I would never wish ill will on anyone, but…

Through this journey of unemployment that I’ve been on, I was actually offered a job in Marketing/Digital Marketing in June. The company, after offering me a job and having me sign 20 pages worth of contracts for the position, waited until three days before my start date (July 15) to tell me they’d changed their mind and were rescinding their job offer.

I later found out they gave the job to the nephew of one of the managers at the office.

Fast forward to October.

Earlier today the company announced they’re changing their output from daily to once a week.

I wish no ill will on this company. I don’t at all. I never like to see companies struggle because I know that, especially at this company, there are a lot of people who work really hard who have now had their full time jobs cut to part time. But, perhaps if they’d hired me, an intelligent, talented and experienced marketing and communications professional who understands the economy, the audience and the industry, their business could have been pulled out of the gutter and they wouldn’t be cutting service right now.

Perhaps I could have brought new and innovative ideas to the table, expanded their reach and grown their print and digital platforms. Perhaps I could have done things that the boss’ nephew just can’t… being that he’s an Electrician and knows nothing about Marketing/Digital Marketing.

I’m not salty about this at all… actually. I just think it’s funny. They screwed me and now they’re getting their just rewards. The Universe always finds a balance.

Also, they were clearly, blatantly lying to me in the job interview and contract negotiations that I went through because all they could keep talking about was how good business was and how much they were doing. Clearly business wasn’t that good if two and a half months later you’re cutting your business to 1/7 of what it was.

Everybody thinks marketing is easy and that anyone can do it…

45 thoughts on “I would never wish ill will on anyone, but…

  1. Wow…
    So sad

    Buh if you can write to the
    company and make it clear to them that you can help them out, I think that wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

    With what you’ve got, I think they will give you a chance this time.

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    1. I’ve been worried about you. I didn’t want to insert myself as I know I was sounding kind of bossy. Just know I’ve been thinking about you.


      1. You weren’t being bossy at all, you were being practical and helpful. There’s a big difference there. I’ve been thinking of you too ❤️

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  2. I can’t believe they did that to you. That they would do that to anyone. I cannot wrap my head around that…that’s so dangerous, putting people in that position and then taking it away 3 days later?! Jesus.

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    1. Oh, it wasn’t 3 days I thought I had the job. It was nearly a month! I changed my drivers license, my medical, my legal address… everything so that I’d be good to start work on July 15th. Then three days before July 15 they rescinded my job offer! It was real shitty when it happened and I was really salty when it happened..

      Now I’m feeling like I dodged a huge bullet!


      1. I apologize; I did actually understand what you meant but I totally mistyped for some reason. REGARDLESS, that’s even worse. SO dangerous and irresponsible of them. Definitely did dodge a bullet there.

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  3. It is eerie how similar things can/do happen, regardless of location or age. I have also experienced something similar (and yes, it was not pleasant at all), and like you, I would not want to wish ill-will upon anyone. Sending continued good wishes your way. Hope both of us can find decent jobs soon 🙂

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      1. Ah yes, there are many stories I could share… I have learned through these experiences that truth is indeed stranger than fiction sometimes…
        But in the meantime, I’ll try to stay positive, and of course wish for all of us to get a job that’s more in line with our values!

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  4. Suppose you did have ill will toward the company. You know what that would make you …?


    You’re right in that you feel bad for the people being affected. I know I feel that way for the people I know where I used to work, and how I’d feel for them if the company circled the drain.

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    1. I do feel bad for the people who had their jobs stripped from full time to part time. There’s some really talented people that work there and they don’t deserve that.

      I’m also feeling like I dodged a bullet.

      I’m also feeling like their boss is/was a fucking moron and they’re in this situation because of the boss’ poor decision making skills. It sucks for the hardworking people. But I’m glad I’m not in the middle of that now!

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      1. Oh, I agree with that sentiment 100 percent. But at the same time, it’s not unusual to want bad things to happen to bad people (if only the good people weren’t hurt at the same time).

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    1. I don’t know that I’m capable of doing it on my own. I would say that I don’t believe in myself enough for that… And that’s being straight up honest with you and the universe. I don’t believe in myself that I could make a substantial pay check doing that.

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      1. Okay, I totally get that feeling. Being a writer, I’ve had to deal with that feeling that I am not good enough at nearly every word I place onto the page. Many people feel that way about all sorts of things.
        But I think you are far more capable than maybe you feel. Just think about how you believed that you could have easily done a more professional and capable job than who was given the job in your stead. That’s more than sufficient in my eyes to start a business on your own.
        And sure, maybe you won’t earn a substantial, or stable paycheck, but it’s more than nothing, and even better, it’s yours.
        You could always start small, helping little folk get more exposure, or by contracting out for small businesses. Build a reputation on the side. Who knows, but I am certain just by reading your posts that you know FAR more than you believe.

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  5. “Everybody thinks marketing is easy and that anyone can do it”
    I find that a lot of people think their own job is tough but that other people’s jobs are easy, when in fact pretty much everyone’s job requires hard work, skill and dedication.
    I’ve been on the receiving end of it with a couple of my previous jobs, so I do my best never to assume anyone else’s job is easy.

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  6. My coworker (our marketing/communications specialist) had the same thing happen to her before working here! She said about a week before she was supposed to start someone who knew someone in management got the position over her. She said it sucked but it worked out in the end since she’s been here for over 7 years!
    You’ll find somewhere that wants you to be there and won’t pull this crap. I’m rooting for you!

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    1. Oh, this gives me hope! I’d love to be able to work at a place for seven years, or even more. I think that would allow me to cultivate a company from the ground up and really build it’s profile. That would be such a dream!

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  7. Don’t feel too bad about it. They did it to themselves. Call it cosmic justice.

    When I came to California, I was working with a startup in a newly emerging field that would have revolutionized entertainment technology. I toiled away at this company doing what I could because I actually believed in the product. It was so cool!

    But after three years, several false starts, and company politics basically running everything into the ground, I was laid off. I was employee #1! How could they do this to me!?

    The truth was, weak leadership, mismanagement, and an inability to stick to one idea and execute are symptoms of a fatal flaw. The company ended up shuttering its doors the week of my final working date.

    I don’t think I ever fully recovered because I based my life around this company. I was unemployed, broke, and looking for an outlet when I discovered photography. Now…I’m still broke, but I’ve made a lot of friends.

    Just yesterday I was looking at my old design portfolio and I noticed the links to the company where broken. I checked the website which was up for several years after the closing, and it was gone! All evidence of this company was now gone save for a few obscure videos, articles, and my own personal files.

    I guess it’s a small justice because I don’t feel bad about it at all. They squandered their chances. An even bigger justice is that the field I studied in is failing, and several former rival companies have shuttered their doors.

    In the end, it was all just a big waste of time. There’s something liberating about seeing something that brought back bad memories just vanish.

    It feels like a new start.

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    1. Wow! Isn’t that the fucking worst? When you can see the potential of something being squandered and you just can’t control that fact? Sounds like they deserved exactly what they got. And it sounds like you were given a gift when they let you go. It sucks, yeah, I felt the same way when I was let go on New Years. But, now I feel like it was a gift.

      We’re meant for better things!

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