There will always be bad people in this world.

The fact of the matter is, no amount of effort put forth will eliminate the evil in this world. All that we can and should do is try to lead by example.

There will always be bullies, there will always be keyboard warriors and there will always be those who thinks that their wealth or privilege allows them a right to treat others poorly. There will always be crime and people will always be innocent victims because of that.

We need not be evil though.

When you’re trying to justify horrible behaviour, don’t. You’re better than that. When you’re thinking that revenge is the right answer, it’s not. You’re smarter than that. If someone tells you that vengeance is the answer, tell them they’re wrong. A temporary solution to a permanent problem is going to give you nothing more than an empty feeling in your heart.

Be good. Do good. Lead by example.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ I hear this quote recited a lot, but I think people often forget about the message it conveys when they get angry. When in reality, it should remain applicable regardless of what happens.

Be the change. Don’t tell me that because bad people will always exist that you don’t need to be good. That your goodness couldn’t possibly matter. That shows weakness and lack of character. Are you either of those things? I don’t think so.

Goodness matters, every day. Kindness matters, every day. Be the change. Lead by example and let the bad people, the bullies and the idiots self-destruct with their own… because you know they will.

44 thoughts on “There will always be bad people in this world.

  1. This is a much needed message. I pay a lot to politics and it kills me on the inside when I see our president doing dog whistles to his racist fanbase and taking away the rights of others. It’s exhausting.

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    1. It’s so easy for politics to bring on a bad mood. There’s so much bullying spewed, not just in the United States now but in Canada too. It’s really easy to make you feel as though there’s no hope. But that’s the last thing we should be doing!

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  2. I just fell down an internet rabbit hole looking up the “be the change” quote. Turns out Ghandi stole it from Thoreau. Now I’m hoping it comes up in a pub quiz at some point so those few neurons haven’t been wasted in vain 🙂

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    1. Yeah, over the years I’ve found a lot of quotes that have been misrepresented as to where they came from. Typically, if I’m not 100 percent certain of where they came from, I just try not to share them, or share them without credit, because I don’t need to misinform people. haha!


  3. Bullies, and people with bad motives/intentions exist for a reason. As much as we wish they didn’t exist, good cannot exist without evil and evil cannot exist without good. You are totally right; Our goodness matters because we are responsible for ourselves and our actions. To do anything other than to be good (for example, being ethical and doing the right thing) would be irresponsible.

    All “bad people” share something in common: selfishness. They live based on their own selfish desires and needs while disregarding and hurting people in the process.

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  4. Whenever I hear, “be the change…” I reflect back to the guys that stopped being bullies or bad people because someone else did good to them…
    I definitely believe that with the right communication, we can change the world one step at a time.

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  5. I always love your posts. Where do you get all this great wisdom from?

    I tend to be a little vengeful sometimes, so I really have to reel it back in from time to time. We are all a work in progress, but thanks for the great insightful reminder friend.


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  6. Well said. One shouldn’t change his nature just because others are not nice with him or not treating him well. You shouldn’t change yourself because they are bad with you. If we behave like them, what will be the difference between them and us. You are behaving good because you are actually good not because of any external pressure. Let it be this way.

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  7. I agree. But yes, sometimes I become too rude. I somehow get impatient as to how such menial things people can’t understand. But then again, that is the only problem. Simple things have become the only complication and harder to be understood. Somehow, I fall back, observe and do nothing. And sometimes, I am too helpful. I hope I’ll get better. I’ll learn. I’ll hold my core strong whilst I be the change 😊

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  8. Totally agree, V. Buddhists speak of “loving kindness” and for me that should be at the heart of how we behave all the time, every day … and not just towards our fellow human beings, but towards all other living things and to the planet as well. If good people do not lead by example there is no hope for us.

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    1. One – I knew I loved the Buddhists.
      Two – Good people will be required to overthrow the evil if we ever want to make some serious change in this world.


  9. I have a sign hanging next to my door that says “Do good recklessly.” Not that I think I need a reminder every time I leave the apartment. But it’s definitely something to think about when it comes to the way we treat others while wandering around the outside world.

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  10. Oooooooo loving this post. We won’t ever be able to get rid of evil and bad people but if we ourselves choose to be good people we can help to change some people or give others hope. We can help keep other good people from slipping into a dark bad place. Always choose to be good and to be kind. 💕💯

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    1. That’s an interesting outlook. I would like to believe that the bad people are misunderstood, but I also think that might give the bad people an excuse… and they don’t need excuses, they need to be held accountable. You know what I mean?

      I’m sure there are some people who are just misunderstood. And to those people, if we just work with them, we can probably work through their struggles. But I do think there are bad people too!

      And you’re absolutely right, kindness should ALWAYS be the first choice.

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  11. I read your article there , and as I read the title, I thought, “But, there are always great people out there, and people doing good all over the world. There’s more good and great people out in the world than there are bad people and people doing bad. The problem is that the media focuses on the horror and doesn’t give enough notice or publication to the truly heart-warming, magnificent things that people are doing out in the world there. So, gladly, all we need to do is look, look in the other direction to see the good. Great entry, smiles. peace . artfromperry


    1. You’re right. A lot of the stories that are told are those of a negative nature. I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps we want to brace ourselves, warn for when the going gets tough. Perhaps we just overlook the good. Perhaps we’re hardwired to notice the bad over the good and that’s why it gets to prevalent?


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