It’s Election Day, Canada.

Photo from the dailyhive

Please, please, please, I beg of you, go out and vote. Don’t spoil your vote. Don’t throw your vote away. Don’t refuse to vote. Just go and vote.

People all over the world are wishing they could do the very thing we have the privilege and right to do today. People in our own country are wishing to do what we have the right and privilege to today. So please, don’t waste your chance.


9 thoughts on “It’s Election Day, Canada.

  1. I tossed my vote last time and wish I had shown up to forfeit it instead to show how I felt they need better options next time, this time around I was almost positive I would do the strategic vote thing to keep sheer out of power but have instead voted for a minority government,
    Fingers crossed it pans out and a minority government isn’t a stale mate for 4 years with nothing accomplished. while a lot is important I will be watching to see if Trudeau stands behind his ban on single use plastics if he is re-elected or the NDPs who have mentioned they will do the same. The PC’s seem to think the environment is not a main issue ACK!

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    1. The Single-Use Plastics one is really important to me.
      I’m thinking this Minority Government will really help with forcing the Liberals to work with other parties. I don’t expect the Conservatives to ever work with Liberals, on reflection of what is happening across this country, it’s just not something I think they’ll ever consider. I think they’ll kick up a fuss and whine in parliament until the next election. Scheer needs to go back to Regina and take those courses to become an Insurance Broker because that’s where he belongs. Perhaps the party can move on without him…


  2. I voted last time this year. I won’t vote until ‘Right to reject’ and ‘Right to recall’ are implemented in India. It’s wastage of our precious vote and time on these stupid politicians who don’t do anything except fooling people. There is no accountability of them. They just live lavish life and enjoy privileges while people live in miserable conditions.

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    1. This is exactly why I’ve been such a big proponent in people actually taking part in our Elections. Our Elections are a big deal in this country and I can’t imagine what it would be like to at an Election in India. It must feel like nothing really matters because it is never going to change. I don’t know, I think we have a lot to celebrate just in the electoral selection process here alone. I think of people really want to bitch at our elections, they should educate themselves on India…


      1. Few might be good but most politicians all over the world are almost the same regardless of countries. They do care only for one thing ‘To be in power anyhow’.


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