26 thoughts on “No one can you make you feel inferior without your consent.

  1. Hey, V! Hope you’re doing fine. It’s the heading that triggered memories. Am I just glad I was able to conquer those feelings of insecurity caused by the people around me! I think your headline resonates with what I have been telling myself a long time ago.

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  2. Because you’re certainly not…and smart enough to know it. Fill your head with all the amazing things you are, so there is no room to accept comments from people like that.

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  3. When I feel inferior, I later realize it usually comes from me being insecure about something OR me being unhappy about my performance. It’s like your title says: I’m responsible for it.

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    1. Sometimes it’s hard to distance ourselves from them physically (family, work, other circumstances that force us to see them regularly). But we can still try to distance ourselves from them emotionally.

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      1. Yes, that and just leading your best life. Honestly, your happiness and your doing good in this world is exactly what they need to see and deserve to see…


    2. That should be easy Manoj, but such people seem to be everywhere. There’ll always be at least someone if not a group, trying to put you down no matter where you go. So you gotta stop running, and take action. Stand your ground and fight for yourself. All it takes is confidence and self-love.

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  4. Well it takes confidence to be careless.

    You can pretend it doesn’t matter, but deep down you’d realize how much it matters by how you truly feel.

    But you gotta be confident in yourself. Learn how to uphold high the things you believe in. Stand tall with your opinions. Embrace and love yourself truly.
    Then you can truly care less about what others say when you aren’t supposed to care.

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