Hello… can you hear me?

Sometimes I feel like people just really don’t hear me when I talk. Like they ignore me because I’ve somehow become ‘that person’ in everyone’s life… that person that people roll their eyes at, that person that people laugh about because they’re so damn stupid and they just don’t realize it.

I guess it’s just one of those days.

Grin and bear it, right? Tomorrow will be better, right?

79 thoughts on “Hello… can you hear me?

  1. It will be better! Do you want a funny story about you? Here is it. I’ve got a package with the book I ordered on Amazon, and along with the book they packed a bookmark that has your avatar image on it (this half-face with the bun on top :)). I put the book away and left a bookmark on my desk. And now each time I glance over it, I think for a sec: what’s Vee doing here?!

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    1. That actually is quite funny! Guess it’s a popular piece of clip art! I got it from freepik.com. Guess I’m not the only person to go there. lol

      Actually though, it’s just me coming to hang out. I want to explore the windy city!


  2. I know I comment on everything you post, but hopefully, you’re not sick of me commenting. 😅

    I was actually having a moment just like this when I saw you tweeted this posts, so know that you’re not alone. I just had to leave the room because I had this overwhelming feeling that I don’t belong in my family. I say things and I get ignored. I’m unemployed. There’s just a lot going on. Hope you can find some comfort somewhere soon.

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    1. 1) I would never and could never be sick of reading your thoughts and having you share with me.
      2) It’s crazy how so many people in this world can be so much like me. While I’m really sorry you feel this way, I also feel better that I am not alone. I spend so much time feeling alone amidst my family and ‘the real world’, having people here, it means a lot. So thank you for always sharing with me.

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    1. Your voice IS important. Language, sometimes expressed through voice, is how we order and make sense of the world. But those other people may not be making sense so feel free not to hear them either. The world becomes much calmer when YOU stop listening to people who are yelling.

      I’m not sure I’m making sense anymore. It IS 4:30AM where I am and I haven’t slept in 2 days. So maybe you shouldn’t hear me after all!😂

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  3. I hear you 😊 so don’t worry about what others think and give yourself some love and pin a smile to your face. Others will either smile back or wonder why what your smiling about – which is when you smile more 😁 and let them keep wondering – have a great day

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  4. V,
    I am so sorry you are having this horrible day and people treated you this way, I hope that people treat you more respectfully tomorrow.

    Try to remember whatever it is that makes them act like an ass, it’s definitely not about you.

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  5. Some days I characterize this experience as it must mean I’m wearing my invisibility cloak – no one seems to hear or see me. Lately, I’ve just started having fun with that 😁 Many people are just too absorbed in their own bubbles to see much

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  6. People can always hear you. If they choose not to respond….then it’s a different question. Moreover, keep doing what you believe in….irrespective of what people think…whether they react or not. Nor preaching….just a suggestion. Perhaps they react in their own manner….as you make people to think….That’s a reaction…not visible on (digital) paper though.

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  7. I can hear you too. Can you hear me? And am I speaking the appropriate language for the situation?

    There are days when I swear I must be speaking Greek. Which would be fine if I were in Greece but I’m not. I’m in Texas.

    Oh. That may explain a lot.

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    1. I bet there aren’t too many people who speak Greek Texas. It’s because you’re smarter than all of them. Right? People don’t want to listen when they know someone else is right. At least that’s what I am telling myself.

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      1. Well, being female in TX, educated, having opinions and not willing to pull my punches tends to unnerve a certain kind of man found in large numbers in TX. One name: Ted Cruz. (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.) I’ve been told several times I can be intimidating. I’m 5’1”, 105 pounds. How can I possibly be intimidating? Oh- I’m not acting like a submissive little mouse? See in men, they call that assertive and strong. I wonder what would happen if I impersonated a man (a very small, little man) for work purposes. I’d probably be a VP by now.


      2. Hell, if you impersonated a man, you’d be in Senate by now.

        Also, from what I follow of American politics, Ted Cruz is a little weasel. I don’t understand how he gets elected. But then again, I’ve been to Texas and a lot of things about the place baffle me. lol


  8. I legit feel like this all the time. I don’t know if I talk too much and people just tune me out, or if I am so boring that I am easy to not listen to.

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    1. I absolutely understand how you feel. It’s like sometimes you question if you’re boring, sometimes you question if you’re stupid… and really you shouldn’t be the one questioning yourself at all but you can’t help it…


    1. I’ve just spent a few minutes reading this and it’s actually incredibly cool. Thank you for letting me know it exists! I had no idea.


  9. Ive become this person too. Its kinda wild how were forced into this position due to others feelings. I just had to realize that real friends are those that live to encourage and listen. Im here for ya! 🙂

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    1. The very best people in our lives are the ones who will listen no matter what. Whether they’re tired, they’re busy or they’re a million miles away, they’ll always take the time to stop and hear what you have to say.

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