Ideas for the most incredible jobs on earth.

I’m job hunting today. Well, I’m job hunting every day, but today my mind has been wandering and it’s been hard to get back on track. In my ideal world, this is what my career prospects look like:

Airline Tester. Go with me on this… wouldn’t it be an incredible resource to have one database, one place, somewhere on the internet that broke down the important aspects of flying with different airlines? Things like customer service, food quality, amount of leg room, cabin space for carry-on baggage, hidden fees and so on and so forth… For the people of which money is not an issue, having a resource that shows them the incredible ‘benefits’ they could get with certain airlines they won’t get with others would likely be a very valuable list. And for those looking for the ‘best bang for our buck’, when tickets can so often be the same, or very close in price with multiple airlines, I think it would be a great resource to help people find the best, cheapest option so they don’t have to gamble and hope for the best. And no, this person cannot be a Youtube star or ‘Influencer’ of any kind because this list needs to be done in a manner that is not sponsored in any way, shape or form.

Google Earth Mapper. I think it would be very cool to spend my time driving through neighbourhoods and locales around the world capturing footage of that place to ensure their images get added to google earth. Sure, it does seem like a lot of places are presently on Google Earth already. But I can attest that in my area of the world, at least, small towns have largely been ignored for google earth. And that, I’m betting is a part of the project Google will get to eventually. It’s likely they’ve just focused on major locales first, and slowly trickled down from there. For that reason, I think I’d be a great person to drive through neighbourhoods and capture footage of small towns.

Fan experience coordinator for a professional sports league. It’s important to note that I don’t think this person should be hired by an individual team, I think they should be an employee of the league to ensure that their opinions and reviews of certain franchises aren’t biased by being an employee of said franchise. Professional sport leagues across North America (and I’m guessing elsewhere in the world as well) are all looking to grow their audience and bring in new fans. The sad thing is, the majority of teams are operating under the notion that if they do silly things like add a cheerleading squad, that will bring more people to the field, the stadium or the rink. None seem to be willing to truly invest in bettering their product/experience, yet tickets to sporting events continue to get more and more expensive with each passing season. These leagues need someone who is honest, unbiased and ruthless to experience what each team provides and report back as to how to make the experience not suck so hard.

Professional house sitter. I read once that wealthy people who own multiple properties around the world will often times hire people to house sit their properties when they’re not in them. Given that in North Vancouver alone, the majority of properties are empty mansions owned by wealthy foreigners, I think this could be an incredibly luxurious and lucrative career if you knew how to break-into the industry. (I have a hunch that a lot of it is through who you know) I’d be happy to house-sit for someone for the months of the year they’re not using the property and then go travelling for the period when they show up to use their mansion.

Mattress Tester. Have you ever seen commercials for mattresses which they proclaim the mattresses have been tested? Who does this testing? Do they get to take the mattress home and sleep on it to give their honest thoughts in return? Or do they have to go to a warehouse and sleep there, under a controlled environment? Either way, getting paid to sleep on comfy beds seems like a great career.

Travel guide. Not a tourism guide, but a travel guide. Someone who gets paid not to show you the Eiffel tower, but rather, to take you to Paro Takstang to share a meal with the Buddhist Monks and to show you the culture of the penguins who call the Falkland Islands home. Your cell phone won’t work in these places, but your heart will be full, your head happy and your soul fulfilled. There’s so much more to the world than what the tourism companies lead you to believe. Being someone who can show you the nitty gritty of greatness, that would be a really great career.

Career Guidance Faciliator. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go to a career fair on the internet? You wouldn’t have to go out and interact with people who may or may not be any worth to you and your career in some hall or banquet room, but rather, you could wow someone from the comfort of your own home. Since in 2019 you already need to blindly send your resume to said companies anyway, what if you knew that on October 20th at 2:00 pm, said HR representative of X company you’re looking to work for will be online in chat, doling out advice, chatting with job seekers, accepting resumes and talking about what it really takes to get hired at X company? Would you go? You could have the opportunity to wow them from the comfort of your own home, and even if you didn’t wow them during that session, you’d still have earned the career advice they doled out. The idea, it’s a work in progress, but I think it could be a lucrative option partnerships alone, if executed properly…

32 thoughts on “Ideas for the most incredible jobs on earth.

  1. I like the idea of being a professional house sitter! 😂 A couple of years ago I typed my postcode into Google maps to see what would come up and a picture of our family home (including someone standing in the ditch by our drive looking in) came up and it really freaked me out! I think they should definitely ask before they take photos that involve people’s homes as we’re not comfortable with that 😂 but I’d definitely do it to see beautiful sites and stuff ✨ Great post, has really made me think! ❤️

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    1. I think I read somewhere that the goal of google is to get everywhere on earth onto Google Maps. And because they date everything, they can go back and re-do neighbourhoods when imagery gets dated… ie in 10-15 years when there’s new buildings or buildings are now gone.

      I think the only way to avoid google maps would be to have a home that has a lot of trees in front of it, or to have a home that’s got a really long driveway and is really far from the road!

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  2. Oh…..I want to work with you! I’m actually thought about the Google Earth Mapper and think I could do a much better job than some of the people who have done them. I’m already the geeky weirdo who sends reports when the maps are wrong.

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    1. One of my cousins has lived in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver in her lifetime, and she managed to get caught in front of her home on all three locations. haha! So if you google her current address or either of her two previous addresses, she’s on google earth, right in front of her old house.

      You’re right, some of the imagery on google earth is a tad crappy. My neighbourhood in particular is shitty imagery since it was clearly taken during a snowstorm. Things barely look recognizable! lol

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      1. And the maps are often flat out wrong. I mean, how can screw up a funeral home that probably has people going to it most nights. They did get the picture right with that one (though not a great one), but I drove over two hours to find the funeral home once I got yo the town. The visitation was over, but thankfully my friend was still there. I lived in a town almost two hours away, so needed the mapping to work. I was driving about six hours and was there less than 30 minutes. But I would fo it again to support my friend.


      2. Oh, seriously? That’s horrible! Especially being a funeral home and a place that people NEED to find. Yeah, that needs some work. That shouldn’t be happening at all.


  3. Great ideas. I knew someone who was a house sitter. In Ireland, it’s often advertised on the internet or through real estate agencies. The online job fair is a great idea. It reminds me a bit of the pitch war events in twitter for writers, where agents and publishers will look at new authors pitches on a certain day at a certain time.

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      1. There are loads of variations on twitter. They happen a few times a year. You tweet your pitch, and if an agent or publisher likes it, you send them a submission package. It’s a great idea, and I don’t see how it couldn’t be adapted to other professions.

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      1. I’m thinking that mattress testing is based more off who you are than what you know. They probably have to meet a list that contains people of all demographics. IE Seniors testing it, kids testing it, adults who are single testing, married couples, etc… I wonder if there’s a list you can sign up for. lol

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  4. Funny story – I actually did an online career fair for government jobs a number of years ago. It was super interesting and helpful. It was well curated – the first thing you did was put in your backgrounds and interests and it matched you first with government organizations that might be able to use someone like you. At each “booth” you chatted with a recruiter. I wish there was something like this for non-governmental jobs. I spent all day on the computer and walked away with really good information and interactions.

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    1. Oh, that sounds incredible! What a great idea. Someone should invest in me so I can create it. If you did have such a good experience with it you could be my partner in the creation.

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  5. I’ve just joined the job hunting club. I’m lucky to have a job at the moment until I can find something else though. I work as a Virtual Assistant at the moment. Working as an administrator from home has been great for the last few years. I’ve struggled with the isolation though… which is why I’m applying for a new job.

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  6. Also job hunting here! I hate the state of insecurity, but I guess, I just have to get through it 🙂 Also doesn’t help if you have a degree in a field you really don’t want to work in… But even if I did, there’s a lot of people with the same kind of degree and much more work experience.. Well, I will find something and so will you 🙂

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