May your comeback be stronger than your setback.

Simple. Concise. Powerful.

I’m not sure who the first person was to say this quote, but it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I’ve had a rough day. Well, if I really want to sell myself a pity party, I’ve had a rough year. Nevertheless, I digress.

As I sat across the table from a complete stranger today and listened to his sage wisdom of life, love and the pursuit of happiness, these words struck me.

‘May your comeback stronger than your setback,’ he said. ‘No one can escape setbacks in life. Even the most privileged, wealthiest, well off of individuals still have setbacks. One of the best things you can do for yourself is use that setback as a setup for one hell of a comeback.’

My god, one hell of a comeback it’s going to be. I need to keep fighting. And… I really need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Truth be told, it’s a pretty big flaw of mine that, almost at the snap of my fingers, I can go from a happy-go-lucky state of being to pretty down-and-out. And it’s once I hit that down-and-out state of being that I really stop fighting for my comeback.

I need a comeback. I deserve a comeback. I’m smart enough, talented enough and I can do this. I can and will do this.

43 thoughts on “May your comeback be stronger than your setback.

  1. I love your response so much! There will be a pity party of course ! It’s the recovery that makes it so special. Reinvention! Is it OK if I share some of your thoughts one: to mock myself 2) You are my very first comment ! I love you

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  2. Yes, keep fighting and you’ll succeed ! Even though I don’t know you personally, I would say through your post and blog that you are smart and talented and stronger than you think!

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  3. I haven’t any advice. I just want to leave you with the observation,I can hear your voice on the other side of the world, and if I can hear it speaking sense – as it does, then in the next street, or ten block away, somebody needs to pay to hear it as well. (
    I wish I had had your self knowledge at your age.)

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  4. Even if we are struggling, we are only teaching ourselves to not give up until we learn how to fly with those broken wings. For the world it may seem impossible. But other than finding a way out, we are not left with any choice. Being strong is the only choice. You’ll do it Vee. Together with your Angels and Demons. You’ll get through anything you want in your life. Best wishes always ❤️ More love❣️

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  5. YES. YES.YES. I truly believe the comeback is stronger and you will have it! I just read this line in Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich last night, “ every failure brings with it the the seed of an equivalent advantage.” That line blew me away! I’ve felt like you & I’ve seen so much evidence of others who’s comebacks were incredible! Thanks for sharing!


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