Natalia Grace – I can’t even with this crazy story…


Though I know this story has ‘blown-up’ in recent weeks, I’m not too sure how far this story has reached. It’s certainly been captivating a lot of my attention, though. Anyone who talks about it, anyone who shares their perspective, I need to read it, watch it or hear it.

I apologize in advance if any of the information in the following paragraphs conflicts itself. This story has been so hard to track and has had so much speculation and unknown information surrounding it that I’ve had a really hard time keeping track. But it’s so wild and crazy that I really just need/want to share.

Natalia Barnett is a Ukrainian girl with a rare form of dwarfism who was brought to the United States in 2008, when she was believed to be five years old. Prior to coming to the United States she had lived the entirety of her life in an orphanage in the Ukraine. She was adopted by a family who had the promise of helping her with medical treatments and surgeries needed (due to her dwarfism) and sent into the foster system less than two years later with no explanation as to why.

Insert Kristine and Michael Barnett. The couple, who at the time already had three boys, were looking to complete their family and decided they could adopt Natalia (to have the daughter they’d always wanted) and provide her a good life, affording the medical treatments and surgeries required to do that. They adopted Natalia in 2010 at the age of what they believed to be 6, turning 7 years old.

In 2010, as the adoption was being processed, Michael and Kristine Barnett’s son Jacob was gaining local notoriety for his intelligence. He is an autistic boy who is highly, highly, highly intelligent (boy genius status). The Barnett’s say that he’s been mastering college level math and science classes since the age of eight. This notoriety shone a bright light on Michael and Kristine, promoting them in the media as ‘Parenting Goals’ so to speak. Kristine even going so far as to writing a memoir about parenting.

From 2010 to 2013 Natalia lived with the Barnett family and, during this time was taken to see several doctors and doctors and specialists with respect to her condition. Over this period she was institutionalized for brief stints relating to mental health issues that Psychiatrists had diagnosed as Radical Attachment Disorders likely stemming from living the first five years of her life in an orphanage in the Ukraine.

During this time Kristine Barnett claimed to see ‘signs’ from Natalia that lead her to believe the girl was not the age she was claiming to be and that she was an adult, using her dwarfism, to masquerade as a child and take advantage of this family.

Kristine took Natalia to a specialist to have her bone density measured as a means to garner a better estimation of her age, but due to the girls rare form of dawrfism, it’s difficult to judge age like one would with a normal human being who has normal bone density. Due to her condition, the doctor stated she could be anywhere from 8-14 years old.

Kristine, carrying on the narrative that this young girl was older than she said was, continued noting ‘signs’ that Natalia was lying. She said that she gave the young girl a bath and noted she had pubic hair, something a seven year old shouldn’t have. She said that she was speaking with a vocabulary higher than that of a young child. She said that she founded bloody clothes of Natalia’s in the garbage can, as though Natalia had been having her period and trying to hide it from the Barnett’s to try and hide her age to continue using her dwarfism to masquerade as a small child.

(Please note that entering puberty at a far earlier age is a side effect of having dwarfism, so if a normal girl can start her period at ten, it’s not that far fetched to think that a young girl with dwarfism could have hormones and start her period as young as seven or eight)

Kristine also stated that the Ukraine is notorious for not keeping track of records properly with children who are abandoned and for that reason, they believed her birth certificate to be forged. There’s a theory that in orphanages a child’s age is determined by how they match in comparison to a child of which record of their age is known. So, if they have a record of [John Doe] and John is ten years old, they would measure someone taller as being 11 and someone shorter as being nine. Kristine states that Natalia used her dwarfism as a means of keeping the orphanage from knowing her real age and having them believe she was a young child.

Kristine Barnett also went so far as to state that Natalia’s mental breakdowns saw Natalia take actions that could be classified as attempted murder on her, her husband and her children and that they were in fear for their safety, they had to hide the knives in their kitchen and couldn’t leave their biological children unattended with her because they thought she would cause them harm. We’re talking she’s depicting scenes straight out of the movie ‘The Orphan’ as though they’re playing out in her daily life.

Throughout this, Michael stood by his wife’s side and went along with each claim that she made.

In 2013, after spewing this notion that Natalia was much older than she said she was for nearly two and a half years, the Barnett’s petitioned a judge in the state of Indiana, where they were living, to have Natalia’s legal age changed. They stated that Natalia was a sociopath adult, masquerading as a young girl to scam their family. They used their ‘evidence’ from a doctor stating that Natalia’s bone density could possibly make her much older than she said she was, her advanced vocabulary, having a period and pubic hair as a means to showcase that Natalia was not a young girl.

Somehow, in some far fetched universe that I cannot even fathom how this happened, the judge in Indiana signed off and legally changed this girl’s legal age, reprinting her birth certificate to say Sept 4, 1989, rather than Sept 4, 2003. They added fourteen years on her age and went from being a ten year old child to 24 year old woman in the eye of the law. Legally speaking the United States recognized her as being born in 1989 and thus she was no longer a little girl.

2013 was also the point in time when the Barnett’s son Jacob gained widespread notoriety for accepting admittance to a prestigious University Physics program in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) at the age of 13.

The Barnett’s took their son Jacob, their other two sons and they went to Canada… without Natalia. They paid for a year’s worth of rent for an apartment in Indiana and set her up for food stamps and they left her there, claiming it was within their right to do so because, in the eyes of the law, she was a grown adult.

They literally took their three sons and left their adoptive daughter, abandoning her in Indiana.

After that, not much is known of what happened to Natalia. She was trying to fend for herself, living off food stamps and perhaps kind neighbours? All of the stories I have read from this point in time are all speculative as to how she got by.

Eventually, though, she wound up notifying a Sheriff’s office in the county she lived in Indiana that her parents had moved to Canada and abandoned her, and the Barnett’s were literally living in Canada without her and not even thinking about her.

Thinking she was clearly someone with special needs who needed a family system around her, the sheriff’s office listed her as someone who needed to be a dependent and it’s speculated that she went back into the system, only to get rejected because her legal age was that of an adult. From there, it’s alleged she found her new family, the family she now lives with, when she attended a church service.

The family that she now lives with are a pastor, his wife and their children, and, it’s worth noting that, though they know her ‘legal age’ in the eye of the United States Government, they are treating her as the teenager they believe her to be.

This year, the family she’s been living with filed an injunction to have her age changed back to being that of a teenager because they wanted to enroll her in school. They wanted to send her to high school to be a normal kid but they couldn’t do that because, in 2019, with a legal birth year of 1989, she is 30 years old in the eyes of the law.

Michael and Kristine Barnett, who have divorced since 2013 when they legally had her age changed, rushed to put a stop to this injunction claiming that she was scamming this new family that she’s living with, that she is an adult and that her age cannot be changed.

Make’s sense, right? If her age was legally changed back, they could face charges for abandonment of a minor, for not giving this girl the proper care she needed, deserved and was owed by the law and thus they could be in a great deal of trouble.

So, they tried to fight this injunction that would change Natalia’s birth date back to being 2003.

This is where the story starts unfolding and going viral.

Allegedly, police have sat down and interviewed Michael Barnett for a four hour period, alone. During that time, without Kristine in the room or within earshot, Michael admitted to the entire thing being a scam, that Kristine new it was a lie when she had this girl’s age changed and she did it anyway. He says that he knew when he up and moved to Canada with Kristine and their three biological children, he knew he was leaving a young child behind, abandoning her and leaving her to fend for herself.

Michael and Kristine Barnett are presently being charged with abandoning their daughter as a dependent. Because there’s this sticky situation with her age happening right now, charges are still able to proceed even though she’s not ‘legally a child’ because in the State of Indiana you’re not allowed to abandon a dependent who needs physical or mental medical assistance for survival. Natalia’s dwarfism counting as a need to be a medical dependent.

Now, the family that Natalia is currently living with is still presently trying to have her birth year legally changed back to what it was on her original birth certificate – Sept 4 2003.

Kristine Barnett is adamant this birth date cannot be changed back and that Natalia is an adult.

It makes sense that Kristine wouldn’t want her birth date changed. Because, while she’s in trouble now for abandoning a dependent, she’d be in a whole new world of trouble for abandoning a ten year old girl, legally speaking.

Thus we’ve made it to the past two weeks of reporting. Every outlet that I read, every video I watch seems to have a slightly different story of the details, I think mainly because the true details are so unknown. Nobody really knows what happened to Natalia when they fled to Canada, they just speculate based off what neighbours mentioned. It’s never been publicly released how she found her new family, it’s just speculated she found them at church. That time in between 2013 and now, only Natalia really knows what has happened.

Anyways, I’ve been reading this and watching this all unfold, and I just can’t fathom how a judge, in his or her right mind, would legally add fourteen years onto the life of any human, regardless of the circumstance, without pure, factual evidence to showcase the scam. Because, everything that Kristine Barnett presented to the courts was complete speculation.

Today (Oct 9th) a woman has come forward claiming to be the birth mother of Natalia. She claims that Natalia’s birth year is in fact 2003 and that her birth date is in face Sept 4, 2003. She has paperwork for proof that she gave birth to a baby girl on Sept 4, 2003. This woman, Anna, claims that she didn’t find out about Natalia’s dwarfism until she was six months pregnant with her. She claims that she was told by doctors in the Ukraine that her daughter-to-be would never lead a normal life and for that reason she just shouldn’t bother trying to take her home from the hospital.

It’s worth noting that it’s not uncommon in Eastern European countries to ‘discard’ (for lack of better terminology) of babies with birth defects and disabilities because of the lack of ability of citizens to care for them with lack of medical, lack of funding, lack of living conditions to support their needs.

This woman who claims to be the birth mother of Natalia, Anna, says that she gave up Natalia at birth and that she knew Natalia was sent to live in an Orphanage and that, at the age of five, the Ukrainian government contacted her to let her know that Natalia was being adopted by a couple in the United States and that she should not legally try to interfere with this adoption because the couple who was going to adopt her would be able to care for her and her medical needs and get her the surgeries she required. So Anna did not intervene, and she believed that her daughter was adopted out of the orphanage and went to lead a privileged life in the United States with a happy family.

Anna notes that it’s only recently, when this story has gone viral that she’s learned of what really happened, and learned that her daughter was not given the life she thought.

The Daily Mail broke Anna’s story today, as Anna came forward to claim that her biological daughter was, in fact, born in 2003 and has just turned 16.

She’s had her credibility questioned – claiming that she’s only coming forward for attention and in return she’s submitted paperwork of Natalia’s birth, paperwork showcasing she gave birth to a baby on Sept 4, 2003 and said that she’s more than willing to take a DNA test to prove she’s Natalia’s biological mother if it’ll help prove Natalia’s age so that her birth year can be legally changed back to what it is supposed to be.

I just… I can’t even with this story right now. It’s so far fetched and so wild to me.

Natalia’s biological mother, Anna, has also said that she’s deeply saddened by what has happened to Natalia during her life and that, never in her wildest dreams did she think it could be as horrible as what the Barnett’s did to her. She said that, being in a much better place financially now than she was when she had her sixteen years ago, she’d welcome her back to the Ukraine at any time.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? I have so many questions. I have so much I need/want to know. I don’t understand. I have speculations of my own. I have so much that I want to say I don’t even know where to start.

First off, in my opinion, Kristine Barnett clearly did not want a daughter. She also clearly didn’t want this fact to get out, given the publicity and notoriety she was getting as a parent because of her son Jacob. I think this entire thing was a scam concocted by Kristine Barnett thinking it would leave her legally ‘off the hook’ for leaving this girl behind because she obviously couldn’t ‘give her back’ to the foster care system with a best selling book on shelves about how great of a parent she is…

As mentioned above, it’s not uncommon for individuals with dwarfism to hit puberty earlier than people of a normal stature. This is because of the fact that their bodies operate differently and it’s not really within their control. So it’s really not a far fetched thought that Natalia cold have gone through puberty much earlier than a girl without dwarfism.

It’s also extremely hard to measure a person’s age based on their bone density if they have dwarfism because, once again, their bodies operate differently than those of people who are normal stature. So judging this girls age based on bone density should have been a factor NEVER considered in Kristine Barnett’s court proceeding to change her age.

Next – it’s not an uncommon thing for children he live in orphanages or grow up in foster care systems in countries less developed than the United States to grow up with mental health issues or suffer from mental health issues such as ‘Reactive Attachment Disorder’. So, if Natalia was suffering from such issues, it would be ‘par for the course’. This is something all parents are warned they may have to deal with when they adopt a child from overseas.

Okay, so on what planet does a judge get off changing the legal age of anyone based on speculation? Anyone? Let alone changing the age of a human being from being 10 to 24 without real, actual legitimate proof? I don’t understand how a judge did this and thought it was a good idea. Did Kristine Barnett buy him off? She had book money… that could very well be?

What kind of a horrible person abandons a family member, or anyone in distress for that matter, whether you consider them family or not. Even if Kristine Barnett’s mental health claims/concerns were real, then there was a clear indication that in addition to this girl’s dwarfism, she was suffering greatly with mental health issues. Who the fuck just up and abandons someone suffering and says ‘Have a nice life?’

It’s so sick and twisted that Michael Barnett has admitted to police he knew it was a scam his wife made on the courts to change her age and he knew that Natalia knew nothing about it and had no say in it. It’s so disgusting that he kept it secret all these years and that he openly admits he knew he was leaving his ten year old adopted daughter behind, not a 24 year old.

I just can’t even wrap my head around this story.

This poor girl.

This sick and twisted couple, now divorced, essentially fucking her over so royally like this as a means to keep themselves from looking bad in the press?

If this woman, Anna, is proven to be the biological mother of Natalia, I sincerely hope that the Barnett’s are in for a world of legal trouble and hopefully, jail time.

Also, as of right now, her parenting book is still being sold. So that should come down.

And even if this woman isn’t proven to be the biological mother of Natalia, I still think the Barnett’s should be in a world of legal hurt because of changing her legal age in order to abandon her. Michael admitted it was all fake and it was all scheme. Likely to avoid negative press because her book was so popular….

Wow. I’ll be following this like a hawk to see how it unfolds.

There are some really fucked up people on this planet.

Some links to read more: > >

Without a Crystal Ball > (where I first heard of the story)

58 thoughts on “Natalia Grace – I can’t even with this crazy story…

    1. Everyone who try to write or talk about this story always leave out several facts: 1st in 2010 the Ukraine Orphanage and Florida Adoptive Agency was under Investigation by FBI for immigration fraud, during this same year the couple who originally adopted Natalia from Ukraine Mr. Gary and Dyan Ciccone of New Hampshire gave her back, The Florida Agency heard about the Barnetts and called them, regarding adopting Natalia


      1. Interesting. I wasn’t trying to leave out any facts Missy, I’ve just never heard this before. Do you have a link to anywhere I could look it up and see? I’d love to read more! Thank you


  1. Interesting story. Im left with 3 main questions:

    1. Why did Kristen want the girls age changed? Its an extreme stretch, its one thing to have a child be a problem and an adoption not be a fit but ive never heard of this before.

    2. After we answer 1, how was a judge thus compelled to alter someones age that much legally? Even the most corrupt judges cant act grossly outside of the law.

    3. How long did she live alone for? This is important because the likelyhood of a 10 year old girl living alone in an apt for any length of meaningful time (a month?) and no one reporting it is highly suspect. Was she there a week?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. Genuinely, and this is my speculation, she went so far as to change this girl’s age because she didn’t want to give the girl back to the foster care system and get negative press for it, given that she’d bee in the public eye and had a best-selling parenting book about parenting her boy genius son Jacob. But again, that’s all my speculation based on the different version of this story that I’ve read. You’re right, it’s an extreme stretch to add fourteen years onto someone’s life.

      2. I don’t know. I really don’t. Adding fourteen years to someone’s live is extreme… for any person… let alone changing someone’s age from being that of a small child to being an adult. I don’t know how a judge could ever fathom doing that legally. I hope this judge gets investigated as well.

      3. It’s all speculation. No one who has reported it knows for certain. The speculation is that she lived alone for a month in an apartment and that a neighbour vouched to inviting her over for dinner and whatnot. But, this has not been verified, it’s hearsay from an article from ‘someone who knows someone’ so to speak.


  2. Wasn’t there a movie with this premise? I think it was called Orphan, and I remember the premise was that a family adopts this child from a Russian orphanage who happens to be a prodigy. In the movie, it turns out that she’s a serial killer adult with a rare form of dwarfism and she masquerades as a child.

    Also, WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK? This whole situation is a shitshow of gargantuan proportions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RIGHT? It’s fucking crazy.

      Commentary columns I’ve been reading have been saying she used the storyline from ‘The Orphan’ as a means of getting herself off the hook from having to be this girl’s mom.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think the best thing to describe this story is a “wow” the hell did this people come from..this story really touched me, although am that kinda person that doesn’t like reading large contents but I had to finish this one..i mean if Karma still exits they will surely pay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t even fathom. This whole story is so far fetched. Even if they thought it could be true, what justification did a judge legally have to change her age without proof beyond a reasonable doubt? I just can’t wrap my head around this.


  4. I’d heard about this story too and had so many recurring “WTF” moments the more I found out about it.
    I hope that judge loses his job (or credentials, or whatever it is you do to bad judges).
    Also super not impressed with the adopted “parents”. Adopting a child isn’t something that is supposed to come with a return policy :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really hope the judge is investigated for their role in this.

      And you’re absolutely right, adopting a child should not have a return policy… it’s just fucking nuts that someone would do this. These are some sick and twisted people.



        Hopefully you can see that, I don’t think they ever named him and tbh I can’t remember if there was an outcome, certainly the outcome was not as widely reported as the story.

        Although rereading it, it does look like it was suspected rather than confirmed. Although the newspaper I have linked is more left winged, than some of our papers, I could link one of the right winged ones to give you an idea of how wildly different the story was probably reported

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  5. All I can say is WTF and WOW! I’m shaking my head not even knowing where my own thoughts on this begin. And I’d like to know how she managed to get by being so young and left alone. The poor girl. I couldn’t imagine what all she has been through 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A vast majority of the internet seems to think this girl is a scam artist and that she deserved to have her age legally changed from 10-24. Which is crazy to me. I’m with you, I really can’t imagine what she’s been through in her life. She deserves better from everyone, including the United States legal system.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So many people do not understand the mom gave an interview with another news outlet before the Daily Mail and she said Natalia was her 1st born out of 5 kids she had, at 6 months pregnant she was told the child had abnormalties, and when she had the child was told to give up to the child to the orphanage who have the resources to take care of the child. She said her 2nd child who she had 3 yrs after Natalia is 20 yrs old today and is Pregnant, Natalia will be an Aunt and after what happened to Natalia in the US she wishes for her to come back to the Ukraine, The birth mom said Natalia’s Dad has since passed away he is deceased. So that would make Natalia born in 1996 and is the age of 23, and her sister born 3 yrs after her born in 1999 and 20 yrs old today. However, the birth mother changed her story when talking to the Daily Mail of the UK and said Natalia was her secon child born in 2003. Since this woman had 4 more children after Natalia I do believe she had a child in 2003 but it was not Natalia and the birth Mom and the Ukraine Orphanage did some documentation fraud, in order for Natalia to be adopted out of the system, I hear at 16 in the Ukraine they are considered Adult and have to leave the Orphange……so if it is true that Natalia was her 1st born that means in 2010 when Barnetts adopted her she was not a 6 yr old child but a 14 yr old girl who could of had pubic hair and a menstrual cycle.

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      2. I’d love to read it if you have a link? I haven’t heard this before(that she did an interview before the daily mail) so I want to research more! Thank you!


  6. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this until now. These people are disgusting! That poor child. Why on earth would the judge add FOURTEEN YEARS to her age?? Like if they felt the need to change the girl’s age, why not add 5 years to her age? Why 14??? I have so many questions.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. RIGHT? Gosh I hope more of this story comes to light over the next few weeks because as of right now it seems as though the internet is siding with the Barnett’s and believe this little girl to be a scam artist.

      I just can’t fathom, on what planet, she’s actually 30 years old right now. I feel like the Barnett’s played up this story and people believed them. I don’t understand how they decided on adding fourteen years of age to her. I don’t understand how they decided turning a kid into an adult without proof beyond a reasonable doubt was the right thing to do. I just don’t understand… so so much.


  7. That is nuts. Like, Netflix documentary nuts. This woman’s book is still for sale, sure that’s sad and ridiculous. But what’s worse is she could probably wind up with another book deal out of this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there turned out to be a Netflix series, or a book or a movie about this one day. I know the Orphan is already a movie, but this… it just has that extra umph to it her being a world renowned parent with a book on shelves about what an incredible mom she is…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Looks like a gag order has been placed on both parties until after the trial to try and keep jury tampering from happening. Don’t think we’ll hear much more until January…


      1. Thank you my dear friend. Yes, I love life and live it to my fullest best. Loving and giving my best to all who cross my path. And I hope and pray that our paths too shall cross one day 😊🤗


  8. Sounds like someone watched Orphan and saw as a way to get rid of her daughter. Sadly, people do terrible things to their adopted kids and often want to hand them back. The rejection of this poor little girl, now teenager, makes my heart break.


    1. Kristine and Michael Barnett have filed a petition with the courts to try and find out if any movie production companies or book publishers or television companies have tried to buy rights to their story. Nevermind the orphan, they’re not trying to make money off of this story they’ve concocted based off the orphan. They’re pretty low as far as human beings go.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s recently come out that the Barnett’s got paid more than 6 figures to spin their crazy story in the news! They were on Good Morning America and Doctor Oz and several different shows. They’ve been peddling the story to anyone who would listen to line their bank accounts!


  9. I’ve seen this in the UK news and it’s so unbelievably baffling! With her mother coming forward though, there’s something about the whole ‘proof of birth’ that’s being disputed, like it may not be legitimate. So she could be older after all. So, so odd. Surely there are others who’ve been in contact with this girl that can say what they think, ie. nice normal girl, or psychopath as the adoptive parents claim? The mystery continues!
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Doctor Phil is trying to bring the ‘birth mother’ to the US to do a DNA test on her and reunite her with Natalia if she is, in fact, her mother. I don’t know if we’ll find out the results until after the trial though because there’s been a gag order placed on both parties to try and keep jury tampering from happening.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You should look up the story! The father, Michael Barnett has done a ton of recent interviews and if you watch any of them, you’ll notice that every time he tells the same story he tells it a little different. One day “She put pine sole in our coffee” and the next day “She put pine sol in our orange juice” and the next day “she put bleach in our juice.” He can’t seem to keep his story straight…


    1. Thank you for reading ❤

      Since writing this story, I've gotten some updates as well. I'm thinking about adding another update soon. Just for people who aren't googling it so they can keep track.

      Liked by 1 person

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