I just wish

I wish that people would get jobs based on their skills, abilities, qualifications and education.

As much as laws are in place to prevent discrimination, people are discriminated on every single day for their physical appearance, for their gender, for their race, for their lifestyle, for their voice, for their disabilities, for their demeanor, etc, etc, etc…

And they get away with it.

Every day, companies get away with it.

37 thoughts on “I just wish

    1. I am too. I am genuinely believing that my brother was turned down for a job because he’s autistic. He’s quite literally a ‘boy genius’, but he’s socially awkward when you interact with him. I saw the potential employer making fun of him on twitter.

      I’m really, really, really inclined to call them out.


  1. Some companies don’t deserve to exist if they keep discriminating potential candidates and want to continue in their nepotistic behaviour. It’s sickening to the core.

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      1. Damn that’s really messed up. And very unprofessional on their part 😫 I’m so sorry this happened.


  2. That is terrible indeed. And it is maddening that many organisations (and individual people) get away with it every day. Makes you wonder if there is truly is “justice” out there, or if that concept too, is merely an illusion.


  3. The World needs better people. People who do the right thing. It applies across everything. You would do the right thing. And would lead by example. We want you to be in that job where you show them what good looks like. Hang in there V .

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    1. If I ever become a boss, I’m going to be very vocal about how to treat people and how to not treat people and I’m going to call out other businesses that do shitty things.

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  4. Sometimes,I think the world is too cruel to ‘minorities’. Minorities I mean here can be disabilities, race/ethnicity, gender, religion etc. I mean, if they’re smart,talented,skillful,fast learner,kind and well behave, why do you have to be that harsh on them?

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  5. Questions: Are you located in the US? And have you ever worked with a staffing agency called Spherion? I just recently made a move over 1000 miles from home and I know no one and was getting nowhere with finding full time work. I joined Spherion and THEY found me a job. I went into Spherion’s office this past Friday and they interviewed me and then they recommended to a company that I get an interview with them. I interviewed same day and got a job same day. It was wonderful having another human to vouch for me. If you have any other questions lemme know. They have offices all over the US.

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    1. I’m in Canada. Thank you for the suggestion though. I’ve tried two staffing agencies over the past couple of months and I’ve only found a lot of run around with no genuine help.

      I’m glad to here that it worked for you though. It’s nice to hear success stories. It makes me more motivated because I know that if you kept going then I better keep going to. Thank you for sharing ❤


  6. Amen! Every single day these companies get away with it. This is so baffling to me. I would imagine as a business owner, I would want the best person for the job to further the growth of my business no matter what they look like, their religion etc. I’ve heard of HR managers throwing out applications and resumes because the names were too “ethnic”, completely disregarding their education, experience and what they can bring to the table. We live in a truly wicked world.


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