At the end of the day,

all you can really do is put your best foot forward and your true self out there. If people don’t like that, that’s their loss. You are who you are for a reason and you should be damn proud of that. Don’t ever feel ashamed for who you are.

Enough with this ‘I don’t measure up’ talk. Enough with ‘I’m just not good enough’. It’s time that you looked yourself in the mirror and reminded yourself just how amazing you are. Because you are. Ignore the noise and focus on you.

If someone doesn’t want you, that’s a reflection of them, not of you. Your tribe is out there, and let me promise you this… they will appreciate you for exactly who you are and what you bring. Whether it be a job, a relationship, a friendship or a family, you deserve the very best and I don’t want you to ever settle for less.

The world you want is out there and it can be won. Anyone who tries to keep you from that doesn’t belong in your life and doesn’t deserve your time.

37 thoughts on “At the end of the day,

  1. Agreed, My DNA tells me who I’m related to, how I got here and who followings after me however, my family are those I earnestly keep a wholesome kinship with albeit a handful here, and handful at work, a handful during sports and so on. imo

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  2. Yes, I always try to put my best food forward in the hopes that people like my food. Today I tried a new dish I’ve never made before and it’s a new favorite in the house now! You never know what you are capable of until you step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Can’t go wrong with putting your best food forward. Worst case nobody eats it buts it’s almost never the case. Who doesn’t love food?

    P.S. It’s Monday Punday and I’m totally joking here. A minor typo I saw (re: first sentence first paragraph) and I’m just running with it! 😂🤣


      1. ‘Twas a pleasure, m’dear 😉 . But on a serious note, the other side of being good to yourself is recognising the good in others, and telling them rather than keeping it to yourself. Praise is a powerful but sadly underused tool for good in our crazy, mixed-up world. In my working life I like to think I was good at it (well, I had to be good at something, didn’t I!), and I think you’re damn good at it too.

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  3. I love this! We need to start stepping in our greatness and stop letting other people stop us! I’m currently trying to walk in my purpose and it’s hard being alone but I can’t wait to find that tribe. Great read 💜

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    1. The tribe appears when you most need it and least expect it ❤ Maybe they're already there and just waiting to make an appearance! Sending love and positivity your direction.

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  4. Truly appreciate what you had to say here. I’m in a transition period. going from working in Youth ministry, Where you essentially get paid dirt poor to getting into the reselling business selling collectibles on ebay, and helping out my parents at their store(so basically family business styled) and most of everyone was//is appreciative to my new season in life but a select few were and are very combatative and completely and utterly negative about it. So it was refreshing to read this post.

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    1. Awe, I’m not sure why I missed this until now but I finally have seen it so I wanted to say: Dang, you are amazing. You are so strong so please don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. The nay-sayers always talk louder because think that’ll make their words more true – just be true to you ❤ You understand the art of the hustle and that's something they'll never have.


  5. If I may ask, why shouldn’t I sometimes permit myself to be ashamed of myself, if I have in fact done something shameful? Is it true that someone is really losing out on very much if they don’t know and like me? And what makes me so deserving of the best this world has to offer? What is the best this world has to offer?

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    1. This is all completely my opinion, so please take it as solely my opinion and not anything more. Honestly, I think shame is something you feel when you feel bad about what you’ve done but you’re not learning from it. Because if you learn from it, then you move on and that shame doesn’t stay with you. Maybe others don’t look at it that way, but I think if you’re learning from your mistakes, and you’re trying to be better, why would you feel shame? We all do wrong, we all make mistakes, we’ve all mistreated someone in our lives. If we continue to do that, then we’re not really learning, in which case, the shame you feel might be rooted in something deeper.


    1. I think it takes time, genuinely. I’m not sure if it’s time, or experience, but you will eventually reach a place in which you determine your own worth and their words won’t play a single role in your thoughts or what value you place on yourself. You’ll get there ❤ You'll see how amazing you are.

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  6. Sometimes I just don’t like being me because my life isn’t something I enjoy much anymore. I know how to change things, what to focus on. But I’ve done that and it worked for about 2 months, I was so happy, then it came crashing down. I know my line of thinking isn’t rational, it came crashing down because of someone else’s insecurities…but that someone else was suppose to be my soulmate so now I’m struggling again. Life always seems to come back to struggle. What do you do to break that?


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