Holy Spammers Batman

Waking up in the morning to find hundreds of comments left on your blog is an exciting feeling for about 2.5 seconds until you realize that it’s all spam. And the past four or five days… it’s all been spam.

If you’re a real person, a legitimate human behind a blog, and you want myself and anyone else who reads it to check out your blog, please leave a comment (including description of your blog) here: Introduce Yourself >

If you leave links to your blog on regular posts that I make, there’s a good chance that it’s going to get delete with the SPAM. Because I don’t want spam on my blog and with hundreds of comments each day, I’m not weeding through the links to see what’s legitimate and what’s not. That seems like a great way to find a virus.

Thank you for reading and for your understanding.

26 thoughts on “Holy Spammers Batman

    1. I don’t laugh. Mostly I just hit delete. I don’t want to delete legitimate people in the process, but if they get lost in between all of the spam, that could possibly happen. Ya know?

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    1. I’ve noticed a few people that I follow posting about it in the past few weeks. I’m not sure how it works… if they just latch on to someone and then latch onto the people they follow? I really don’t know. But oh boy, I’ve seen them posting about how annoying it’s been the past few weeks and now it’s struck my blog and yeah… it’s annoying as heck. haha


    1. Oh, if spammers get ahold of you, they hold on for dear life, sadly.

      I’ve seen a couple of people I follow posting about it the past few weeks and I thought ‘god I hope that doesn’t happen to me’. Surprise! It did.


  1. I have it set up so that a new person will have to be approved, but after that, their comments will be posted automatically on my blog. Sometimes, an innocent comment still ends up in spam but it’s infrequent. I check the spam folder twice a week to keep tabs on it.

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    1. Oh, mine is that way too. But it’s like… waking up in the morning with 300 messages to approve… and it’s all spam. You know what I mean? That’s why I’m mentioning that if someone hasn’t comment before and they want their blog link posted, to post it to the introduce yourself page, otherwise I’m not going to look at it. With several hundred comments of spam a day to delete rather than approving, I’m not going to see any legitimate posts in the middle of the spam.


    1. I don’t mind if people share their links with me – hence why I set up the ‘Introduce Yourself’ page. But, this morning for example, I had over 300 comments waiting for approval… and they were all SPAM. It’s annoying. lol

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  2. Yikes! I recently woke up to TONS of likes. But when I looked closer it was ONE person that went on a liking spree in a matter of only a few minutes. None of my posts have been short enough for a few second read so I know they didn’t actually read my content. I don’t have a large following either so I don’t understand their end game with that?

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    1. Yeah, when that happens it’s pretty blatantly obvious. I just tell myself that it’s obviously not a blog that I want to check out whilst also saying thank you for increasing my SEO in the process. lol

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    1. Yeah, it’s still happening a lot each morning. For some reason, it’s always for when I wake up .The rest of the day, I don’t get any spam. But those hours while I’m sleeping, it’s like they flood in with links to empty websites… it’s so weird.


  3. “Nice photo. What camera are you using? Have you tried our new boner pills?”

    This seems to happen when I mention politics. Or. Make fun of religion. Or. Breathe.

    A person could ask the internet who is this person. Who is their friends. How much engagement. Then, run a script and spam hundreds of thousands. It’s all very fair that in essence our post are the same thing just, reversed.

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    1. I guess you could say that.

      For me, at least if I am spamming people in reverse, I’m changing it up. I’m waking up with hundreds of comments containing a link to the exact same place. lol. If they really want to be a good spammer, they should change it up!

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      1. We have this thing at the motorcycle shop called, renverse le tonnerre. Works the same way. Sign up for anything, recently? Oh. Bots follow you on LinkedIn. It’s why, real accounts are mostly private. Could be, from there and not really here even though the interaction is here. You could set everything social media to private for a while. Then, you’ll fall off the lists. Oh. Stop watching porn. It happens there to with their site cookies.


      2. It’s. Really all just programming and tolerances. That’s why, it looks weird having the same spam. He’s a bad programmer.


  4. My old self-hosted blog got filled with spam. I haven’t visited it in a while (because it was mostly inactive) and I got buried in it in the comments left for approval section.


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