Sporadic AF Thoughts, Nov 3.

I had such a good time writing the last post like this that I’ve decided I might do it more often. Though I still don’t like ‘AF’, so I need to come up with a new title. We’ll call that a work in progress.

After a week of feeling as though I really just wasn’t going to survive (yes, I am extremely over-dramatic when I am sick), I am finally starting to feel somewhat/relatively human again. I’m not 100%, but I can feel myself getting better, and that’s what’s important.

The sweet and wonderful Hilary from SereneLuna Blog sent me the kindest early birthday card/present and it absolutely brightened my spirits this week. There’s something about a hand written letter/note that will just never go out of style in my heart. It’s timeless, it’s so thoughtful and it really makes you (in this case me) feel as though someone genuinely cares. I think that’s why I really appreciate thoughtful birthday cards. Does anyone else keep their birthday cards? I keep mine. Is that weird?

I’ve been on the hunt for a ‘natural’ deodorant for a couple years now. And yes, I fully understand the dichotomy that ‘natural’ deodorants present. I think the biggest struggle that I am having in this search is that the majority of deodorants marketed as ‘natural’ are ingredient based in essential oils. I happen to be wildly allergic to most essential oils and using these products often causes me to get blistery rashes. So how does one find a ‘natural’ deodorant without any essential oils in it?

There’s been a growing narrative in Canada about a divided country, as the ‘Wexit’ movement gets propagated in the media and is gaining steam. Meanwhile, more and more multi-million dollar corporations have collected their tax-cuts from the Alberta government and are fleeing. Jason Kenney is running the narrative that this is ‘Trudeau’s fault’, ignoring the very basic fact that trickle-down economics don’t work. Trickle-down economics have never worked. The rich stay rich by hoarding their riches. They don’t invest it into their employees and the economy through sponsorship and infrastructure, they lock it in bank accounts in far off lands that have limited laws with respect to banking.

Following in the footsteps of his idol, the holier than thou Trump of Donald Senior, Jason Kenney handed out a corporate tax cut earlier this year promising the public this was a smart move for a better Alberta and that this would benefit everyone. And, as the corporations have subsequently taken their money and run, the Wexit movement now has more than 40,000 members on their online platform. Interesting…

It didn’t work when Donald Trump did it. It hasn’t ever worked for any government before and we all knew that it wasn’t going to work for Jason Kenney, but he did it anyway. He sold the public on a bill of goods that was built on pillars of salt and sand, meanwhile silencing anyone who dared remind him that trickle-down economics don’t work.

Now, I know that politics can get rather boring for people to follow at times, so I relate this to pop culture. Remember this fact: the rich get rich by hoarding their riches.

Kylie Jenner has recently been named the youngest self-made billionaire ever. Kylie, along with the rest of the Kardashian family, has a slew of employees who work for her. In her home, in her office, in the factories making the cosmetics that she sells. It’s widely reported that each and every one of her employees make minimum wage. It’s also been claimed by the employees who make Kylie Cosmetics that they’re not even provided with the basic safety equipment and working environment to help them properly do their jobs. According to the employees they’re paid only minimum wage, the bare legal minimum that Kylie has to pay them, not provided health insurance, and can at times, work upwards of twelve hours or more on a single shift during peak ‘launches’ for the line. All while only wearing a hear net and safety goggles.

The laboratory that Jenner uses is the same lab that Colour Pop cosmetics uses. And, it’s worth noting that these claims have also been made about Colour Pop Cosmetics as an employer. (Please note these claims of the factory and working conditions have not been verified through what I would consider… “media sources” for lack of better terminology. They’re Indeed reviews, youtube videos of ‘Why I quit working for Kylie’ and so on)

Why does Kylie only pay her employees the bare minimum wage legally required of her in the state of California? Simply put, would she be the youngest self made billionaire had she given them raises? Would she be the youngest self made billionaire had she offered any form of health insurance, chosen to upgrade the factory which her cosmetics are produced, offered employees more safety equipment to do their jobs? Likely not. Rich people stay rich by hoarding their riches.

Now I’m not hating here. I’m simply stating the facts as they relate to politics and they relate popular culture. What the girl has done is created a relatively average product, found the bare minimum it could possibly cost her to produce it and used ‘her brand’ to price it at a markup so high that in just a few short years she’s become a billionaire. She actually sounds pretty intelligent to me. But, she also reminds me of the very important point that trickle-down economics don’t work. In politics, in business, in Alberta, in life in general, it’s human nature to hoard our riches. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter who is in charge, the Oil Industry is still dying and Alberta is still in denial. Okay, I’ve talked about this for farrrrrr too long.

It’s raining outside. Pouring, actually. Consequently the downpour outside my window mimics the downpour in my head. Too many thoughts, too little time. I am a shallow heart with a wandering mind who is presently second guessing anything and everything that I possibly can. I’ll be 31 soon. It’s time to get my life together. I wonder what that looks like.

38 thoughts on “Sporadic AF Thoughts, Nov 3.

    1. Oh, it’s a bunch of redneck idiots who know nothing about economics, government or how the real world works. Sorry to insult, but really, it’s true. If they knew anything about any subject I just listed, they wouldn’t be spotted at a Wexit rally for a billion dollars.

      It’s a notion being stoked by an idiot premier who’s trying to make himself look like a bigger man than our Prime Minister. In reality, his childish behaviours are coming back to haunt him five-fold. Layoffs, downturns, multi-billion dollar companies fleeing the country are based on the simple fact that renewable resources are on their way in and fossil fuels and the oil and gas industry on their way out. He’s living in the past, believing the Oil Industry will boom again and it’s a big gamble to take with a lot of people’s future with the possibility of it actually happening being about one in six billion….

      Sorry for rambling. lol


  1. I hate to tell you, but NO ONE has their life together. 😉 That’s a lie we all somehow believe and judge ourselves against. Some parts may be more in line that others, but we all have crap that’s not quite right. And everyone teeters on the line of things falling apart completely. May not seem that way from the outside because people aren’t that honest.

    I’m with you completely on the minimum wage issue. We struggle here to get it raised to a “living wage”. It’s horrible and sad. I’m outraged to see all these companies making their millions on the backs of the working poor and relying on public assistance and health care to supplement their vile business practices.

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    1. I wish more people would be honest. I might not feel like a failure so often if people were truthful about being in shitty situations too. Ya know? Not that I wish pain or struggle on anyone, I just think… damn, everyone seems like they’re in a much better place than I am. (Insert over-dramatic pity party here)

      I can’t imagine what it’s like to work for minimum wage in California. Isn’t it one of the two most expensive states in the US to live in? Making 12 dollars an hour would make life really hard. That being said, so long as there are billionaires in this world hoarding there money, there will always be people walking the line of minimum wage working their asses off to make them billionaires…

      End rant. Sorry for ranting.

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      1. I live in California, and minimum wage is crap. I’m told Los Angeles’ is a bit higher ($14/hour), as adjusted for the cost of living. But also, I’m told that to live comfortably in LA, you’d need an annual salary of $75,000+. Absolutely crazy!

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      2. That’s good that at least in Los Angeles they can acknowledge how much it costs to live there. I wish they’d do something like that in Vancouver…

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  2. I don’t like the whole Kylie thing. I once saw a YT video, I think, about the ‘launch’ of a ‘new’ product. She and her ‘friends’ were on a holiday, beautiful house, swimming pool, everything pink and the ‘product’. I don’t like the packaging nor the price of her products. I will not try it. But to hear she doesn’t invest in her compagny or employees, who does that? That’s one ugly skin care line!


    1. I’m with.

      She seems like… incredibly smart when it comes to business but she’s also incredible cheap when it comes to business. The less money she spends making it, the more money she pockets. The less money she pays her employees, the more money she gets to profit. Does it make her a smart person? Sure! Does it make her a good person? Debatable. I don’t know the girl so I’d have to actually meet her to determine if she’s good or not. But, her business practices do lead me to believe she could be a lot better.

      Also, her products are average at best. The price point she sells them at is SPECIFICALLY because of her name being attached. Colour Pop Liquid Lipsticks and Kylie Liquid Lipsticks are the same formula from the same factory made by the same employees on the same conveyor belt…

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      1. I just wonder why anybody would pay a lot more money for her name. It’s the illusion; the hope her ‘succes’ will rub off to the user of the product. I don’t blame people for liking her or buying the product. To each his own but I wonder how so many people are willing to fall into the trap.

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      2. In a society that considers her and her sisters to be some of the most beautiful women on earth, I don’t really blame young girls and women for idolizing her and wanting to be more like her. Buy the lipstick she wears, be a little bit more like her, right???? That’s how the logic works, I think….

        Heaven only knows. I’ve got far better things to spend my $32 bucks on… lol

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  3. I’m sorry you’ve been sick! I hope things get better soon. Also, have you checked out the Love, Beauty, and Planet brand of deodorant? It doesn’t have aluminum (I don’t know if it’s considered natural or not), and the brand does a lot to promote awareness about pollution/climate change. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t tried Love Beauty and Planet only because all of their products seem to be formulated with things like Lavender and other essential oils that I am highly allergic to.

      Also, this is going to sound like a little bit of a rant, but please don’t buy into that whole ‘We’re doing good for the planet’ bull crap they’re promoting. They’re owned by Unilever, and the Love, Beauty & Planet brand is just an attempt to reach more conscious shoppers through greenwashing. In reality, all their ‘claims’ on their website are either already being done by other brands they own, or, they’ve ‘made a pledge to do’ but aren’t actually doing (as of yet, they say).

      Brands masquerading as good for the planet that aren’t really, kind of annoy me. There’s nothing wrong with their products (if you’re not allergic to them like I am), I just take frustration at their marketing.


      1. Ahhhh, that makes sense. I was under the impression that it was a normal deodorant other than the aluminum, so I thought maybe you wouldn’t be allergic like you mentioned in the post but maybe it would be a healthier option. I use it and it feels just like normal deodorant to me. I get how everything you mentioned is frustrating. Personally, I do like what they’re doing to promote awareness, and I do think they’re doing some things right, but with business, there’s always a bottom line, so I guess it also doesn’t surprise me to find out that they’re not being totally honest. Ugh.


  4. Thank you for the shout-out, V! It totally made my night. I was about to go to bed and thought, hey I would check WP for updates, and saw this gem! 😊💕 I read your entire blog post but I’m overtired and can’t think straight. That being said, I’m gonna attempt to add my 2 cents here:

    I agree that the rich often hoard their riches, maybe because they view money as their prized possession? Still, I don’t really get why Kylie would be a hoarder of money considering that her toilets are made out of gold (read this somewhere), and that she has no problem shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars….on herself. Would it really hurt to give back to her employees and fans? 🤷‍♀️

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    1. I watched a video yesterday of a news segment from the UK in which the newscasters were hating on an Economist for explaining that the world doesn’t need Billionaires. They were defending billionaires. And it didn’t make sense to me.

      Why does the world need Billionaires? Yeah, it’s pretty cool for someone to become a Millionaire. But, after you make your first few million, even ten million, even twenty million, even 100 million, then what the fuck are you going to spend all that money on? Seriously. How could someone EVER need a billion dollars? She doesn’t. In any way shape or form. And again, this isn’t me hating on her, this is just stating a fact. She could probably increase the wage of every single person she employs by ten dollars an hour and it would be life changing for her employees and not a drop in her bank account.

      Why does the world need billionaires? How does one become a billionaire? By hoarding their cash…

      Would it hurt her to give back to her employees? No.
      Will she? No. Because then she wouldn’t be a billionaire.

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      1. I think that humans are naturally driven to collect and hoard, whether that is money or something else. She probably hoards her money because she places a lot of value on it, and if she were to lose that money, then that would threaten her status and everything she stands for. For many people, money means status, and by broadcasting that to the public, she is stroking the ego.


    1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who saves their cards.
      Honestly, when someone takes the time to write a really sweet message in them, the cards mean a whole lot more to me than any present…

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  5. Happy birthday! Yes, I keep my birthday cards too. They mean a lot to me and I don’t want to throw them out. I’m glad your brothers told that creep where to go. Years ago one of my sisters was big into horse riding and she used to mingle with a lot of very rich people. I asked her if they were very generous and she said quite the contrary. They counted every penny and never bought drinks for people in the bar. It made me realize that you don’t get to be a millionaire – and stay there – by spending money.

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    1. I’m glad more people save their cards too!

      And also, about your story of your sister mingling with the rich and stuck up – I totally believe you. Rich people stay rich by having people buy things for them…! Your story makes total sense to me.

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      1. I’m with you there. Rich is not my goal in life. Being financially secure, stable and able to purchase things without a worry of budgeting or making payments, that’s my goal in life.

        I don’t want to be reach. I don’t need a bank account full of money I’ll never touch. I want to be secure enough that I can buy what I want and help who I need to. Being rich seems soo… trivial.

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  6. Really interesting to read, and I’ve always kept my birthday cards! I’ll probably have to throw them out when I leave home though, they take up far too much space! Great post!

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