck race between the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. (If you’re not Canadian, these two are basically the equivalent of Democratic and Republican)

The individual running for the Conservative Party is, in my personal opinion, a scary dude. I say that he’s scary because he’s someone who can look you square in the eye, lie directly to your face and laugh about it after the fact. I believe that he’s under the impression he’s got the country fooled and that this election is ‘in the bag’ for him. His campaign is filled with bullying rhetoric, he doesn’t seem to have any plans or policies… at least none that he’s going to allow the Canadian public to hear before the election. Furthermore, every time he opens his mouth, it’s not to say something productive, but rather, to say something he believes to be bad about our current Prime Minister.

Canadian’s are not immune to this. We understand in politics there are certain parties and people who run on bullying campaigns (Exhibit A: The current President of the United States). We understand how this world works and, for the most part, I hope that his negative/hatred spewed, filled with lies, rhetoric towards the Prime Minister is seen for exactly what it is. This particular man has done a lot of alarming things over the course of his career, not only just during this election period.

This man is vehemently against the LGBTQ2 community. He’s not willing to admit to this on the campaign trail, regardless of how many times reporters have asked him about this, but he has been on record in the past (on video) campaigning against giving Lesbian and Gay individuals the right to marry, comparing their relationships to ‘the tail of a dog’.

I want to know how someone thinks that he can stand up for all Canadians when there’s such a large population of our country who’s very indentities he refuses to acknowledge.

One of this man’s constituents, someone running in the riding of Airdrie, Alberta has recently posted some alarming videos to twitter to proclaim that, regardless of your Citizenship, if you’ve not lived in Canada for five or more, you don’t deserve the right to vote. He also says that if you don’t hold a valid Canadian government issued ID, you don’t deserve the right to vote.

This is alarming to me, for a lot of reasons. My brother, a Canadian citizen who lived in Canada up until he was 22 years old, has lived in Denmark since 2012. He’s still a Canadian citizen. He still cares about what happens in this country. He still spends his two week’s holiday here every year. He still donates to charities here. He still considers Canada his home. He still holds a Canadian passport. Why? Because he’s Canadian. He may be choosing to live in the country in which his child is being raised, but he is still Canadian. By this man’s opinion, because my brother has lived in Denmark since 2012, he doesn’t deserve the right to vote?

This could affect so very many people. There are people living and working in Hollywood who still consider Canada to be their home. They don’t deserve the right to vote? There are people who are teaching at Universities internationally, who’ve retired internationally as a means to make their money stretch farther, there a million reasons under the sun why someone might have not lived in Canada for five years. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about what happens in this country. So why should their right to vote be stripped, despite the fact that they are now, and will forever be Canadian citizens who hold Canadian passports?

To the second point of the video the man of the Airdrie riding made, that you shouldn’t be able to vote if you do not have a government issued ID, this just isn’t fair. There are so many people in this country who do not hold a valid ID. This is not to single out any particular portion of the population for any reason on than examples sake, but something I ran into a lot with my last job was that people who live on Reserves often don’t have ID. Why? Because they were born, raised and have lived in a two block radius their whole lives. They don’t get on planes, they don’t get on trains, they don’t own their homes (their homes are owned by the Band), and a lot of them don’t even get the adequate medical attention they deserve. They can go their whole lives without needing or having an ID that would be required by this man to vote. They’re still human. They’re still Canadian. They still care what happens in this country. This isn’t just a Canadian problem. This is something that happens all over the world. It’s something that John Oliver pointed out as a specific issue the United States had in the last election.

One could argue that, if these people without IDs want to vote, they should go out and get an ID. Well yes, I guess you could get them all an ID. But it’s not that simple of a process. If you don’t own a home, because it’s owned by the Band, then you don’t pay bills for that home. If you don’t pay bills, then the only thing that the government has for proof of residence is Band Records. Band records being something that the government has accepted for decades, because of the very reasons I’ve listed above. So if all of these people need to jump through legal hoops to get an ID, are you (Mr. Airdrie riding) going to help them do that in the next 30-some-odd days? That’s what I thought. You don’t want them to vote.

Another piece to this election I find alarming comes from one of the constituents running for the Conservative party in the Burnaby North Seymour. This individual posted a photo their Facebook page of Rick Mercer. The photo has a quote on it, that is attributed to Rick Mercer on the photo making it look as though he’s telling Canadians to ‘Vote Conservative’. Rick Mercer is a widely popular TV personality in Canada, an openly gay man and a man who is openly critical of the Conservative Party and what they stand for. Never in my life to I believe that he would be telling Canadian’s to ‘Vote Conservative’ like this photo suggested. He pointed out this fact on his twitter page when he vehemently rejected the photo on it’s face and stated he was reaching out to the Conservative party to ensure his photo and name are not used on their behalf ever again.

The thing is, Conservatives are banking on people being uninformed. They’re banking on people not knowing that a photo and quote like this are fake. Because uninformed people won’t take a second look, they won’t investigate. Conservatives are banking on people just believing what this photo says. It doesn’t matter if it was up for ten minutes, ten hours or forty days, the fact that it went up at all is widely deceptive and showcases a very alarming side to the Conservative party.

I really don’t know what is going to happen on October 21st. I sincerely hope that Canadians do not elect the Conservative party for federal government. I sincerely hope that we’re not about to send our Politics, way of life and position on the world stage backwards. I sincerely hope we’re not planning on making the wealthy wealthier and the middle class weaker. But, I don’t know. I see a lot of hate being spewed on places like my television, Instagram and Twitter accounts towards the Liberal party. And I get it, people are frustrated, but I just want Canadians to remember that not everything you see is always the truth.

I also want Canadians to remember that you don’t have to agree with 100% of what a party does to vote for them.

Whichever way that Canadians choose to vote, I respect that. I sincerely do. I just hope that they make an informed decision and don’t necessarily believe things being presented to them as true when they’re so blatantly not.

I respect the political positioning of everyone and I respect their right to vote for whomever they please. I respect differing opinions and I respect people who are willing to share their opinions in an open, respectful discussion. There is no room for hatred in Canada, in Canadian politics, nor on this blog. So if your opinion differs from mine, and you would like to share, feel free to do so, just keep it… kind.

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  1. I am deeply concerned about the upcoming federal election. I’m from Ontario where we recently managed to elect a Conservative majority government despite 60% of voters picking a left leaning candidate and I worry we’re going to be looking at something similar happening federally. Aren’t first past the post elections great :/

    I’m pretty disenfranchised with the two major parties, the whole flip flopping between them, constant policy change, and more importantly the false majorities that get them into power. I’m very inclined to throw my vote away and pick one of the minor parties, because as long as the two big ones are in power nothing is ever going to change.

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    1. I am originally from Ontario (born and raised) and it is insanely expensive to live there, in my opinion. Compared to Saskatchewan however, Ontario is paradise. Saskatchewan was once by the NDP and it shows. Idk who runs it now since I don’t follow politics.

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    2. I have some friends that live in Ontario who’ve been deeply affected by all of the cuts that have happened since your most recent Premier was Elected. I think that when people aren’t scared by the cuts it’s because it hasn’t effected them yet.

      I agree that the two major parties in Canada each have their own issues. And I definitely agree that consistency is something that all parties need to work on. I don’t foresee a time in the near future in which one of the two major parties are not in power, sadly.

      Which, could be a good or a bad thing. The NDP and Green Parties do bring a lot to the table. They do also have issues of their own as well, though. It’s a catch 22.

      I wouldn’t consider your vote a throw-away, as long as you’re voting. Regardless of who you decide to vote for I would say that it’s still important to vote. Votes, whether they’re for one of the two major parties or not, still affects how many seats a part gets in the House of Commons, which affects the steps needed to be taken to get laws into regulation in this country. So please, please, please, whoever you vote for, don’t consider it a throw-away. Even if that person doesn’t get elected to Prime Minister, it still matters!

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  2. We are different people with different views and I respect your opinions. I would never ever vote for Trudeau. He doesn’t have a clue how to run this country and has made things worse IMO. The only thing he was successful at doing was legalizing weed and the legalization of weed is still questionable as to whether it’s making a positive impact or not. I’m gonna say not, but I have no right in this matter whether to say it has or hasn’t. Personally I don’t smoke weed but to each their own.

    I don’t follow politics because I find it really dry and full of gossip/hate. Everyone badmouthing everyone, he did this she did that….. It just feels so low-brow to me. My husband on the other hand, loves politics. His love for politics is like my love for philosophy.

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    1. Your husband sounds like a good yin to your yang!

      I understand and respect that a lot of people in this country don’t want to vote Liberal for this election and do not feel that our current Prime Minister has done much while in power. That’s okay. So long as people are voting, I’m grateful for whoever they vote for. So even if you don’t follow politics so much anymore, I do hope that you’re still going to vote in the upcoming election!

      I’ve never smoked Weed either. And the legalization of it hasn’t done much good. It’s one thing to do with the Liberal party that I disagreed with. In spite of identifying as Liberal, there are some things they’ve done that I do disagree with. And we definitely agree on the Legalization of Marijuana aspect!

      I think it can be really hard to decipher wha’ts true and what isn’t in a wolrd which, like you mentioned, everyone is bad-mouthing everyone. I just hope that when people go to vote, whoever they’re voting for, they’re making an informed decision and not just going “eeeny meenie, miney, moe” on the ballot form. You know what I mean?

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  3. I agree with many of your points. I’m unfortunately a liberal leaning lady in the prairies, where the majority are Conservative (so that’s fun). However I don’t honestly know who to vote for this year. I hate both parties. I hate how arrogant both leaders are. JT is so arrogant he didn’t think it worth his time to attend the Maclean’s debate last week. I hate how JT treats Western Canada as a backcountry of idiots. And although I don’t agree with a lot of my neighbours on social issues (such as LGTBQ+ and Justice issues), I think they have significant concerns that the liberal government has yet to address: (ie., farming and agriculture and how smaller farmers everywhere are suffering as a result of our continued involvement in the China/US conflict over Huawei phones being a security concern and the more recent Carbon Tax). But I also hate how the PCs leader (who’s riding I’m actually in) seems to be anti-immigration/anti-abortion/anti-LGTBQ+. Not to mention the PC’s history of terrible relations with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.
    For me, I’m at a point where I’m willing to do a “throw away vote” as some consider it, by voting Green or NDP as a way for me to send a message to both major parties this year.

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    1. See, I didn’t see his skipping the debate as arrogant, but I do see your perspective here.

      The Huawei situation is a hot mess! Like, seriously, this is going to be ongoing for years. Regardless of who gets elected this fall, whether it be any of the four major parties, this mess with Huawei, China and the USA is going to go on for years. That’s just my opinion. No elected official is going to know what to do to fix this political tug-of-war. We’re presently in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation, which is why I think no major decisions have been made this far. I think they’re trying to weigh the options to determine what the least harmful of all decisions is going to be. You know what I mean? I think if Conservatives come into power in October, Huawei will still be an ongoing issue for years to come. It just so happens that China is trying to bully us by hurting farmers as a means to get what they want to happen. The USA is also bullying us to try and get us to side with them and the forestry industry in BC is suffering vastly for it. It’s a real ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ scenario for the ages.

      I agree with a lot of your perspective. You seem very wise and informed when it comes to Canadian politics which I really appreciate.

      I would say that when you go to vote, whoever you vote for, please don’t consider it a ‘throw-away’. I know a lot of people think that if it’s not for one of the two major parties than their vote doesn’t matter, but it does. As long as you’re voting, it really does matter. I could mean the difference between how many seats a certain party gets in the House of Representatives. That might seem ‘small-fry’ compared to electing a Prime Minister, but representative seats in the House of Commons is still very important! So please don’t ever consider your vote a throw-away. As long as you’re voting, it’s an important vote!

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  4. As you said, it’s about staying kind even when you disagree with people. We shouldn’t go through life despising everyone who doesn’t share our exact views.

    For me, the prospect of widespread electoral fraud is a great concern. Countries are trying to fix this – ID is a way to do so. Maybe as technology catches up, there might be smarter ways to do it though.

    I suppose we are all a product of our experiences.

    The Scottish Conservative party is pretty centrist on most issues- it was led to electoral success by Ruth Davidson, an openly gay woman, back when I was a conservative activist in my uni days.

    Yet I saw that for many liberals, their tolerance didn’t expand to people with different views from liberalism.

    In university I experienced first hand a great deal of venom directed at what is a mild mannered party. So my experiences led me to believe that liberals were a nasty bunch (obviously I’ve met nice people on the other side since and have mellowed as I got older!).

    You mentioned the president of America running a bullying campaign but I see the other side doing that as well, indeed here I tend to associate bullying behaviour with the left- banning speakers at universities, crashing conservative events, demanding all art and media conform to their world view. Part of that, again, is due to my own experience and I know plenty of nice left leaning people to balance out the bad ones.

    A few of my friends across the Atlantic are activists in the election in Canada and are doing what they think will help the country. I don’t know enough to comment on the specifics but I know their motivations are to help the country. Again, Scottish Conservative party is very different from how you described the party over there but as you identified yourself as a liberal, I can’t help but think “is it just because she’s on the other side she’s describing the party like that?”

    Not judging for that, I’m a conservative and if I was asked my opinion on Corbyn’s Labour Party here I would no doubt present an extremely critical image.

    There will be nice and nasty people on both sides in this Canadian election I am sure. We shouldn’t lose sight of that and be glad we live in countries where you can have disagreements and campaign to get the public on your side 🙂

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    1. I LOVED THIS COMMENT. And I love your discussion on the matter. I thank you so much for reading and responding. I really appreciate open and honest political discussion in which people don’t throw stones! Your comment is a breath of fresh air compared to all of the people I see fighting on twitter, so thank you!

      I do agree that an ID system would help, but I think if a government wants to institute a ruling requiring certain Government issued IDs then they need to put a system in place to ensure that every Canadian has, or has an easy opportunity get Government Issued IDs. In the case I spoke of in my post, it’s something that can be extremely difficult for people who live on reserves to get. The government needs to help them with that, not just strip their rights away. You know what I mean?

      My mentioning of the President of the United States being a bully was just… solely because he is basically the most well known ‘Exhibit A’ in the world. There is bullying from all political perspectives, I do agree with that. When I see people who consider themselves Liberals trying to bully someone on twitter, I tend to tell them to shut the hell up. But, that being said, again, Mr. President was only mentioned as a well-known example. We could speak of Bolsanaro in Brazil, Maduro in Venezuela, or any of the other’s out there. I know that Political bullying goes on from every party in every country, I just picked him as a bright shining example because he’s well known. Hope that makes sense!

      As for ‘is it just because she’s on the other side that she’s describing a party like that’, I totally understand the question. I would say, genuinely, No. There are some things to do with the Liberal Government that I vehemently disagree with. And, if you ever had the opportunity to ask friend’s of mine my thoughts on the matter, they’d probably share that with you. This post was just a pointed subject about my concerns with the Conservative party representatives. If you anyone ever wanted to talk about and I’d be happy to share my concerns that I do have with the Liberal Party.

      I’m very grateful that I do live in a Country where we get the opportunity to vote every four years and we have the opportunity to align ourselves with representatives who we feel will best push our country forward. My sharing that align to the Liberal party was for transparency sake.

      I have great respect for everyone, for whomever they vote for, just so long as they vote. If they Vote Conservative, that’s their right and choice and I respect it. I’ll admit, I don’t know a ton about Scottish Politics. Irish politics made the news a lot last year, and British politics have been making the news a lot here since… well the Brexit vote a couple years back, so I think any Scottish politics might get overshadowed by those two facts.

      I’d love to learn more if you were willing to share. I love politics and I love following them around the world to see how they operate.

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      1. Thanks for commenting back and expanding on your points as well.

        I feel like communication is the key. Although we have different views on voter ID, it seems there is common ground – you can appreciate I’m worried about voter fraud undermining elections, I fully understand that one if your key objections is how difficult it can be for some people to get it under the current system, which I agree isn’t fair. Common ground 🙂

        Happy to oblige – Quick crash course on Scottish politics (haha from the perspective of a Conservative of course).

        Scottish Parliament
        1997 referendum in Scotland which results in the creation of Scottish Parliament (Tony Blair promises to hold a referendum for a devolved Parliament if he won the election, lots of Scots voted for him and he did keep his word).

        Scottish Parliament has several coalition and minority governments unlike Westminster, which is almost designed to favour large majorities.

        From the start the Conservative party in Scotland (officially the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party) had a tough uphill struggle. We had fought against the creation of the Scottish Parliament- arguing it would play into the hands of Scottish nationalists and be used as a platform for separatism- and then we were trying to win seats in it. Our own voters were a bit confused by that, many choosing to boycott the elections and not vote.

        The SNP are the Scottish Nationalist Party, the dominant force in Scottish politics now. Their solution to Scotland’s problems is to break off from the U.K. and form an independent nation (like the separatists in Quebec).

        What happens next is not clear- the party seems to have far right and far left members with only the dream of independence uniting them. Would Scotland be a socialist republic? Or a tax haven like Luxembourg? Would the queen still be head of state? Would we try to get into the EU?

        There is no common answer in the SNP, I feel after independence the party would dissolve into warring factions as that is all that is holding it together.

        The Scottish Labour Party is like the NDP and the Liberal Democrat’s are like the liberal party (or so my friends in Canada described it, I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is). They tended to form coalitions with each other to run the country together.

        I was in university studying law when I first joined the conservatives, I’ve been a part time activist even since.
        One lecturer we had was quite an overt separatist but I managed to grit my teeth and get on with it.
        “When Scotland wins independence, many of these laws will no longer be needed”
        *grins despite the anger I feel, and nods like he has made an insightful point*

        The SNP- who had swept into power- got their dream of holding and independence referendum and lost – yay!!! 😀 (personal opinion I know, my fiancée and I stayed up all night watching the results and then cracked open the champagne).

        The referendum left deep scars across Scotland though, families and friends fell out over it, it cut the country down the middle. Edinburgh where I live was quite a unionist centre whereas Glasgow was the opposite.

        Ruth Davidson, the best leader the Scottish conservatives have ever had, has led the party from a pathetic handful of representatives, in danger of going extinct, to shouldering labour and Liberal Democrat’s aside to be the opposition. What a change. Recently she announced that having had her first child (and clashing with Boris the PM) she would be standing down.
        Even the most traditionalist, dyed in the wool Tory was shocked to see her go as her electoral success couldn’t be doubted.

        In the wake of Brexit the SNP are demanding another referendum despite the promise this was a once in a life time event. The idea of going through another independence referendum fills me dread. It was such a tense time and a very toxic debate.

        Scottish politics is divided between unionist and separatist parties who want an independent Scotland or for Scotland to stay in the U.K. (what I want). Brexit has further muddied the water but the SNP are pushing for another independence referendum.

        That’s pretty much it haha. A difference with most other western countries is it is less about left v right and more about unionist v separatist.

        Hope that was interesting enough haha award it can be pretty dry if you aren’t living in it every day.

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      2. I want you to know that I plan on reading this all and responding. I haven’t had a chance yet today because I’ve been half packing for a trip and half watching the shitstorm unfold on the news and all over social media. I hope to get back to you either tomorrow or Friday. (Trip is tomorrow) Thank you for your explanation, I can’t wait to read it and ask you more questions. lol

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    2. Okay, I’ve read through your description of the Scottish parliament and wow. Unionists versus Separatists must get exhausting to follow on television and in the news. And I don’t even mean that from one side versus the other, I just mean that in… holy camoly, there’s so many layers to that.

      Does Scotland have the economy to separate and succeed without the United Kingdom? Sorry if that’s a stupid question. I’m asking that just out of curiosity because I genuinely don’t know. It would be interesting to see what unfolds with Scotland in the coming future here.

      My brother was supposed to go to Scotland in October for work but he was denied a visa to be able to do his job there.

      You also mentioned the Quebec separatists movement – that was huge when I was a kid but doesn’t as much get heard of these days. The Alberta Premier has been threatening separation a lot lately. He says he’s going to start the process if a Conservative Federal Government doesn’t get elected in October. I think they’re just empty words though. He literally has no idea what he’s talking about.

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      1. Funnily enough Quebec separatists advised the ones here on the referendum. I couldn’t help but think “wait…didn’t they fail in their referendum bid?” Haha.

        Honestly, no. Scotland if it were to go it alone would be a poorer country. For some people, it is worth being poorer as long as we are independent. The separatists here tend to shrink away from economic arguments whereas the unionists obsess over it, as it is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. My day job is in finance so maybe those arguments connect to me more.

        The Unionist versus Separatist divide can lead to some rather odd situations. During the referendum our door knocking group had socialists, liberals, conservatives all having to keep the conversation neutral and focusing on how we all believed that Scotland should stay in the U.K. It was the one topic everyone there agreed with.

        That’s a pity your brother couldn’t get a visa here – I wonder why they denied it, no doubt some red tape answer urg, section 115-34-56 C wasn’t filled in correctly.

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  5. The worst part about politics in my view is the divisiveness we now find ourselves in, in the western world. There is no more willingness to work with and try and compromise with the other side. Now it is destroy first, and its everyone’s fault really. It’s easy to point to one person and yell “orange man bad” (as an example) but isn’t that exactly the same behavior many dislike in him? Politics is dangerous now, because you can alienate so many people by just saying “well ya, I think *insert issue here* is a good idea”. The older I get, the more jaded I become with the whole process, its no wonder voter turn out is so low, people are numb.

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    1. I do get frustrated with the ongoing mentality of ‘beat the other side at all costs’. For instance, I read about a vote in North Carolina that happened on September 11. The representative Republicans informed the Democrats that there would be no vote that morning so that people could go to respective ceremonies and mourning rituals for the September 11 victims. The Republicans then proceeded to move on with sitting in session on Sept 11, in the morning, and held a pertinent vote without Democratic representation in the room. It was a very underhanded tactic that I really disagree with in politics.

      I understand that everyone has differing opinions and these opinions should be represented, but I also think that whomever is elected in whatever country they’re elected in, should be a representative of the entire population and should be willing to work with all parties and people of all backgrounds. It’s disheartening to see the turn in politics being taken on the world stage.

      I try to let people know that, whether I agree with their opinions or not, their opinions on issues/government/policy, etc… are always safe with me. I value the opinions of everyone, whether they align with mine or not. It’s something I wish everyone could do, but until such a time happens, I’m more than happy to be the change that I want to see.

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      1. Well thank you ❤ Thank you for reading, for sharing and for your kindness. You're a reminder that it is possible to have open and honest political conversation in a pleasant manner. You're swell!

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  6. Well said! This election makes me uneasy. There’s been lots of shit-slinging and misinformation so far and there’s still a whole month to go. I think it’s so so important that people educate themselves! Vote for whoever you want, as long as you know what you’re voting for.

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    1. “Vote for whoever you want, as long as you know what you’re voting for.”

      Very well said. A sentiment that I wholeheartedly agree with. And I absolutely understand why this election makes you uneasy. I very much feel the same!

      I saw the breaking news about the Prime Minister tonight and, oh man, that just made me feel even more uneasy. I’m so disappointed. So incredibly disappointed. I don’t even know what to say about it.

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  7. We have some parallel things going on in the world and in the country I live in. Here all citizens do have an ID and we are obliged to vote. What do they do, the ‘right’ parties? Yes we have even two of them! They use the same deceptive tactics you described. The right (not so right in the head imo) party bought fb advertisemts and spewed their campaign through social media to lure in the younger people. The older people they target with fear messages and bent statisics. They are very vile and what they actually do is that they want to be friendly with other countries where those same ‘right minded people are in charge’. I do appreciate your views and I do understand. 5 years is nothing in a life-time. While being able to vote in your country makes a part of your identity. I do believe the ‘institutions’ of the ‘world’ are crumbling down. I mean the church (good or bad, who knows?) but also science, law and morality are under fire. It’s not only the rainforrest that suffers …. it should be a symbolic warning. As I see it evil seems to find its ways. I’m sorry if this is a rather depressing answer but the topic … I felt as to speak openly about my opinion.

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  8. Now elections aren’t fair anymore. Media is sold out. Media just spread propaganda now these days. People have lost their sense of right and wrong and get influenced by fake news, sponsored news and propaganda. No country can be developed until politicians and government are made accountable. Right to reject and right to recall should be made compulsory to bring accountability in politicians and government so that they have a fear of people in their mind.

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  9. Last election I forfeited my vote as did hubz. This time around so far…not voting. I also think whoever “leaked” those photos and keeps playing on them and creating public bandwagoning against trudeau because of it is being childish and its uncalled for. When your too busy pointing out pointless negativity against other parties all I hear is blah blah blah. Im waiting to hear what it is your going to do for the country and thats it. I guess the tactics work tho because alot of people focus on the bad they hear and vote against that party based on it. I hope most canadians realize voting for one party because you hate another is not good for anyone. I know not voting is not always the solution, if I was strongly against or for a certain party, I’d vote, as of now I’d not be mad if liberals were re-elected but at the same time I wont stand behnd them with my vote, if that makes sense. We have a month to go yet, the ignorance to gay rights isnt sitting well with me, so I will be listening as that develops. In my opinion an innocent dress up is nothing in comparison, Mr PC should not even be allowed to run with views or comments like that, and thats why I feel like handing my vote over should I vote liberal because I hate that PC is ignorant to an important subject? I feel.trudeu has been ignorant to things I dont stand behind too…I think both parties need better representation and platforms before I vote again.

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    1. The bandwagon against Trudeau is so shitty… I really feel like this could and should be such a teachable moment for Canadians and instead the Conservative Party is using it as a means to pile on hatred.

      There are so many people in this country who don’t even know why black and brownfaced makeup is racist. I had to teach my parents about it. I’ve had to teach some friends about it. I just… I think if the Conservatives had a real propensity to lead (and not just bully) the response would have and should have been a lot different than what they’ve been doing.

      I agree Mr. PC shouldn’t be able to run with views and comments like he’s made. I think there’s better representation in this country than him. Actually, I agree with most of what you’ve said.

      I think that even if I didn’t want to vote for anyone in particular, I’d still vote. I do respect your choice, I just think we differ in opinion there. Representation in the House of Commons is important to me. Even if the person I’m voting for isn’t going to get elected Prime Minister. Does that make sense? I think that’s why I strongly encourage all of my friend’s and family to vote as well. I may not like Andrew Scheer, but if we’re staring down four years of a Conservative government, I’d sincerely hope for a somewhat-balanced Senate and House of Commons to help calm his bullying ways and tone down what I believe to be his deeply religious views and scary opinions that he’s trying to push on all Canadians. After all, I’ll admit, I think there’s a real chance he could get elected. I may not want him to be elected… at all, but I do think it could happen. And that does worry me.

      Anyways, I’m rambling like crazy. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and to leave your opinions on the matter. I really appreciated being able to read them tonight.

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      1. Yes if push comes to shove I will cast a vote of course. This time around its a little more than just shitty platforms and I am absorbing it all. Thanks for reading replying and opening up this important conversation.

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  10. I really hate the Conservative party and I hope the Liberals keep power, or it would be also be okay if any other party won the election. I wonder if Trudeau will step down or stay going for a second term. I think he gets way more hate than he deserves. Good for you for doing this post. I should speak out more about Canadian politics.

    Keep it up Vee! 😀

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    1. I don’t think he’ll step down. He does not strike me as the type.

      And frankly, while I vehemently disagree with the current ‘scandal’ plaguing his party, I still think he’s a far better leader and option for Canada than any of the other party leaders.

      I think you should talk about Politics! Honestly, I appreciate your take on everything I’ve read your opinion on so far, and I think you’re someone who could start a conversation about real substance behind politics without it turning into a hate filled grudge match. If you ever decide to write about it, I look forward to the opportunity to read it.

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