The beautiful ‘lie’ of Jeffree Star.

Okay. This is 100% personal opinion and I am stipulating that at the start because this is going to sound like a really negative post.

Usually I don’t like singling anyone out specifically because… while I can be negative person overall, I don’t want to be a bully. I just want to be realistic about the world. With all that being said, there are some things I wish to say.

The internet has been ‘abuzz’ the past week, since Youtube ‘Sensation’ Shane Dawson dropped the trailer for his series titled ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’ and oh my goodness, do I have a lot to say.

First and foremost: make no mistake – this is an advertisement. This series, each ‘epsiode’ (the first of which that has been viewed more than 13 million times already) that Shane Dawson has put together, is a bought and paid for infomercial by Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star is renowned for being a tumultuous, racist asshole who stirs up drama, treats people like trash and stays relevant by creating chaos on the internet. I’m sure he’s extremely self-aware of his image and the character he portrays on the web and I bet he wanted people to see ‘another side of him’, a ‘softer side of him’. What’s the best way to do that? Stage a friendship with one of the most popular Youtubers ever… one known for being ‘down to earth’ and ‘honest’.

Okay, now let’s get into the nitty gritty of my thoughts.

I don’t understand why Shane Dawson has 22 million subscribers. I really don’t. While he comes across as a nice enough dude, but I really don’t buy his ‘schtick’. He plays himself out to be this ‘down to earth, honest, self-deprecating, falsely humble’ dude who frequently says he’s not wealthy (those is estimated net worth is greater than 10 million) and pretends as though the things he’s doing he’s not making money for. He’s like the guy next door. He says something and people eat it up because he just seems so likable. But honestly, I’ve never understood it. He’s the king of click-bait and it all seems like a persona, and not real. (That’s a 100% personal opinion)

Shane has this massive platform in which he could really do something amazing with. Instead, he’s the guy who makes fat jokes in front of a youtuber who’s famous for her struggles with an eating disorder, who’s clearly still struggling with her eating disorder. He frequently uses his platform for showcasing problematic youtubers who have made their millions on the backs of taking advantage of vulnerable, naive viewers that don’t realize what genuine assholes they are. (Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau and so on and so forth)

And of course, this is my speculation, but I am betting that each one of those series’ and episodes he’s created for these problematic youtubers were all bought and paid for. Think about it. Just using this Jeffree Star series as an example… we’re supposed to believe that Shane Dawson has been following Jeffree Star around for 9 months to make a video series for him… for free? Why? Jeffree Star isn’t that interesting of a subject that spending nine months making a web series for free seems worth it.

Shane just happened to make a Conspiracy theory video about a Youtuber, who had never told her true story, that just so happened to fall in line with her book coming out? Well that’s either a coincidence, or a bought and paid for advertisement for her to publicize her book. And what better place to publicize your book than on a popular Youtube platform with more than 22 million followers…

Back to Jeffree.

Jeffree Star is a problem. He’s racist. He’s a bully. He’s made his millions on the backs of treating people like shit and then saying over and over and over again ‘I’m staying out of it!’. H claims the discrimination card and then he discriminates. I remember when he referred to women as gorillas. I remember hearing him use the N word on camera. People say he still likes to use that word. Jeffree has been using Youtube for years to systematically destroy ‘the beauty community’, and take down anyone who he perceives to be a threat to his youtube success or to compete with his cosmetic sales.

Literally, if you go through his ‘feuds’ to see who he’s tried to ‘ruin’ over the years, he has no one left but Shane for which to collaborate with. This is his last ditch option to make himself look like a good guy.

And, if you see how the first episode of this series has been reviewed in the media, (and I mean real, legit media) all people can focus on is “is there a softer side of Jeffree Star we’ve never seen before? No. There is not a softer side to Jeffree Star. But, by media stopping to ask that question, he’s achieved exactly what he wanted with this series. This is an act being played out for a camera to try and make Jeffree Star seem like a nice person. Because if he’s a nice person people will follow him on youtube and buy his products thinking he’s not the asshole that he’s always been. Because if Shane Dawson, the boy next door, makes Jeffree look like a good guy then it has to be true, right?

Much like Instagram influencers only posting a perfectly curated portrayal of ‘a beautiful life’ to their instagram pages, this series is a perfectly curated portrayal of who Jeffree Star wants you to think that he is. He knew when the camera was filming and he knew who he had to portray himself to be whilst the camera was filming.

Make no mistake about it – this series is an infomercial and I’m just not buying it.

**Point of note: I have NO PROBLEM with Shane making these bought and paid for series for his youtube channel. If he wants to make that money, good for him. But, I think that he should be being honest with his audience. Transparency is something lacking on Youtube… especially with those who have larger followings.

42 thoughts on “The beautiful ‘lie’ of Jeffree Star.

  1. I didn’t watch because I don’t like Jeffree that much. And I believe they are pushing the make up business. Here don’t use that much make up on daily basis (maybe to go out or for special occasions). Mostly we don’t use anything, sometimes eyeliner or lipstick. I see younger girls with more make up à la Kim K. So I don’t see the appeal in the series or the (fabricated) drama.

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    1. You hit the nail on the head – it’s fabricated.

      And yeah, I don’t wear a ton of makeup either. I wear concealer under my eyes and some mascara to make my eyes look more blue. That being said, I have no problems with people who wear a ton of makeup, I just think that people like Jeffree Star and Kim K make it seem as though you NEED to. You don’t need it. If you like it and you want to that’s one thing. But these influencers propogating a myth that you NEED TO wear this much makeup is distasteful and silly.

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      1. I also ‘enhance’ things sometimes, nothing wrong with that. But do you use Jeffree’s make up? Or do you have favorite brands? Maybe I can learn a thing or two 😀


  2. I don’t like Shane Dawson at all and his content is distasteful IMO, so I didn’t watch this video even though it was suggested to me on the YouTube homepage. I also know much about Jeffree Star but again, I don’t watch his videos. I think he once did makeup reviews but I could be confusing him with someone else. They both seem like big attention seekers to me and [most] attention seekers are sellouts, so I am honestly not surprised that they would do something like this.

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    1. You didn’t miss much. I watched it because people kept talking about it. And it was underwhelming at best. It was an hour long advertisement for what a great person Jeffree is and why you should buy his makeup. I don’t think I’ll be watching the rest of the series…

      And I totally agree with you on not liking Shane. I just don’t buy his schtick.

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      1. I think the problem, that the Kardashians have long since proved, is that people won’t stop watching.

        I mean, I’ll admit, people started talking about it so I watched it. How many people of the 13 million that you think watched it did so for the exact same reason?

        I think the best thing we can do, as long as these people are popular, is to try and educate them as to what is actually going on, so if they choose to watch, at least they’re aware it’s fake and it’s being paid for.

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  3. You don’t understand why Shane Dawson has 22 million subscribers, and I don’t understand why Pewdiepie has over 100 million (including myself!). I tried watching some of Shane’s new series but it just didn’t do it for me.
    I think a lot of it is just luck though, being in the right place at the right time and capitalizing on an opportunity. People just need to realize that what they see on Youtube is often entertainment and not necessarily the truth.

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    1. 100 Million? That’s Bizarre. I’ve heard people talk about that Youtuber before but I’ve never looked them up. I wonder what one does to resonate with 100 million people…

      And I agree – youtube has very little truth on it lately. Mostly it’s just one giant commercial.

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      1. Pewdiepie is the second most subscribed creator on Youtube, topped only by some Indian music mega corporation. He reviews memes, plays minecraft badly, talks about youtube drama, and does some other generally amusing stuff… Nothing that sets him apart from anyone else though.
        I think at some point having a following just gives momentum to increase that following and he has certainly managed that.

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  4. Wow. This makes total sense. I’m a Shane fan but every time he does videos about or with Jeffree… I feel my internal eye roll. Thinking why!?!!? Waited so long for an upload but really not in to it. Kinda sad really, miss the old youtuber days.

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    1. He’s using his “boy next door’ schtick to make people think he’s honest, so if he shares things about these shiteous youtubers to make them look better, well Shane’s saying it… so it must be true.

      I reckon that the Jeffree series is paid for, the Eugenie video was bought and paid for, the ‘Conspiracy Series’ with Brittany Louise Taylor was paid for. I bet Jake Paul paid for his series too. I mean, collaboration is the best way reach a new audience. Shane has 22 million and they are for sale to the biggest buyer who wants a video on his channel.

      I miss the old youtuber days as well. People seemed so much more genuine and real. Now it’s all about how much money they can make and how quickly they can do so.


    2. Shane probably said “Sure, I’ll follow Jeffree around for 9 months for 2 million bucks. WHy not? That’s more money than the average person sees in a lifetime… good pay cheque for me”.


  5. Preach, girl! 👏🏿 I agree 100% with everything you wrote. I’ve never watched a Jeffree Star or a Shane Dawson video a day in my natural born 23 years of living life lol…and don’t care to. They both seem boring, plus I don’t support racists, so nope…they’re both cancelled🙅🏿‍♀️

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  6. Let me start by saying I scrolled past this title earlier and couldn’t wait to read this. I think that sometimes content creators run out of ideas, become hungry for fame and wealth, and they become very insincere as a result of that. It’s like…. anything I can do for profit I will. It upsets me when someone who belongs to a group of people who face discrimination can be so discriminatory toward another group of people. Jeffree should not be as racist as he is and have the platform that he does. I believe that if we all started promoting people who try to put ethics at the forefront of their brands with our dollars and our views it might do some good.

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    1. It is crazy to me that he’s discriminatory to people, whilst claiming that he’s discriminated against that it hurts. If he knows what it feels like, why does he treat others that way? You would think if you’d been through the bullying you wouldn’t be a bully yourself.

      I totally agree with you that if we started promoting people who try to put ethics at the forefront of the brands with our dollars, it might do some real good. I’ve never purchased his makeup and honestly, the few actions of his I have seen, I would never. I wish everyone thought that way too.

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  7. I didn’t watch the Jeffree Star documentary, but I will give my thoughts on Shane Dawson. I grew up watching him when I was a teenager; I found his skits at first to be funny, but after finding many of his jokes racist, homophobic, and even violent, I couldn’t stand watching him anymore. I unsubscribed from his channel around 2015, and I completely skipped over his conspiracy theories era before trying my hand at watching him again with his documentaries. I found them a bit boring, honestly, and he definitely was a pushover by the people he interviewed (e.g. Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, etc.). Come to realize that, while Shane has good intentions, he is definitely biased with the subjects at hand. Perhaps I’ll watch the Jeffree Star documentary when I really have nothing to do, but aside from that, I won’t waste my time.

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    1. You’re probably smart. Don’t waste your time. I only watched the first episode, but I’ve been seeing ‘Reviews’ of the series and it just seems like a ‘series’ of advertisements to make them money… like one long running advertisement…

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  8. I don’t hate Shane. I’m not a huge fan and don’t regularly watch his content, but I like his series and think as far as YouTubers go, he seems pretty chill and honest.
    I don’t like Jeffree. I don’t wear makeup so I don’t have any allegiances to one company over others based on product quality but Jeffree seems fake and annoying and problematic. But he still sells a lot and seems to be a decent business person, all things considered.
    However, this series that Shane’s doing on Jeffree isn’t paid promotion. It’s to document the process of making makeup in one of the biggest, most profitable industries in the world and by a person who seems pretty self-made and quiet about how he does it. Through this friendship/partnership, Shane is making makeup products and merch now and he’s diving into this very problematic industry and showing us a lot of it. Yes, Jeffree is probably going to make a bunch of money from in terms of a spike in product purchases (as will Shane, and from YT views), and yes, it is probably going to mostly paint Jeffree in a positive/redeemable light despite the drama that will be discussed soon, but that’s the trade-off, I guess, because they are friends and there’s no way Jeffree would allow someone to come into his place and ruin him fully. But I don’t think Jeffree is paying Shane to do this. He doesn’t need the promotion, as we can see. Shane is just using his connection to this ultra guru to bring us some very exclusive, entertaining content because this industry is one hot subject these days.

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    1. While I respect your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment on my blog, I think we’ll have to disagree about your saying that this isn’t paid promotion. This is absolutely paid promotion.

      I haven’t seen the rest of the series, I only watched the first episode, but the more I hear people talking about the series, the more I hear them saying this is all one bought and paid for long advertisement to help Jeffree make money. Literally EVERYONE who is reviewing this is saying (even their fans) that this series just seems like one long running advertisement.

      Shane’s not an idiot. He’s a very smart business man, I will absolutely give him credit there. I’m of the belief that he wouldn’t spend his time on anything if it were free. Not with 20 million Youtube subscribers anyways and all of his connections.

      There’s nothing wrong with advertising, there’s nothing wrong with the series being an advertisement. I just think they need to be more forthcoming about the fact that it is an advertisement. The pallets, the clothing they’re wearing, the merchandise they made and sold, literally the ENTIRE series is an advertisement to make money.

      The biggest recommendation I would say is to check out the Youtube channel ‘Inform Overload’, they sum it up pretty well in about five minutes. And they’re fans of Shane and Jeffrey. I understand that my opinion might sound biased because I am not a fan of the two, so that’s why I recommend ‘Inform Overload’… them being fans of Shane and Jeffrey and their opinions aligning with mine, I think their opinions probably still sound a lot less biased than mine.


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