Think Different.

There are talented people all across WordPress and every other bogging platform that exists. Talented people who have a lot to share with the world, who struggle to get anyone to read their words or see their content. Why? Because they struggle to position and market their blog among the other 75 million blogs that exist in this world.

If you’re writing for a hobby, writing to keep a diary online instead of in a journal, this likely won’t matter to you at all. But if you’re on WordPress because you want to make friends and meet like-minded people, share your talents and show your skills then you need to market your blog. You have to.

While the odd person may stumble upon your blog, resonate with what you have to share and stick around from then on, the ‘accidentally finding you’ tactic is certainly not going to garner the audience you desire.

Someone that always understood marketing far better than most people on this planet is Steve Jobs. If you’ve ever heard the man speak, you know. He gets it. He knows how to turn a brand into a necessity, to a lifestyle and a feeling of belonging.

Your blog is your brand and if you want to garner an audience using your brand, you need to turn it into a necessity, a lifestyle and a place for people to find their belonging.

One of my favourite speeches from Steve Jobs can be seen here:

In the video, Jobs explains that the core value of Apple is the belief that people can change the world and that those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones that do.

Using their slogan ‘Think Different’, Jobs explains that Apple’s desire was not to create a phone for you to make phone calls, Apple’s desire was to create a phone that makes your life better, easier, more organized. Apple’s desire was to create a computer that allowed your brain to think differently about how to do things, about what your computer can do for you and about how you can change the world from the stroke of a keyboard.

Steve Jobs was a brilliant man, one of the most brilliant of our time. In ‘thinking different’ he categorically used his ‘think different’ platform to catapult a run of the mill company to be a world, industry and technological leader. He did this because he knew he wasn’t marketing a computer. He knew that when he was marketing the life the computer could give you. He knew that he was marketing how much easier his phone would make your day.

How does this relate to blogging? Well, I’ll ask you this… in marketing your blog, do you market it as a blog, or, a community? Is it a place for you to write or a place for thoughts to change minds and learn new oulooks/perspctives? Is your blog a blog or is your blog a home for the lost, the found and the just won’t give up? Are you giving something to your readers, or merely just taking their time? Remember, Nike doesn’t sell shoes, Nike sells the idea of who you can become when you wear their shoes. If you’re selling your blog as a blog, you need to take Steve Jobs’ advice and think different. Thing bigger. Don’t market your blog as a blog. Market your blog as a home. As a place for people to come to remember they’re not alone in this world. Market your words as a means to help those who you’ve not yet met.

What does your blog bring to the table that no one else has? That no one else does? With millions of people hitting ‘Publish’ on their posts each and every day, what about your posts is should keep people coming around? What is your commodity? I don’t mean this in a condescending way, I mean this to get you thinking.

#MillennialLifeCrisis markets in honesty and understanding. The good, the bad, the ugly, the afraid to share with the world thoughts that you only keep to yourself honesty. You will find that here. People know that if they come to this community, they will hear my truths and they can feel safe to share their’s.

Some of my favourite blogs to read are those that market in travel. Not tourism, but travel (because there’s a very distinct difference). I love reading about those people who walk off the beaten path and really go to a country to learn and share the very core living culture within a place. Rebecca Goes Rendezvous does this really well.

Other blogs that I find myself gravitating towards are those who have no fear in telling their opinions with respect to real and important subject matter that a lot of people are often too afraid to talk about… too afraid to share opinions on, because they don’t want to start an argument. I like the people who aren’t afraid to share those thoughts, even if it might start an argument, because they know that they can turn it into a thoughtful and informative discussion. Filosofa’s Word does this really well.

These are both my own personal likes, though. And everyone likes something different, so please don’t take these two suggestions as the only subjects that matter.

If you really want to take your blog to the next level, and really want to have people pay attention to what you have to share, think different. Ask yourself where your blog should be positioned and make it happen. Position your blog and then market it.

90% of bloggers marketing:

“Hi my name is Sarah, please check out my blog!”

10% of bloggers effectively marketing their blog:

“Remember a time when you were moved to tears by a piece you read on someone else’s blog? Or were inspired to take action in a certain area of your life?

Well, that was art. The art of blogging.” (Quote from The Art of Blogging)

Which blog are you more likely to check out?

Because effective marketing is everything!

42 thoughts on “Think Different.

  1. Very good points. I started my blog merely as a hobby to write about my travels. However over time, I began wanting to reach a like-minded audience, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I’ve since learned that it’s really important not just to write, but also to engage with others who like, comment, and follow your blog. This is how you can get them to stick around, and not just rely on new bloggers stumbling upon your blog. I appreciate the shout-out, and I likewise will continue to read your journey, wherever it takes you!

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    1. I absolutely agree – writing is important but ensuring that people know you are grateful for their reading is also very important. I think you do a great job of showcasing different pieces of the globe, and I really love reading your blog. I thought it was a great example to use to try and explain what I was talking about. You bring a lot to this platform, so thank you for that ❤

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  2. You are so incredibly talented and amazing! Great content, these are definitely areas that need attention on my blog, so thank you for that. You have provided, sort of, the idiots guide to effective blog marketing and I appreciate the time and effort you put into this xoxo

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    1. You have an incredibly way with words, my dear. If you’re looking to grow your platform at all, I recommend looking at the social media and blog platforms of poets like Shelby Leigh and Amanda Lovelace! They’re both extremely popular on social media and I think Shelby has a Tumblr Blog (not 100% positive of that). See what they do, how they interact, how they share their poetry and take the tidbits that you can to use on your own platform!

      I think that’s the easiest way to do social media – see something you like that someone does, taking it and adapting it to fit you! I’m rambling anyways… sorry.

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      1. You are too sweet ♥️ thank you so very much! I will definitely use your advice to see what I can do to better market my writing. I have branched out to Twitter recently and the writing and poetry community has been absolutely amazing to me and a great platform for marketing and making connections with so many writers. But now I’m rambling, lol thanks love xoxo

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  3. I leaned towards blogs that really speak to me. Ones that I can relate too, or experiencing the same feelings, or journey.
    Also, I will read a blog if the “title” grabs my attention.
    I am eclectic when it comes to blogs that I follow.

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      1. I am not sure.
        At the moment V I write about personal things that I am feeling and going through.
        I started this blog years ago just to be a journal. It has only been the last two months that I feel I have found my footing.
        I do not know much about marketing, key words, word clouds.
        I am only using the free version of WordPress.
        I am just dumb founded when I see someone say they like one of my posts.
        Totally amazed when someone decides to follow me.
        I am always grateful for big things, but more for even small things. Such as the conversations I have had with bloggers such as yourself.
        There is something I heard once that says,
        “There more I learn, the less I know”. hehehe

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      2. Do you use categories and tags when you make a post? I’m trying to see, but they don’t appear in your layout and I can’t see them on my ‘feed’, so I am not certain if you do or not.

        Using the free version of wordpress or a paid version of wordpress need not matter. Really, the paid platform does not allow you to reach anymore users, your own choices of how to use the platform does! This is why I try to share tips and tricks, because I want people to know the tips and tricks to help get ahead.

        Just like how hashtags are a means for people to find you on instagram, tags and categories are how people find you on wordpress!

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      3. So, when you’re making a new post on the right hand side of the post should be a menu. Under the menu are some tabs – one that reads “Categories” and one that reads “Tags”. Using categories and tags will help others find your posts.

        So under categories you can “Create a new tag”. If you’re writing about Depression (which is actually a really popular category) then create a ‘Depression’ category for your blog, and select that category before hitting publish.

        When people search ‘Depression’ to try and find someone who feels the way that they do, or someone who might understand them, they’ll come across your post.

        This also works with tags. So if you write a post about depression, you can put in tags that are buzzwords for what your post is about – so “Depression” and “Mental Health” and “Struggles” and “Honesty”. Then, when people search these buzz words, your post will also appear.

        As of right now, it appears as though all of your blog posts are “Uncategorized”.

        I have another blog, one that I use the free version of wordpress for, and all of these functions are still there. So I know you can see them, I just need to teach you how to properly use them!!! lol

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      4. I have the categories working for me, now I have to get to work on the tags.
        I am so glad you are willing to teach me these things. Sometimes the help files on sites really leave me scratching my head.
        Thank you V!


  4. Wow, this was so good! I want my blog to be a place for both myself and others to connect to. The whole reason in changing my name to Itsjusttiana’s Thoughts is because I wanted to be able to write about what’s on my mind. At the same time, I want other misfits – or anyone in general – to be able to connect with me just speaking my mind. Do you have any advice on how I might be able to market that?

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    1. It’s such a… character based thing. You have to be the type of person that people know they can trust, even if they don’t know you personally. I think you could establish this by taking small steps doing things like, If someone leaves you comment, ask them a question that’ll bring them back to answer the question. Share some truths with them that might make you vulnerable and they’ll feel safer to share some truths with you. Create an “Introduce yourself” page, so people can tell you who they are and what they’re about. Does that make sense?


  5. I read on WordPress recently that a huge amount of blogs that get started on WordPress only last a year. I wonder if having a huge number of followers helps keep people going a bit more? I’d love to see the numbers on that one! But I think I get what you’re saying: most people want to read something that touches them and changes them, like a good book.
    I stated out diarising my experiences and then decided to change my settings to public… the thing that I didn’t expect was ‘meeting’ people with shared experiences and gaining so much from that. Also hope I can give something back too!

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    1. I would bet that has a lot to do with it! I think a lot of people start blogs thinking that it’s easy to gain a huge audience quickly, and when they don’t, they get discouraged and quit!

      Yes – people want a good book in a blog form. But, they also want a kindred spirit. Someone they can connect with, even if that person is a stranger! They want you, and LovingSummer to make them feel less alone ❤

      It sounds like you started blogging for the right reason – and are on the right track to helping the people who resonate with your words. It's a really nice feeling when people find your words and make you feel less alone, ain't it?


  6. As talented Steve Jobs was, he owed an awful lot to Wozniak. Saying that though, it’s a shame now Steve has gone that Apple are slowly destroying themselves – being run into the ground by an accountant…

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    1. Oh yes, I agree that the actual foundation of the company was built by the two of them. I just think that Jobs was the genius behind the marketing and that without that, Apple has suffered since his passing.

      Even when they still put out fresh products… it’s just not as good of a “wow factor” as it was when Jobs was around…


  7. Its wild to me how you aren’t the most in-demand person in Canada. I do admire Steve’s vision and creation but its also a good lesson that one person can spark something but they need a whole team to light the forest ablaze. A part of me is conflicted too with keeping things in my blog very ME, hence not treat it like a business vs. I’d love to bring it to greater heights! Hmmm.

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    1. Companies hire marketing professionals to teach them the tricks of the trade and make them, and their teams look good. Just think of yourself like the team. If you want to be the team running a small mom and pop shop in Stars Hollow (Gilmore girls reference) then you likely dont need any marketing at all. Bit if you want. But if you want the big city/bright lights of a New York minute then you’re going to have to market.

      In that instance, think if yourself as both the team and the marketer. Because you’re going to have to do the work and you’re going to have to make yourself look good too!

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  8. I’m so glad I discovered your blog via Twitter today. This post is excellent! Thanks for sharing your insights. I started my blog a couple of years ago but life circumstances prevented me from continuing with it until recently. You’ve posed interesting questions I’ll have to think about. Like you, I hope to “market” in honesty and understanding and would like to create a community for parents and/ or people who enjoy books, food or travel. I worry that my writing is too personal and that I’m in danger of “taking time” rather than giving to readers. It’s still early days though. Your post has given me more awareness which I’ll take into account going forwards.

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    1. Firstly, thank you for coming to my blog and for taking the time to read some of my posts and leave such a lovely comment.

      I think the very fact that you’re thinking about it is a good start towards building the community you’re looking for. Parenting is a niche that mom’s are so inclined to follow and one that even people who are not mom’s (me) find interesting. So between that fact and that the majority of people on earth like books or food or travel, you’re positioning yourself well.

      It’s also worth noting that taking time is not a bad thing. People search blogs to read as a means to use their time, as an activity for them to do. So if they come and read and enjoy but learn nothing, that’s not a bad thing at all! I just think from the sounds of it you’d like for them to come, feel like they can find a friend in you and choose to stick around. And that is all in how you treat people! IE – People are far less likely to come back if they leave you a comment and you don’t respond. People are far more inclined to leave you a comment if they can see comments you’ve already responded to on your page! People are also more inclined to leave a comment if they see a post has been commented a lot on because they think it must be a popular topic and they want in on the discussion! I’m sure you know all this, though. Small things make a world of difference, right?

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      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, that’s exactly right! I would like to be a friend and exchange ideas and stories with others. You’ve made an excellent point about comments. In the beginning I did have a few people reach out, but I was in hospital and didn’t have the energy to respond. By the time I got back on my feet it seemed like too much time had passed to pick up the conversation. Now that I’m active again I intend to be more responsive.

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      2. Thanks also for your encouragement about my niche. I wondered if I’d be better off sticking to one topic (parenting), but it feels too limiting for me.

        I also appreciate your perspective about taking readers’ time. I hadn’t thought of it that way even though I know as a visitor I’m happy to read all sorts of blogs… some for information, others for entertainment, etc. It’s all a learning process but I’m enjoying the blogging experience so far.

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    2. As long as you’re open and honest about your ‘niche’ so to speak, then readers should be able to follow. Look at some of the most popular businesses on the planet – Amazon and Walmert – they don’t have a niche, they dabble in everything! People know that though, that’s their schtick! As long as people know what your schtick is, you’ll definitely be able to garner the community you’re looking for.

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  9. I certainly see the importance of marketing and making a reader centric blog. However, I find some of the tactics and methodology to be disingenuous and inauthentic. How can I make my blog more relatable and marketable while preserving some semblance of authenticity?

    The last thing I’d want is for my blog to become repetitious and conventional. I really appreciate your work, your blog is an excellent model that straddles the line of authenticity and marketability.

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    1. I think one of the great things about WordPress is that if you find something someone does, or someone in general, to be disingenuous, you don’t have to follow them, right? It’s worth noting that different people have different definitions of what is genuine and what is disingenuous and you won’t ever please everyone, so you have to do what feels right for you. Do what you feel is genuine and stay away from what you feel isn’t. After all, you know what’s best for you and your blog. And if you do what you feel is right for you, your readers will see that. That’s what matters most!

      Anything that is said on this blog (my blog) is meant to be taken with a grain of salt. I wish more people would communicate that when giving out blogging advice. I’ve read a lot of blogs that say “This is how you get famous” or “This is how you make $2,000 a week blogging” and so on and so forth. But they treat blogging as though one answer works for everyone and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan for blogging.

      Also, thank you for the kind compliment. After a decade working in Marketing/PR, it’s good to know that my personality still shines through! Sometimes you can lose yourself a long the way, so I am glad that people can see I am still here ❤

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  10. Thank you for the response, maybe I’ve been exposed to a lot of these make-money blogging posts because I am new to WordPress. But I see something special in your blog, your humanity shines through.

    I majored in PR and communications, I just wanted to build a career around writing, I never worked in PR, instead going into the education system. I’m still trying to figure out who I am blogging for.

    Thank you for being your authentic self.

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