Important Reminder

You are not defined by anything that your family says, does or feels. You are your own person and are entitled to your own thoughts, actions and feelings. Being related to someone, by blood or not, does not mean that you are forced to be like them, or forced to be one of them.

I think it’s extremely important to note that you can both love and be thankful for your family while still not wanting to be like them. Contrary to popular notion, this does not make you a bad person. This makes you your own person. An individual. And shouldn’t this be everyone’s goal?

32 thoughts on “Important Reminder

    1. Sometimes distance is the best thing you can do ❤ It sounds awful, but it really isn't. Sometimes a little distance is exactly what is needed.


  1. I agree! You chose a very good topic to address. I believe a lot more people need to hear things like this about dealing with family issues and the pressures of expectations, and the complexities of young people’s feelings towards their parents.

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    1. Thank You, I agree. I think when it comes to family everyone can have a hard time with trying to find their own identity and feeling like they’re failing their family if they deviate from the means. I don’t think it’s something we should be afraid of. Too many families don’t celebrate independence and it’s harmful.


  2. Totally. I moved out the second I turned 18. That’s nothing derogatory towards my family, but we have different ways of approaching life, and I had to find my own way. I am the person I am today thanks to my bravery all those years ago. Make your own life.

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    1. You have to make your own path in this life. And, from what I’ve read from your blog, you seem like you turned out pretty fantastic. So perhaps moving out at 18 was the best move you could have made.


  3. I feel this as I am completely different than almost everyone in my family. I have a niece and a cousin who I relate to most but everyone else… It’s tough. I love them nonetheless 💖


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