People who half-ass their way through life.

I know that I’m ranting but I don’t understand this mentality. I don’t understand why groups of people believe that paying the least amount of attention possible towards the tasks they need to do is a great outlook towards life. This notion that not caring is ‘the cool’ thing to do is silly.

If you’re going to do something, you need to put your full effort forward. If you’re not going to put your full effort into it, why the hell are you even bothering to do it?

I hate sayings like ‘C’s get Degrees’ and ‘Any effort is good effort’ because these catch phrases promote the notion that if you apply only half, or a third or even less of your capabilities, you’re still doing yourself a favour. You’e really doing yourself a disservice if you’re not putting your full efforts into the things that you do.

No Olympian gets to the track and says ‘You know what, I’m going to run at half my speed today. Just finishing the race is all that matters.” An Olympian is someone who will operate under the mentality that even if they pass out on the other side of the finish line, they’re going to leave 110% of their speed in that race.

If time has told us anything in this life it’s that the most successful people in history, and in present are those who put their full heart, passions, skills and desires into everything they do. No one ever accomplished greatness by saying ‘Average is better than nothing’…

55 thoughts on “People who half-ass their way through life.

  1. Agreed! The hard part is accepting that our best is changing all the time, and that even when we try our hardest…we still may not make the 100% on the exam or be chosen for the position. It’s humbling. But, what else is there to do but keep trying. There must be some discomfort to motivate us to move forward…to grow 🙂 Good post!

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    1. Exactly! You don’t have to get 100% on the exam – but you need to be going into the exam stating ‘I’m going to do my best’. I’ve seen a lot of people who work with the mentality of ‘this is how much I need to do to get a passing grade’ and using that mentality towards everything in life. It drives me bonkers!

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  2. I agree. I can’t post on this topic because I’d rant endlessly. My little brother is in the process of halfassing his way through life and it’s impossible to get through to him. Kudos for being polite in your post. I can’t help but feel like people literally need to be smacked out of it. 🤷‍♂️

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    1. RANTING IS ALWAYS WELCOME! I love a good rant. So please, rant away. Here, or rant on your blog and tell me I need to go and read your rant.

      I think it depends on who the person is whether you need to coach them out of it or smack them out of it. 18 year old me who was ‘to cool’ for everything, yeah, someone probably should have smacked me out of it. My best friend who’s been suffering through a deep pit of depression for over a year… smacking her out of it wouldn’t be any help.

      Wherever your brother falls in that spectrum, it’s good that he clearly has someone who cares. Which will pay off for him in the long run.


  3. Ah, but when you live in the modern times of “everyone gets a trophy” just for participating, half-assed is what you get.

    Until the “awards for everyone” mentality goes away, what you described will continue.

    There are too many people these days who are looking for something for nothing.

    Socialism breed laziness.

    We have done a disservice to our kids by making sure they get everything they want and not having to work for it.

    Societies ills will make for lots of people with no skills.

    Oh, I could go on, but you catch my drift. As a society, we have shot ourselves in both feet and it will only get worse.

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    1. I would like to point out that my generation gets a lot of flack for having been given trophies growing up, yet we weren’t the ones who decided that everyone got a trophy. My parents generation was the one who decided everyone needed a participant ribbon. We were merely the subject of the decision. Thankfully, lately, I’ve seen a societal trend away from the notion that everyone needs to be celebrated for taking part, because I agree it isn’t necessary. I just also don’t think the Millennials should be criticized for something they had no control over.

      Does socialism breed laziness? Or does culture breed laziness? Because so far as I can tell the United States is vehemently against the prospect of socialism… and quite literally has the highest rate of obesity of any country on the planet. Of course that’s a very matter of fact suggestion and I’m sure yo meant laziness as a whole. I just wanted to point that out.

      I do wholeheartedly agree, we’ve shot ourselves in both feet and we’re suffering for that now! Sorry for my comment sounding like another rant in itself.

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      1. You are right to point out that Millenials didn’t choose the trophy culture. But, it was embraced and engrained that there should always be a reward for just for showing up. I saw it in the classroom all the time as students believed they should get credit just for showing up or because they let others in their group do the groups project for them (just to name a few examples). It is being perpetuated by Millennial parents now, so I don’t foresee it going away any time soon.

        Yes, there are those in the US who are against socialism but we aren’t a totally free society as it is. We already have some socialism built into our system. I think what many are afraid of is the further expansion of it. Taxes and entitlements are necessary to some degree, but when it becomes the main mode of taking care of society then it becomes a problem. As such, there is a large portion of our society who would rather live via the government entitlements and see the prospect of more as a means to continue the something for nothing attitude. These, of course, are generalizations but the point is no less valid. Any time someone can get something without having to work for it, they will.

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      2. I think it’s important to note that your last statement is true of the poor, the middle class and the wealthy. It’s not a subject defined by class – everyone does ‘get by without having to work’ to some extent, if they can and get the opportunity.

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  4. Perfunctorily seems to be the new “hard earned” mentality of expectations these day. Its almost as if its been adopted in reverse from Insurance Companies who seek to pay you off at a much lesser value in return for your loss and prompt full payments.
    What ever happened to getting what you paid for or honestly earned?

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    1. Getting what you paid for or honestly earned doesn’t mean much when people diminish the value of everything that’s done. Be that a fault of our own selves or society as a whole, we tend to undervalue hard work as a whole. No? Why work hard when you can get rich quick?

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    1. I’ll admit, I have my days when I lack in motivation – but I find when you end up half-assing something you feel worse about the half-assed attempt then you would have about just not doing it and telling people you couldn’t.

      Putting forth 50 percent of your effort is not enough.

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      1. Sometimes it’s a start though and in the end it really depends on the individual. Sometimes a bad essay can be at least an essay you can edit. You can edit a bad essay better than no essay at all 😁

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  5. If those half-*** people face trouble with something or someone because of their half-*** knowledge and skills, then they would realize that finishing a course or learning something 100% is so necessary.

    That is why I work hard and do my best on my blog posts and so.

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      Sorry for the caps, I just got so excited when I read your comment. Honestly, mediocrity is usually what ends up getting the spotlight, because hardworkers don’t give a damn about the spotlight.

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      1. HAHA! Like if you shove all of your shit in the closet and close the door (so it can’t be seen), that’s cleaning and you get it done faster than actually putting everything away where it belongs? And then you can get back t your videogames faster? hahahaha

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  6. I agree with you, but with a caveat. No everyone’s best is the same. Some people, no matter how hard they work, will not achieve what someone else does. People have different talents and skills. Success is different for everyone. However, I agree we should all do our personal best. I don’t understand why people take on duties and then sneer at them and don’t try to do them to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately we can’t always do as well as we want to, but we can all try our best and work on getting better. I don’t know why some people don’t want to do that. But then I don’t understand why some people don’t want to help others, because if we all look out for each other, we all succeed.

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    1. See now, when I was ranting I didn’t mean that everyone has to step on that track and win the gold medal. Some people in the Olympics are automatically just going to get 7th or 8th or 12th. Someone always has to finish in those places. But, even when they are finishing in that order, they’re still giving their all. They’re still leaving 110 percent on the track.

      I think that’s an important distinction to make. Some people’s talents will have them accepting a gold medal, other’s talents are just to make it to the Olympics – to stick with my metaphor. But no one should get to the olympics and think… okay, now I’ve made it I don’t have to try.

      I’m rambling. I am so sorry for that.

      And yes, self improvement and helping others improve should be important factors! You’re spot on there.

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    1. People who just say ‘No I can’t’ without ever trying, that’s the most wasted potential in the world. Think of all the greatness this world could see if the majority which you speak would just stand up and say ‘Hell yeah, let’s do this!!!’


      1. There is a new movement in U.S. school pushing “grit” because educational psychology shows that not giving up is half the battle. Mistakes being embraced as a way to learn- is also being taught. Perseverance and resilience are the keys to success in life, not your IQ as was previously believed in my day. That being said, Oregon is known to have workers who are somewhat lazy, simply because most of Oregon is still rural, or was originally. So the cultural norm is work hard seasonally. We still have folks who will choose a high paying seasonal jobw/unemployment, over working consistently as a lifestyle. As a Gen Xer, we grew up with a strong work ethic, I’m sure left over from the baby boomers. But when I entered the workforce in the 80’s, that was recognized and rewarded. I think its a value thing, but also, its a hopeless thing as stated above, mediocrity is rewarded


  7. This is exactly how I feel about teaching 12th grade students. Many of them really believe that giving me a sentence two weeks late when I ask for a paragraph on time is “better than nothing” and that I should “be happy that they did it at all.”

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    1. I think that’s definitely an issue with the teenaged mentality. I definitely fell into that trap when I was a teenager, and I’ll openly admit to that. But I also think it is a cultural thing too. And if we, as adults, work at changing the culture, I think the teenagers will change with the culture. No?

      (And please note that I’m not putting onus on you with this comment. I’m putting onus on all adults. Parents, aunts, uncles, coaches, strangers, everyone…!)

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  8. I partly disagree. Sometimes it can be used, albeit temporarily, as a coping mechanism.
    Sometimes it’s the best we can do. If we are expected to give 110% in all areas of our life, something has to give somewhere, and that’s where you will see average. I have been there. It’s a means of self-preservation, to be able to just put one foot in front of the other, even if it’s just one foot at a time, to keep things going.

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    1. I hear you and what you’re saying on the matter – but I think it’s something that you and I think differently on. I don’t think we’re disagreeing, I just think we look at it differently.

      I mentioned a few months back on this blog that my best friend actually tried to commit suicide because her depression has been that bad. To me, when she gets out of bed, when she feeds herself breakfast or when she does ‘something’ so to speak, I don’t see that as her half-assing. I see that as her putting forth her full effort towards doing those things. I just think that in her present state, she isn’t capable of doing everything she could if she werent’ suffering.

      I’ve been through depression before, and I know what it feels like. I think when people are depressed, it’s easy for them to feel bad about how little they think they’re doing, rather than being grateful for what they are. It’s just a symptom of the disease. When I see someone deep in the pit of depression who is putting one foot in front of the other, I call that 100%… because they’re still there and they’re still fighting. And I think that’s important to note.

      110% is not winning a gold medal in every race. Some times, for some people, showing up is the 110%… at least that’s what I mean by it. Does that make sense?

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  9. Everything has already been said, so I’ll just add my thumbs up 🙂
    (And, we cannot get by in life with the expectation that everyone who receive a “participation trophy” – it just does not work that way…) I hope you are having a good weekend.

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      1. our class, veers away from stickers for preschool. because you want the action to be the reward, intrinsic not extrinsic. we are not dogs haha. I give stickers but its random like a recognition thing , and that’s only bc not all the 3/4yo’s are comfortable with high 5’s. like i say oh i see so and so lining up, and do a sticker. but it’s never predictable, some days i don’t give them at all.
        my son is 23 now & back in elementary like 2nd grade they gave stickers and he refused because he said “i’m not going to be bribed”. LOL!

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  10. I agree with you on almost all of this, except the bit about sayings such as “Cs get degrees”, I think that perhaps it isn’t promoting a lack of effort but more promoting that you don’t need to work to the point of physical or mental exhaustion, as there is a bablance. Afterall, even if you get all As, if the entry requirements for something is a C you will end up on the exact same course as someone who got all Cs. Love the post x

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    1. Again I”m a Gen Xer, Cees were acceptable but that wasn’t the goal. As for me a C was my personal best for algebra in college, but I worked really really hard for it, extra credit and tutors. But my GOAL was a B. AT least here, D’s are considered passing and good enough. For me, a D was awful, its so close to failing. I think this “if the entry requirements are only a C then it doesn’t matter” is the point. It’s not about the grade, the grade is a construct for schools which were modeled on factories. Its about doing my best, whether a C or an A, whether it’s “required” or not. Granted I didn’t mind if my other class grades went down bc I had to work so hard at one class, if that’s what you are addressing. THIS would still be my best though, not based on OTHERS assessments, but my own. 🙂

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      1. Absolutely agree with you! The notion of ‘C’s get degrees’ is used as a means for people to ‘not care’ and say ‘This is the bare minimum that I have to do’. Someone should always be giving it their all. If someone gives it their all and gets a C, I’d celebrate that. But if someone was clearly capable of more, didn’t apply themselves, didn’t bother to turn in homework, didn’t study for the test- I’d be all…. ‘What are you too cool for school?’

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      2. I really appreciate when you leave comments on my blog. I like your perspective and I like that sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t. It’s nice to hear a different perspective, so when you share with me, you open my eyes to a new outlook. And that means a lot!

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    2. I think that we’ll have to agree to disagree on the ‘C’s get degrees’ notion. Because to me, ‘C’s get degrees’ is an attitude of promoting ‘this is the bare minimum that I can do to graduate’.

      If you get a C and you worked damn hard for that C, that’s different than if you get a C and you just didn’t give a damn about doing the homework or studying at all.

      Thanks for your take though. I hope my post didn’t come across as someone is lazy if they don’t push themselves to physical and mental exhaustion. Because there’s a definite middle ground that is applying one’s self to a task without causing yourself harm.

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  11. Unfortunately, the younger generation is being molded to think, act and feel this way. Everything has been made simpler, whether by technological or even school curriculum. So really, I don’t blame them but it is sad to see. I’m first born so naturally have the drive to do everything to the fullest, it can be exhausting of course, but well worth it in the end.


  12. V I understand you’re daunting for a good reason when writing this post. Maybe it’s something you saw that prompted it, and therefore you’re writing from the prospect of that experience.
    But I’ll tell you that there are other good ways to look at this point that might contradict what you’re saying.
    Take for instance, the fact that some people push themselves way too hard, neglecting the act of taking care of themselves. People who use sentences like, “I’ll rest when I die.” just so they would give everything and more to their career. In most of these cases, they forget to take care of other things that might seem little, but are essential in life, like love, compassion, kindness, honesty, rest, because they only think of winning.
    Rest is important because with that you’d have time to relax your spirit, soul, body and all your senses, and reflect on the ways you live your life, and then you’d recognize mistakes and be able to adjust.

    I completely agree with you that we need to push ourselves and give our best so as to achieve our goals. I’m just saying that the way you put it might encourage these people that I mentioned above to keep working without taking a break and slowing down a bit, before hitting it up again.


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