19 thoughts on “THANK YOU CANADA

  1. Here is hoping that the NDP can cajole the Liberals into enacting meaningful electoral reform (aka proportional representation).
    Its bonkers that the Conservatives got the most votes, but have 24 fewer seats than the Liberals, that the NDP received twice as many votes as the Bloc, but have 8 less seats than them and that the Greens received nearly as many votes as the Bloc, but have 29 less seats than them.
    We can’t make the switch soon enough. I really hate that because I voted NDP it counted for less than half of someone who voted for the Bloc :/

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  2. I’m going to disagree here but that’s because I feel differently about it. I’m not thrilled about the results, but at the same time, I’m not terribly disappointed. Seeing that the party that I voted for has more seats this round, compared to the past, tells me that things are headed in a new direction. Even though the party I voted for didn’t win, hopefully whatever changes are made by the Liberals in the future actually do benefit the people. We can only hope.

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    1. I figured you’d be disappointed here. That’s the great thing about politics though, you’re allowed to be and we can disagree!

      I personally think the right person is in charge based on any of the six people who partook in the Leadership Debates. And, even if it’s just minority and not majority, well, minority means they’ll have to learn to play nicely with each other. Which means they get to show us what they’re really made of in getting along with people they don’t agree with.


  3. The Liberals can’t pass legislation in minority so someone has to align with them to make that happen. I expect a couple of meltdowns and a few hissy fits before the 2-year mark and we’ll head back to the polls.


    1. You’re probably right, I’m sure there will be meltdowns to start with, truly. But, that being said, it’ll be a lesson in governance for the Liberals, in how to work with the other parties.

      I don’t expect the Conservatives to do anything more than pull bullshit like they’re doing in Alberta (things like wearing earplugs in the legislative assembly) but, if Trudeau can learn to work with other parties, who knows, this could work out in favour of everyone! I think we have more of a chance with this Minority then we EVER would have had with Scheer in charge (Minority or Majority)

      And, if we do end up heading back to the polls in two years, Well, I guess we’ll realign then. I just pray to god that Andrew Scheer has been bumped from his position at that point, because he’s not a leader and he really doesn’t deserve, nor is he capable of the position he’s been holding for that party.


  4. I’m glad you’re happy and I hope its a good move for Canada. From the States watching I am amazed that Justin won given his black face controversy. If a conservative had done that, all hell would have broken lose liberals would have called for his head, his career would have been over. I moved on from liberal/conservative years ago. I’ve also become cynical about government, IMHO there really isnt a “good or bad” its a choice between awful and horrible. Federal systems are broken all over the western sphere. Local politics are what interests me now. Im glad your happy though, LOL. You take care and keep voting no matter what !

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    1. It’s easy to play the ‘If the Conservatives had done that game’, but the truth is, it was a two sided spectrum here. The Conservatives pulled a lot of bullshit too. All of which could have caused people to ‘call for heads’. That being said, I’m glad to see that things didn’t get too nasty and overall people just chose to use their votes to speak their perspectives on the matter!


    1. Hey, I’ll take 18 months of Minority over a single day of Andrew Scheer at the helm. I don’t want a pathalogical liar (editing out my other comments because they were too mean and distasteful) leading the charge in this country.

      P.S. – As far as developed countries go, our turnout was high. Yes, it could definitely be better and that is definitely something all parties could work together on legislating. But, I just think it’s important to note that on a world’s stage – we’re in good standing as far as voter turnout is concerned.

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    1. I hope so! I’m happy the liberals won, I know the minority will make things difficult, but I’m hopeful that good things can happen in this present layout of government.

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