I am woman, hear me roar.

There are days in which people have a heightened propensity to piss me off. Today is most definitely one of those days.

When did it become appropriate for employers to conducting hiring processes to contact, and make requests of potential candidates via text message? Last night I spent nearly an hour filling out a job application for a particular tech company. This application was R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Things were asked on this application that I doubt would come up in an actual interview of someone in person it was so thorough. And I filled it out.

Today the company reached out to me via text message. TEXT MESSAGE! No phone call, no formal form of communication whatsoever. They sent me a text message that didn’t even include a name on the message. It just said “He, we received your application for [X Company]”. This text message went on to request that I record a video of myself on my phone and text it to them as a part of the hiring process.

I’m sorry but when did it become a requirement in job hunting that I send videos of myself to a nameless, faceless corporate phone?

I called the number to speak with whomever was sending the text messages and no one answered. The voice mail was a man’s voice that said ‘Hi you have reached [X Company], please leave a message after the beep.’

Something about this stinks to me.

I texted them back and asked who I was speaking with and if they could phone me. The response that I got, not thirty seconds after they did not answer my phone call, was ‘This is [X Company] and we’re requesting videos from candidates who’ve applied for the position. We don’t phone any candidates until they’re being considered for the position’.

I take soooooooooooo many issues with that statement.

  1. Why wouldn’t they answer my call if they could text me 30 seconds later?
  2. Why do they think it’s appropriate to conduct hiring processes via text messages?
  3. Why will they not provide me a name of who I am speaking with?
  4. Why do they get to request videos from candidates if they’re not even willing to tell us their name? Are they judging us based on our appearance? (That’s the only reason I can think of a company asking for a video.)
  5. Why do we have to send you a video in order to just be considered for the position?

Again, something stinks about this to me.

About 20 minutes later whomever is on the other end of this text message interaction sent me a message that said ‘Do you want the job or not? Videos are due in one hour. Please respond with whether or not you’re willing to take part’.

This is not a phone number that I can find listed for the company anywhere on the internet. It’s not on their website, it’s not on google. When I called the company to verify this is a legitimate request I was told I’d have to talk to ‘Jeff in HR’ and when I was transferred to ‘Jeff in HR’, I got a voicemail and he still hasn’t called me back.

This whole thing makes me so angry. I spent an hour filling out an application answering things that were really none of their business, only to get texted by a nameless phone number, that I cannot even verify is someone who is an employee at this company, asking for a video of myself to be sent.

I haven’t decided how I want to respond to ‘Do you want the job or not? Videos are due in one hour’ message. Part of me wants to just be a total asshole and let them know how unprofessional I find this whole thing. Another part of me wants to ‘play the game’ because I need a job and another part of me wants to keep calling ‘Jeff in HR’ to see if he’ll pick up his damn phone. If I had to hazard a guess, I’m going to bet that I respond with a really snarky response in about a half hour. Because this whole thing is really making me want to bust out my inner asshole.

This is what job hunting has come to… this is what companies deem appropriate. It’s fucking ridiculous.

45 thoughts on “I am woman, hear me roar.

  1. Answer each intrusive question as “None of your business.”

    Seriously, why would anyone need to know how many pets I’ve owned? What do any questions like that have to do whether or not I can do the job or not?

    I just applied for one of those “data entry from home” deals, but then I’m taken to several sites so I could register my email for offers and other “earning opportunities?”

    My Bullshit-meter is going off.

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    1. I always try to answer each question to the best of my ability, even if I find the application overreaching. I get that, even if I don’t like it, this is how the world is these days. That being said, sending off a video is a step I won’t take.

      As for data-entry from home – that sends off my bullshit reader too. That sounds really not on the up and up.


  2. I’ve been following your blog for a bit now. I just had to comment to hopefully give you a different perspective. I am a Recruiter currently but my field of study is Human Resources (based in the US) and I work for a small to medium sized company. The reason for the process is because of the amount of applicants being received at any given moment. We wish we could give individual attention to each candidate. Companies are trying to make it easy for candidates because sometimes you can’t speak on the phone. They also want to make their candidate pool smaller. They don’t answer because they may be on the phone with other candidates who’ve applied a week ago or in meetings. They may also have other responsibilities in their job description aside from recruiting which is why they have the automated system to aid the process. The comment about wanting the job or not is rude but tech companies are “cool” so think they can get away with that. You might want to stay away from that culture.

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    1. Thanks for your perspective. I appreciate it.

      I guess, if your comment is the perspective of where a company could be coming from, that just makes me have even less respect for them and how they operate, and any company that thinks it’s okay to operate that way. Even if it is on the up and up. You can’t even text a candidate your name so she knows she’s not being scammed?

      I had more people to contact/speak with and interact with when I interviewed with Amazon then I do with this company… so… they really don’t have an excuse in my opinion.

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      1. In reading the comments saw one about door to door scams, didn’t think about that but yeah if you can’t find them on the internet then it’s best to move on. But don’t take yourself out of the running because of the automated responses. They are not all bad. Just saying


      1. Yeah, when you get an instant text message reply to something you sent via text you can guarantee it is going through an automated bot system. I’ll bet if you sent something totally random like, “Monkeys eat pineapples from champagne glasses with spoons” you would get a predetermined message back that makes no sense to what you were sending in the first place. If not, you at least get a giggle from typing it into your phone.

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  3. This whole situation seems fishy. ESPECIALLY that last text if inappropriateness. It’s like they’re trying to pressure you into making a video through this made up timeline of one hour. If this seems fishy to you, it’s probably not going to be a good fit as a career (if it even is legit). Remember you need to be happy in a job (or at the very least be able to wake up every day and not dread going in). Based on the description of your last job, this doesn’t seem like it’ll be much better, you know?

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    1. Right? I only filled out the application last night. Even if the video were a legitimate request, how would it be due in one hour? The whole thing seems stinky.

      I totally think you’re right, I need to find something that makes me happy and a place that treats people like this is not that kind of a town…

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  4. Sounds scammy. You made the good choice not to send any more information to them. Even if the company was legitimate, contacting via text message and resistant to answering simple questions is extremely unprofessional. If they’re already rude to you, it would be the same treatment if you did end up working for the company.

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    1. I just don’t see how a reputable, customer service oriented company could have a hiring process of that manner. It just seems like a recipe for disaster, ya know? Thanks for the reminder. I was doubting my decision for a bit today. It’s nice to know you agree!

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  5. i don’t know anything about job hunting, but this just sounds dangerous to me… i read the other comments, and i’m glad you didn’t send anything as well. it seemed really weird and suspicious.


  6. I wouldn’t do it if I were you. I’m also job hunting and was so desperate I fell for that crap with a company advertising a role for a marketer just to find out later that it was a door to door scam.


  7. Scam or not, do you want to work, I mean spend 8+ hours per day for a company that gives you that feeling from the very first encounter? I understand the need of a job and struggles finding one. I think, when you would get a job there, you will be jobhunting again a couple months in the future.


  8. The bitter truth is that some companies hire to women just to place them as a showpiece in their office to attract more people and clients. Why can’t a man be a receptionist? Why does most of the time a woman is given a job for a receptionist?


    1. I’ve been to very few offices in my life that have had a male receptionist. It’s something that men can absolutely do, I just think they treat it as something that’s ‘for women’. It’s crazy.


  9. so crazy, I have never heard of a company doing something like this. So glad you decided to not send more info and paid attention to the signs. Keep us updated if you find anything out


  10. … I think I’m lucky that my industry tends to keep things simple. Only need to submit a resume and cover letter, then one in person interview, a tour of the facility, and then they’ll call me if they’re going to offer me the position.
    I’d hate to have to waste so much time and effort just on the interview process :/


  11. I despise what passes for professionalism with communication these days. I accept it – texting – in established relationships, but anonymous texts from the get go? No. If they want to see you before they interview you, they can accept the limits of stalking applicants’ social media. The end.
    And the expectation of compliance with their arbitrary deadline? Utter bullshit. It factors out any applicants with current employment – or even, y’know…like a dentist appointment.
    I hope you told them to piss off.

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    1. Anonymous texts…yes I know! When did this suddenly become acceptable behaviour for recruiters to blindly send out texts to candidates. So shit and that gets the person a blanket ban across all devices…no matter how great the job is. Recruiters can just fuck off…are they parasites feeding off people’s talent or what

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  12. I suspect you have an HR person on a power trip, who’s trying to see what candidates look like before he deigns to speak with them. Why wouldn’t a phone interview work, after he went through the applications? That seems to work for most businesses and is the normal protocol. If after the phone interview you still were in the list, maybe then a videoconference call would work if they weren’t ready to do in person interviews.

    The whole recruiting process amazes me. Truth is a good recruiter can tell a lot about you from the application and interview. They don’t need the extras.

    Hang in there. I’m waiting to hear about the one job that seems to be what I want in my county. I was expecting to have a long commute or to have to move, This way little in my personal life will have to change. The great thing about it being local, and living in a fairly small town, is that I have people with pull pulling for me. I hope it helps. I’ve never campaigned like this for a job.

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