A favour, please.

If you see something on another blog that looks as though it is one of my posts, or could have possibly been written about me, can you please let me know?

I can be emailed at millenniallifecrisis12@gmail.com, or you can leave a comment on any of my posts, doesn’t even have to be the post in question.

Thank you very much!

34 thoughts on “A favour, please.

    1. Thank you. I just tried that and it’s not coming up with two of the culprits I know are presently using my posts, so I’m not sure that it works fully?


      1. Thanks for the tip.
        The issue that I’m running into is blogs are popping up with posts that I made four to six months ago. With over 300 posts on this blog, it’s getting hard to keep track. I just thought if someone saw something they thought might be mine, I could be able to double check.

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      2. Ah, probably just content harvesters looking to put something around clickable ads. I worked for a company writing clickbait quizzes and personality tests that had the same problem. Some were so brazen, they’d even copy the fake name I used in my byline.


    1. A blog has popped up that has my a photo and a ton of my posts on it and they’re going by the name Katie.

      I got an email from someone with what was a completely normal response in which the person thought it might be the actual me on the blog link they sent. Kind of like I had one anonymous blog and tne blog where I revealed myself.

      I’m honestly not sure if this blog is like a stock photo or a real person (she’s a gorgeous person if she is a real person) but it’s DEFINITELY not me.

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    1. I did report it, yeah. I’ve been lucky enough to have people point them out to me when they find them, so I am hoping that if anyone else sees anything they’ll be so kind to tell me. Because goodness knows, I don’t seem to find them.


  1. I haven’t come across anyone like you or your style. Coping you like that is really vile. No other words for it. Sorry it’s happening to you. I will definitely let you know if I come across your shameless copycat.

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      1. I hit “like” only because it seemed the only way to agree to your request. I wish I had a “plagiarist should burn in hell” button.

        I was so inspired by one of your posts, I felt the need to emulate your poem in my own words – but was VERY careful to make people understand my writing was INSPIRED by yours and inserted links for them to see the original poem on YOUR site – because that was just the right thing to do. I even corrected someone in the comments as I thought they might have misunderstood. I’m so very sorry this is happening to you. I know this must be the stupid question you’ve heard so often but WordPress has no way to help? That seems shocking to me!

        I SO sorry you are going through this. I think I might have mentioned before but try to imagine the massive internal pain this thief must be experiencing in order to do this. By no means should you STOP trying to fix it, but pitying her may make you feel a tiny bit better. If not, throw ice cubes into the bathroom to vent your (completely justifiable) rage. While yelling and screaming the whole time. Write her a letter that you won’t be able to send to get some of this out of your head. Then burn it or send it to someone you know with instructions on what to do with it – even it is “nothing at this time.

        Or, perhaps, the best option is to make a poem about HER (assuming it’s a female) and what plagiarism is, how those who do it not only lack integrity but also obviously lack creative power so she’d forced to steal your work! Whether that makes a difference or not, I think it would hit a sore spot in this vile creature. Or not because vile creatures rarely feel shame. Just look at our so-called “president” and his cabinet members.

        And most definitely, I will let you know about it. I’m pretty (ok VERY) new here but I feel like I’ve met my tribe in the very beginning! And what a wonderful feeling it was (and is.) I am not following a lot of people yet as I’m not exactly how to sort thing but I will do my best to help.


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