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***The idea for this post came from my reading of the blog Filosofa’s World. (I love her blog by the way. If you haven’t checked it out, you should)

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (the ‘Official Opposition’ as he refers to himself as) has been caught in a lie about what he did as a career before entering politics.

Colour me shocked. Colour me surprised. Never did I ever think that he could tell a lie. (Hey, that almost rhymed)

In true fashion of what is his personality (a pathalogical liar, in case anyone is curious), he refuses to acknowledge the lie, or apologize for continuing the lie for the past umpteen years. Instead, he’s trying to ‘spin’ the story to make it sound as though he never lied to start with. Doubling down and tripling down in an effort to bury the lead.

Sound like anyone else we know? (Possibly someone south of the border?)

In the province of Saskatchewan, you are required to pass licensing in order to be an Insurance Broker. This is a law that is in place specifically to keep citizens from getting swindled by people claiming to be Insurance Brokers who are not. For the record, it is against the law to claim to be an Insurance Broker if you have not completed licensing.

In claiming that he was an Insurance Broker when he was not, it is 1) Clearly a lie, 2) Against the law to misrepresent himself as such.

Is this a big lie? No. Is he being an idiot in his response? Absolutely. He’s single-handedly pissed off everyone who has gone through the time trouble and effort to get legal licensing to be an Insurance Broker in Saskatchewan and followed the law to maintain their right to do their job. He’s also single-handedly pissed off everyone who works as a clerk, both in the insurance industry and in other industries because his falsities carry the notion that being a clerk isn’t a reputable enough career… that he’s too good to be a clerk. In still refusing to acknowledge that he was a clerk he’s underhandedly telling the clerks in this country that they’re not good enough.

For reference, a clerk is a really good job. It’s a reliable job, it’s important work and it’s a great, steady, sturdy career.

Am I shocked that he lied? No.

Am I shocked that he refuses to apologize for such a stupid lie? No.

Do I think more lies will come out over the next 21 days prior to Canadians heading to the polls? It’s more than likely.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on the man (here). What I will say at this point is, if he’s willing to lie about something so little and so stupid, and refuses to acknowledge this lie (or apologize), imagine what the sheer extent of possibilities he could lie about if elected?

I’ll leave it there.

22 thoughts on “Snarky Snippet

  1. What a dumbass. When will these idiots realize that fessing up will go over a lot better with voters than insisting on the lie? Then again, Andrew Scheer going over better with voters would not be a good outcome…

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    1. I genuinely think that men of this ‘nature’ don’t ever believe they do anything wrong and that fessing up isn’t necessary because when nothing wrong is done, nothing needs to be said.

      As to your latter point, you’re absolutely right – we don’t need him to go over better with voters. We need him to lose, retire and go back to obscurity where he belongs.

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    1. Isn’t it funny how the people like he always seem to have skeletons in their closet? We’re all human. Some of us… well some of us make a living out of being a bully. I’m actually shocked that he’s made it as far in politics as he has. Then again, I’m not though. Because I think of how many people in this world are just like him.


      1. V, I find most of them are living in a different generation. I grew up in that generation, it was travelling across Canada and United States along with lots of reading that really changed my outlook on things.
        To the south of us the R’s are a group of old angry white men!


  2. Hello V! May I address you as V? My name is Ellen to most and Gem to a few. I discovered you through your comment on Filosofa’s Word’s post Snarkier Than Usual Snippets of September 24th. Jill, affectionately called The Queen of Snark by myself, is a master of snarcasm and it appears that you come by this naturally or are a very fast learner. I am a nonblogger spending some of my retirement meandering through blogdom’s multitudinous offerings. Sometimes I visit and leave, other times I stay for awhile before leaving and then there are those times when I stay as a permanent fixture. Allow me to say as a dignified lady of a certain age, certainly much older than yourself, that I have found your blog to be not only well worth visiting but also well worth my staying as a permanent follower. There are those blogs that I follow silently, those on which I comment infrequently and the unfortunate few on which I indulge my propensity for loquacity. Good Grief, you are already becoming a victim! My point is that your excellently written snarky snippet, even though I do not know your intended target, does remind me of someone in the USA that has the habit of lying about everything and anything. Your last paragraph brings to mind some words by Albert Einstein : “Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.” Thank-you!

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    1. Firstly, I loveeeeeeeee Jill’s ‘Snarky Snippets’. I appreciate when someone has some good snark to them and I feel like for that reason, you and I would probably get along well.

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for sharing. I feel honoured that you took the opportunity to comment on my page, if you comment so rarely.

      That’s a good Einstein quote. I might use that. Queen of Snark, it’s been a pleasure.


      1. Thank-you for your kind comment on my comment. Just one wee correction. Jill is the Queen of Snark and I am but a devoted follower with an occasional witty snark of my own. You will definitely hear from me again! Hoping to “see” you again on Jill’s Snarky Snippets too.

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      2. Whoops. Read that wrong. Jill’s snark is A+ THOUGH so I absolutely agree. I’ll be back, she’s quite the writer so I love checking out her blog.


  3. We are on the same page, lady! He also hasn’t lived in Saskatchewan in umpteen years but tries to present himself as this “simple, regular joe” from the prairies (he was actually born and raised in Ottawa – he moved to Regina for only a few years after meeting his wife in university and then they moved back to Ontario when he went into politics). He’s running in my riding and it sickens me that someone who doesn’t even live here can run as if he does. He doesn’t get my vote. But he’s unfortunately a shoo-in in this area because apparently rural Saskatchewanians love him. Which I’ll never understand.

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    1. I can absolutely understand your frustrations!!!

      Honestly, his followings in Saskatchewan aren’t surprising to me at all. The fact that he can run in a Saskatchewan riding is a tad annoying because people in Saskatchewan eat his bullshit up (not you included… but you know the crowd I’m talking about). The reality is he’s so far removed from understanding anything about anyone in Saskatchewan at this point. Even when he was there, he lived in the city, in a privileged life and had zero issues that anyone in Saskatchewan truly faces.

      If I’m being totally truthful he is pretty far removed understanding any average Canadian at this point… whether they be in Ottawa or Saskatchewan or NWT. He’s had a driver and servants and the privileges of deep conservative pockets for so many years, I have a hard time believing he’d do anything to benefit Saskatchewan if elected. He’d be benefitting the corporations that fill his pockets…

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      1. Oh absolutely!
        And no, definitely not surprising, although kind of sad. Like you said, they eat it up here and believe his lies and all that’s going to happen if he gets elected is his supporters will get f**ked over because they are just regular, lower to middle class Canadians. 🤷‍♀️ But that’s part of the problem of people sticking within their own echo chambers and being unwilling to listen to other opinions.

        Much like our politicians in our provincial government, his interests lay in the big corporations that are hellbent in killing our planet (I.e., oil, potash, etc) and making him rich in the meantime.


      2. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of your Premier either… but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms…

        Saskatchewinians are getting the shaft… hardcore right now from the Provincial Government, and if Conservatives get elected, I reckon it’ll only get worse… which is a scary thought.

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  4. What bothers me the most about the upcoming election is that as country we could have 60% of voters choose a left leaning candidate and still end up with a Conservative majority government :/
    Trudeau really did democracy a disservice when he decided that electoral reform wasn’t something he really wanted to have happen. Thanks to him we still have to worry about strategic voting and false majorities…
    Lol, sorry, I’m kind of passionate about this topic, I should save my rants for my own blog, not your comment section 😛
    I’m just glad hearing that other Canadians are paying attention too. I’m from Ontario and have been witnessing how Doug Ford has been messing things up and have no desire to see that on a federal level.

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    1. Please don’t ever be sorry about sharing your opinions with me. I want to hear your opinions, all of your opinions, whether we agree or not. In this case, we’re on the same page. But, even if you don’t think I’ll agree, tell me anyway. I love hearing different perspectives when people are respectful about it.

      Being out here in BC, we’ve seen the travesty that has happened in Ontario over the past year. And, while things aren’t perfect in BC, they’re FARRRRRRRRRRRR better than things in Ontario, or even in Alberta at this point – as Kenney seems to be driving that province into the pavement.

      And seeing how conservative media outlets in this country are, it’s disheartening. I’m really scared about this election and the subsequent four years to follow if the wrong person gets elected.


    1. Honestly, he appeals to the older generations. My dad and I frequently argue about him because I think he’s a fucking moron and my dad thinks that he can do a lot for the average Canadian. I don’t think it’ll be my generation that’ll be voting for him. I think it’ll be my dad’s. They also have different values, lifestyles and beliefs than the younger generation. So I think he panders to his base. The older generations, and also, the uninformed.

      He’s also really popular with people who’ll take what he says at face value and never fact check. I’ve noticed that, too. If someone’s not going to double-check the things that he says, then he sounds AMAZING because he says exactly what people want to hear…


    2. P.S. Doug Ford is a bleeping trainwreck. I don’t even understand how that happened. I mean, the day he was elected, I was here out west going “WTF Ontario?” Then again, I did the same thing when Kenney was elected in Alberta. I think that’s why I am so worried about this election…

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