I’m going to file this under things that just don’t ever happen to me.

Have you ever known two people with extremely similar names? Like their names could easily be mistaken for one another if you don’t double check? I’ll give you an example – for me, I know a Kyle Deen and a Kyle Keen. While I’ve known a few people with similar names in my life, I’ve never met someone with a name so close to mine.

I have a very particular name. My name is one that I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the only person on the planet with that name. I’m not like Jane Doe. There aren’t a ton of me’s out there. It’s one of the reasons why I’m so protective of my name on this blog. After working in PR for so long, I have had my name published with articles on three continents in eight different languages and I know the extent to which one’s name can travel under the right circumstances. Nevertheless, I digress.

Yesterday, the Legal Assistant from the firm I worked with in January 2019, sent me some information that was supposed to be sent to someone whose name is extremely similar to mine. I have an uncommon last name. So this, this just doesn’t happen. Not to me. The fact that someone has a name so similar to mine actually shocked me. This information that the Legal Assistant sent me was important and highly confidential.

Having not heard form this Law Office (Lawyer or Legal Assistant) in 10 months and seeing the name on the documents was similar to mine, but not mine, I emailed them back and said ‘I think you sent this to the wrong person’.

The person who was supposed to receive the email containing the documents with all of the confidential information, the person who has a name so similar to mine, is a lawyer. She’s not just a lawyer, she’s name partner. She’s what you would refer to as a ‘shark’. At least that’s the lingo I think people use.

I’m obviously not a lawyer. So, the actual lawyer didn’t take to well to all of this confidential information landing in my lap… so to speak. She would not accept that I wouldn’t tell anyone. She would not accept that I would just delete the email and forget about it. She demanded that the Legal Assistant who sent me the information needed to have me sign a legal document stating I’d keep the information I came across confidential.

As much as I know she’s a Lawyer and she’s just doing her job, it sucks when someone accidentally sends you an email and, as a result of said accidental email, you have Lawyers calling you, breathing down your neck, demanding confidentiality and calling your character into question.

Also, it was mega weird. Weird that these two Lawyers and this Legal Assistant were so damn scared I was going to take this information and ‘run to the presses’ or… I really don’t even know what they thought I would do with it. I can’t imagine… because again, I’m not a Lawyer.

After a few annoying phone calls, I ended up signing a document stating that I’d keep the information to myself. For clarification… I would not have ever given out that information anyway. I’m not the type.

After I responded to the legal assistant stating that she’d sent the email to the wrong person… I deleted it.

It sucks. I know they were just doing their jobs, trying to cover their own butts, but it sucks having my character called into question… because of a mistake that I had nothing to do with.

Perhaps it’s just me, but if you’re going to send information that is so highly confidential and important, you would double check the email address of the person you’re sending it to before you hit send. Mistakes happen, yes. But for something THIS IMPORTANT… you gone fucked up, not me.

But what do I know?

41 thoughts on “I’m going to file this under things that just don’t ever happen to me.

  1. It is required by law. It’s not about them or them questioning your character. That’s just a law. And a person who did send this information to you most likely will face very serious consequences if not fired. In my company, we have to do all these crazy things which are required by law. Itis REALLY nothing personal.

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    1. Yeah, I figured as much, that’s why I mentioned that I figured they were just being lawyers and trying to cover their butts. I just didn’t think they needed to be such assholes about it.


  2. This is a mahoosive data breach and the legal sec could face a disciplinary. Your character is not being scrutinised at all but they have broken GDPR and client confidentiality.
    This is not your problem but think of it as helping them tighten up on their document transfer policy

    Also; well done you on not reading it as ppl are naturally curious … hmmm (wonders what was in it …?)

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    1. Oh, they were scrutinizing my character like real assholes when they were on the phone with me. I think that’s what made me so angry about the situation. I remember at least once saying “it was your fuck up, why are you being such an asshole to me?”

      They could have been nice and said ‘Can you please sign this?’ I probably would have said sure.
      But our conversations totaled over an hour in which I repeatedly had my character called into question as though they thought it was a means to make me more inclined to sign. I’m sure it was just Lawyer tactics, but it was just a shitty feeling.

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      1. I do not want to give you shitty advice. It’s not fair how they treated you but then I don’t want you to feel bad/annoyed/unfairly treated by them which is your right to do. They clearly Fucked up. Understand that ppl don’t ask nicely it’s not you and no it’s not much to ask – you keep your standards high my friend


  3. I almost certainly would have been less “Oh, they’re just doing their jobs” and more “Why are you bothering me? I said I wouldn’t tell anyone. It’s not about me. It’s not something I care about. I don’t give a s—t about it. Leave me alone!”

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    1. I’m with Bill on this one. You did them a solid by even signing it. You certainly didn’t have to. Their mistake. Not yours. I would have sent you flowers and a huge dinner gift certificate for covering my breach of confidentiality ass.

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      1. The Lawyer I signed it for, the one who’s Legal Assistant sent me the information in the wrong, he says he’s going to ‘Owe me one’ now. Which I doubt will ever happen. But, oh well I guess.


    2. Oh, I did that. They wouldn’t take that for an answer.

      I was like ‘Guys, I did the right thing and told you that you sent it to the wrong person and now you’re treating me like shit for it?’

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  4. The problem for the lawyer was the liability. Meaning if the documentation had mentions of lawsuits she was involved with the clients in those cases could sue for some pretty hefty damages if the info “got out”. Thats why they freaked, it wasnt because they thought you were dishonest (I mean I doubt that) but they were saving their ass.

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  5. That’s certainly weird. Although they needed to do it for compliance, it seems a bit scammy to email someone and then demand things from them.

    A few years ago the company I was working for merged with a larger company. There was a person with my EXACT name, except our last names had one letter difference in the middle. Unsurprisingly, it only took a few days to discover that people were confused. I wound up emailing this person, turns out that we have the same middle name too.

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  6. Wow! Talk about covering their arses! I admit to sending non confidential info to a non employee, I thanked them for making me aware, cleaned my address book, and apologised! But then, nothing discriminating.

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  7. I have a friend who’s name isn’t at all similar to mine, and who doesn’t really look like me at all, but for some reason my group of friends (and even my partner) occasionally mix up our names, like calling me his name, or calling him my name. Its actually been happening since we met back in high school, its a little weird and I’m not sure why it happens! Luckily I’ve never received any of his confidential documents or vise-versa!
    I think if I had been in your position I wouldn’t have been so accommodating (even though I never would have shared anything confidential and would have immediately deleted the email as well). I’d be more irked at them trying to waste my time for their mistake. I would have loved to give them a line like…
    “I’d be happy to sign that document, but you see, my time is VERY valuable and obviously since this is a legal document I’ll need my own lawyer to review it and their time is very valuable as well, what kind of compensation will you be offering me for this inconvenience?”
    >:) Yeah, I can be kind of petty 😛

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    1. Mixing up a friend who doesn’t have a similar name and doesn’t look like you seems crazy. Do you have similar mannerisms or something?

      I don’t think that’s petty at all. I personally quite like this laywer, I just don’t think he needed to be an asshole about what happened yesterday. Knight was telling me I should’ve done something very similar to what you’ve written here, so you’re not the only who who thinks that way!

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  8. Yeah in situations like that, I’d even offer to sign an NDA even if there wasn’t an actual breach of confidentiality. True, it’s inconvenient, but it’s also a show of good faith. You never know what might some down the line later.

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    1. Had they been nice about it and just said ‘Hey can you sign this?’ I probably would have been like ‘Sure!’ But they weren’t nice about it. I ended up saying ‘Sure!’ anyways. But I had to listen to almost an hour’s worth of my character being called into question and why a lawyer can’t take me at my word.

      I did nothing wrong, don’e be an asshole to me. Jut be nice and I’ll appreciate you a whole lot more. You know what I mean?


      1. Absolutely. I would have told them to beat feet and get some actual professionals instead of whatever mickey mouse moron they decided to hire to send out emails if they were condescending to me.

        Don’t mistake my politeness with weakness lol.

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    1. WOW! That’s a funny/cool/probably annoying thing. Do you guys have to go by nicknames so the family knows which one of you is being talked about in stories?


  9. I work for HeadStart. We have to meet Federal, State , County and City Standards. If I sent someones confidential info I would probably lose my job. I got a call that another childs papers got into a backpack, I don’t think that was confidential stuff, but still. It has nothing to do with your character. The general public has no idea what pressure we are under legally. I’m sure much more for that Lawyer and maybe it was an aide or something, that accidentally sent it. I imagine how easy that is when one is under pressure and under deadlines. I’ve done it with text. I find you very intelligent & interesting but your writing comes across as angry or depressed. TO ME. I am very much a recovering perfectionist and as I was hard on myself I found myself hard on others. Now that I’m an “aspiring good enoughist” I find myself easier on others. I find myself making a difference by overlooking mistakes and helping out in others times of stress at their own high cost mistakes- very satisfying. Our society has become so over complicated and demanding. For us older folks, its an especial challenge, because we used to just be able to call or talk to a person and that was it. There weren’t hoops. There was such a thing as “customer service”. There wasn’t this thing of “its my customer responsibility to fix your mistakes”. Such is the way now. I’ve accepted the things I cannot change. I still find it a challenge to see the humanity in the bureaucracy, but I’m getting there. I literally will get sick if I spend more then a few min on this crap we have to deal with.


  10. Dang… it’s too bad your name-twin wasn’t like, working for the Bureau or the NSA or something. I have some lingering questions about the moon landing and some Area 51 shit that I’d like a little more clarification on 😂.


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