Fun Facts on a Sunday

Because you never know when you’re going to play your next game of Trivial Pursuit, or… Jeopardy.

A single strand of spaghetti is called a spaghetto.

The hyoid bone (‘U’ shaped bone in the anterior midline of the neck) got its name from the Greek word ‘Hyoidese’, which loosely translates to ‘shaped like the letter upsilon’ (the Greek ‘U’).

There are only two United States Capitals that have a letter ‘U’ in them. These States are New Mexico (Albuquerque) and Hawaii (Honolulu).

Chicago is not known as ‘The Windy City’ because of the weather, but rather, it’s a nickname that came about from Journalists perpetuating the notion that people within the city are ‘Windbags’ or… full of hot air and of no substance. Primarily they were referring to politicians and people of prominent wealth in the city who had a fair amount of sway in city legislation, but over time the name just stuck.

Blue whales have a heart that’s roughly the size of a small car. Their hearts beat at a rate of 8-10 beats per minute and can be heard from up to two miles away.

The breakthrough that is Penicillin (and subsequently all antibiotics) was invented on sheer accident by Alexander Fleming in 1928. After leaving a petri dish out in his lab, he returned to discover that some of the liquid around the mold had killed bacteria in the petri dish. And this is how antibiotics came to be. A scientific breakthrough for all mankind made on complete accident.

A group of ravens is called an ‘Unkindness’. A group of crows is called a ‘murder’.

It takes roughly 700 grapes to make one bottle of wine.

It’s a habit of the highly intelligent to be annoyed by virtually everyone around them, but also, to never say anything about it because they’re smart enough to avoid pointless arguments.

The world’s most expensive handbag is a Birkin bag, purchased for 500,000 USD by a professional gambler from Las Vegas. He uses it to pick up women in clubs and bars. $500,000 for a single bag is a long way for the Birkin roots, which were oringially designed and created to be a diaper bag.

Swedish meatballs actually originated in Turkey but were made famous by King Charles XII in the early 1800’s.

37 thoughts on “Fun Facts on a Sunday

  1. Well, I definitely learned something new tonight! You remind me of Sheldon and his random facts (Big Bang Theory). Like when he says, “A group of cats can be referred to as a clowder or a glaring.” 😂🤣

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  2. The Birkin bag was originally designed to be a diaper bag? That so makes my day! I don’t get the special handbag craze at all. I thrift mine or crochet them myself. But then again, there are a lot of things about the world I don’t understand.


    1. Yes, the story is that it was a sketch designed on a napkin whilst Jane Birkin sat on a plane next Jean-Louis Dumas (of Hermes) from Paris to London (or London to Paris… can’t remember which way it was but that’s besides the point) and the contents of her diaper bag fell out all over the floor. Apparently he said ‘Your bag should have pockets in it for your things’ and she said ‘they don’t really make them that way’ and the rest of the flight was the birth of what turned out to be the Birkin bag.

      As for crotchet bags, I love crochet bags. I only have one, but dang, I find them so cute and stylish. And I love that you can basically do it in any colour. I’m so with you on the love for crocheted bags.

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      1. Can’t confirm on the grapes fact, might be true because when me and my family made wine two years ago…well…it did take a hella lot of grapes! i didn’t count them though so don’t take my word for it ahah lol

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  3. If that’s true, then I’m too smart for mere words! LOL

    Truth be told, I’m naturally argumentative, but I try to stay out of them these days because there’s not much in it for me other than raising my blood pressure.

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  4. No way, Chicago’s Windy City nickname isn’t because of the weather? I went there for an overnight trip when I worked in Indianapolis for 6 weeks and it was definitely very breezy! I had no idea it was because of people being full of hot hair. As for blue whales, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to imagine a heart the size of a small car. Definitely going to have to Google that! I LOVE strange, fun facts like these so thanks for sharing!!
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks for reading! And yeah, the one about Chicago definitely surprised me too.

      As for the whale, I’m from the West Coast – grew up steps from the Pacific Ocean, so I can imagine it just based on the size of the whales I’ve seen. This things are…. unimaginable in size if you’ve never seen one. They could swallow you whole, in one gulp and it would be like eating a peanut. (sorry for the bad metaphor, I just couldn’t think of anything to explain it! haha)


  5. V, I am not sure how I could weave any of your fun fun facts into a conversation.
    I honestly learned something especially about the birds. What came to mind was the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”. If you have not seen it, watch it and your referance to different birds will be evident…lol. p.s. don’t watch by your lonesome…invite a friend over to watch.

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    1. I’ve never seen ‘The Birds’ but from your description, it sounds like a horror movie. I don’t do horror movies. I don’t sleep if I watch horror movies. I’m a chicken.

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      1. But is there time?? My hard drive is so filled with unnecessary drivel, I worry I may be screwed!😂


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