Getting winded walking up and down the stairs

Yeah, I’ve officially hit that point where it takes every ounce of my energy to walk up and down the stairs.

Aside from going to the doctor, I haven’t done much leaving of my room in the past five days. Being sick sucks. And I’m a whiny little pain in the butt when I am sick, so it’s safe to say that everyone around me is pretty annoyed with me by this stage.

Hibernation is in full effect.

There weren’t a ton of kids tonight for Halloween. I always envision Halloween being this massive event where hundreds and hundreds of kids come to the door, I get to spend the night handing out tons of candy and seeing adorable costumes.

Tonight, I spent my time creepily sitting in the front window to see costumes. I didn’t want to share my germs with anyone else. And there might have been 40 kids who came to our door. This means there is A LOT of candy left. What am I going to do with all of that extra candy?

I’m feeling lonely.

39 thoughts on “Getting winded walking up and down the stairs

  1. I had to go to a Cardiologist for that same issue. They did a whole bunch of tests and now I’m doing the inhaler thing and it seems to be working out a lot better


    1. Thanks for sharing! Fortunately, I don’t think I’ll need a cardiologist. I’m just suffering from a throat infection, sinus infection and two ear infections right now. So it’s made breathing difficult. My apologies for making it sound more dramatic than it was. Though, I am glad that you’re doing better now!


  2. I’m getting sick too! My head is full of snot I think and my eyes hurt. It’s in the beginning stage but I can’t do much either. No fun he? You’ll get better soon, relax and enjoy the ‘no stress’ zone. It is normal for your body to get ill once in a while, that is just part of life. ❤


  3. Haven’t had any kids near my door, which was a relief, considering that I wanted to have the lollipops to myself haha. I hope you feel better, dear. Plenty of rest is definitely needed ❤

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  4. Hope you feel better very soon. We only had about 20 kids come to our door. We’re going to keep some of the candy and send the rest to the military overseas. Maybe you can find somewhere to donate part of it instead of just trashing it and wasting it.

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    1. Someone posted to twitter that the NICU at the local hospital was accepting extra candies for the families stuck there with extra kids while their babies are healing. I thought I might do that with it.

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    1. Sick as a dog, but I’m hanging in there. Considering relocating to a place where there’s no cold weather so I can’t get sick anymore. That’s how it works, right?

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  5. Its kinda funny imagining you sitting in front of the window, sickly and staring hahaha! I wonder if kids are no longer into halloween or what? I hope you’ll feel better soon though, eat more apples and drink up! Its also really good to sweat it out!

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    1. I spent a lot of time sitting in the front window having conversations with the dog about life, times, the cats of the neighbours she wants to chase… stuff like that. I’m sure by this time the neighbours all think of me as super weird and creepy.

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      1. That sounds super peaceful and meditative. Maybe they think you have a bluetooth earpiece. “Damn there she is on yet another conference call”

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