Dear Influencers, you’re not relatable anymore.

Yeah, I’m talking about those influencers who have built their careers around a sense of relatability.

Influencers who, as more and more people connect with them and who they are, they start changing, ever so slowly, to reflect their new-found popularity. And, eventually, they wind up becoming so far removed from where they started their careers that they no longer have the qualities about their personalities that people gravitated towards in the first place.

At one point in time, you were relatable. At one point in time, I felt like you were just like me. But, these days I see you in your multi-million dollar homes, or $5,000 a month apartments, driving around your multiple $80,000 dollar cars and consistently telling us that we need to click your referral links, buy your crappy brand collaborations and give you money because you’re ‘just like us’ and I can’t help but think of how far removed you are from the reality that most of us experience, that you’re really not relatable to any of us anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with making money and there’s nothing wrong with finding success.

My issue is with the fact that, as you jet off to various exotic locations on holiday’s you’re not paying for, you claim to be one of us. You claim to understand what we go through. My problem is that, as you dip your finger in that $85 dollar lip balm that you’re telling us all to buy, you don’t even know how much it costs… because you don’t have to buy it yourself, you get it given to you.

There’s nothing wrong with making a lot of money. There’s nothing wrong with getting gifts. But I’d like you to remember that the majority of us, we don’t get these gifts and we certainly don’t have $85 dollars to spend on a single lip balm. Nor do we have the funds available to jet around the world and stay at these lavish hotels you’re vacationing at, that we know you aren’t paying for.

I appreciate the game, I do. And I am happy for you for finding the success that you have. I just don’t think that you understand, the very people who are the reason for your success in the first place are the very people you seem to be alienating these days. It’s clear that the money has changed you. And while we all evolve in life (yes, all of us evolve), pretending you’re still the same person you always were, while sitting in that million dollar mansion, it’s rather transparent. Pretending that nothing has changed and acting as though we, the viewers, don’t know any better really belittles the intelligence of your audience.

We see you peddling products in a sponsored video only to never be seen or acknowledged ever again. We see you blurring out the logo on your car as to not show what kind of vehicle you drive. We see you promoting sustainability to us whilst leading a life of over-consumption and materialism. So what is it? What’s the message you’re trying to promote her? Do as I say not as I do?

My advice to you: embrace who you are. Stop trying to pretend you’re the same old soul we fell in love with. Because you’re not. And that’s okay. Perhaps, if you embrace this newfound wealth and popularity and stop trying to ‘pull the wool over our eyes’, everyone could be happier. You could find a new audience, an audience that embraces your wealth and privilege, and stop treating your ‘die-hard OG Subscribers’ like they’re idiots. Because that’s what you’re doing. Trying to pretend you’re your regular old self is a lie. And when you lie to your subscribers, you’re treating them like idiots.

My further advice… be more conscious. Conscious of your footprint. Conscious of your over-consumption. Conscious of the fact that aren’t who you once were. Conscious of the fact that, you’re not always going to be liked.

Also, be humble. Be grateful. You literally got where you are off the support of others. So please stop acting like you’re god’s gift to youtube. Because without all of those people who watched supported you, you wouldn’t have a dime. So please stop saying ‘I don’t owe you anything’. Because when you really break it down – you do owe your viewers. This beautiful life you’re leading is because of them.

I recently watched a video on youtube in which someone, I’m sure you all know the name of, bought every pumpkin in a pumpkin patch to fill his back yard with pumpkins so that his family members didn’t have to go all the way to the pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin for Halloween.

Cute, right? Totally cute. Egregious, over-the-top and completely unnecessary? Abso-fucking-lutely. Considering they only ended up using four of the pumpkins, what did they do with the rest? Did they give them to neighbours? Did they donate them? Did they send them back to the pumpkin patch so that people in his area didn’t have to go to the pumpkin patch to find out there weren’t any there? We don’t know. Because they don’t tell us. They simply flex their wealth and opulence and then end the video… because they don’t ‘owe anyone anything’.

All I’m saying is, acknowledge that you’re not the person you once were. Acknowledge that the eight vehicles in your garage are because you lead a really privileged life, and that not everyone gets to live that way. Stop trying to pretend you’re a regular ‘folk’ when you believe it’s appropriate to ‘try and keep us believing’.

Please note that while I’ve only given one specific example of a youtuber in this post, that is not my picking on them, it was just for example’s sake. Really, I believe this applies to A LOT of people who make their living being an ‘Influencer’.

83 thoughts on “Dear Influencers, you’re not relatable anymore.

  1. Thank you 🙂 I keep coming across a similar dynamic (might not be relevant here, but it feels like it is) in the health books I’m reading trying to find answers. One in particular says “Ask your friends to refer a great house keeper while you’re healing so you can get adequate rest.” I want to contact the author/doctor and tell her “I am the fucking house keeper, that’s how I make my living. Do you think illness only happens to those with endless resources? Get your head out of your ass, where’s the healing protocol for the average folk?”

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    1. That seems a little ridiculous, honestly. Ask your friends to refer a housekeeper. Yeah, so those of us without the extra 100 bucks a week for a housekeeper, what do we do? Seems like a fabulous answer…

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  2. I find that a lot of successful “influencers” are sell-outs now which is a huge turn off for me. I get that we all need to eat and need a roof over our heads, but authenticity cannot be bought by sponsors or fame, no matter how much they try to cover up the fact that their material was likely sponsored or influenced by someone else rather than created.

    I’m unconventional in the sense that I choose not to follow online “influencers”. To me, they are modern-day celebrities, and I don’t follow celebrities or care about what shiny thing they are endorsing. Don’t they know that shiny things quickly tarnish?

    Sorry my reply is quite negative. I have a strong opinion about influencers and at one point, I followed a lot of them. As of now, I only follow people who bring me value, can teach me something, or can enhance my life in a positive way.

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    1. I sure hope that they gave the extra pumpkins to the neighbors. Why the heck would I want to look out my window only to see a pumpkin patch that someone made? Oh wait, that’s someone’s backyard who wants to brag about how many pumpkins he has… right? Humblebragging I think it’s called.

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    2. Your reply isn’t negative, it’s the truth. A lot of people who openly brag about being influencers are sell-outs. They do anything and everything they can to make a dollar.

      For me, I still like to try and find someone who I can trust. Someone who will tell the truth. And it’s getting harder and harder. Honestly. I think your outlook for who to follow is a really good outlook to have.

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      1. To be brutally honest, I don’t trust any of the influencers because they seem to have a separate agenda. I can relate to normal, everyday people a lot better. Some of the best resources/websites aren’t the most popular ones, but the ones that many people don’t know about. These are the rare gems 💎

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  3. Wow…where to begin. “Influencers ” how i hate that word and all it stands for. Lol. You say you dont begrudge them their success, but how do we measure success? Are people deemed to be successful because of their monetary wealth, because they have excelled academically, or because they are simply a good person? Its all a question of definition. For some people, being successful could be something as simple as putting food on the table….or staying out of prison. Celebrity can be both fleeting and hollow. Live life your way, enjoy it and all it brings. Leave the influencers to wallow in their own glory. I have no time to waste on them. 😃

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    1. I think success is being able to support yourself by doing something you love. But that’s my personal definition.

      That being said, too many of them seem like they’re actually really shitty people. It’s hard because I don’t want to give up on youtube but I feel like I should at this point.

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    2. Yep, I agree, dude. It’s all perception, really. I’m a painter – canvas not walls (not that there’s anything wrong with wall painters!) – and I measure my success honestly based on the fact that I have no stock left. I’ve sold every painting I’ve ever done which totals over 300 canvases, I’m sure. Not bragging necessarily, I’m just proud. 🙂 Of course, of those sold, most were sold for $20 or under lol…


    1. My belief is that anyone who is a true, genuine influencer is someone who doesn’t want the title. People who want the title of influencer are doing it for the wrong reasons.

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  4. This post is so good. I agree with every single word lovely ❤️👏 I love people who are real and share the truth. Some influencers can be that way but others only show their lifestyle with all their luxeries which for me sounds like a fake life. It isn’t real because life isn’t perfect. It feels like that’s the best life you can live and that all that luxery brings you happiness while I think it won’t long term.

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    1. OH yeah, that pisses me off too. When they complain that they don’t get things given to them, as though they should be handed everything in life. It’s annoying as heck.

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  5. That’s why we need more influencers like Mr. Beast from Youtube, he does some pretty crazy yet philanthropic things to make viral content, then leverages that attention to make brand deals which lets him do even more crazy yet philanthropic things.

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    1. I’ve never heard of him before you left this comment but I just went to check out his page and it looks like he’s got some interesting content. I’ll have to watch some but I’m definitely interested in seeing more.


      1. One of my favourites was when he opened a pop up dollar store. Everything cost a dollar, but it had things like TV, game consoles, etc for sale. His plant 20 million trees campaign was also amazing.
        I’d rather see more people like him and less like Logan Paul.


      2. That’s amazing! Wow. Sounds like he puts some other influencers to shame, really. If you have influence over people you should use things for good – not for shit.



    Hello, Dear! I can really relate to what you have said. In fact, few minutes ago I was talking to myself, why people in this world are making tons of money for nonesense things? Why they are going crazy for green jokes over a decent one? I just felt bad that in this time and age, people loses now a “substance”. Yes, entertainment is good. But oftentimes, I just want some good content that will help me shape as a better person, who doesn’t need to insult anyone to get an audience. You can make people laugh without degrading anyone.

    I have nothing against Youtuber. I just felt bad that these days, people are going for entertainment instead of good content.

    As long as they make people laugh, losing their morals wouldn’t be a big deal on them.

    Our world is so sick!

    That’s why I chose blogging instead of vlogging ’cause anyone can create a short video with ease, but with no substance and no proper research on the said topic.

    I am honestly not yet a good blogger, but I see to it that I will improve day by day.

    Though earning here is quite hard, I will rather go for depth of content rather than a shallow-minded people. ✌

    If anyone here got offended, I don’t mean to hurt anybody.

    I am just telling the truth that some people earned money just for a few seconds of fame!

    While others are like crawling in the floor to also get noticed.

    And thank you for posting this, Dear!

    I hope there are still more people like you!

    God bless! 🙏

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  7. I don’t watch YT anymore, can’t relate! The real tradegy in my eyes is that the ‘influencers’ are willing to sell their soul (for lack of a better word) for the mighty dollar. They are being used as a product to sell another product. It lacks respect for a human being and it is really showing us the decay of a (part of) society.
    It is sad that they ‘influence’ others and ‘show’ that that is a ‘worthy’ lifestyle. To each its own.
    To influence with hopes, ideas, character, evolvement, the hardships of life, that would make a great influencer. Oh wait, each of one of us is that kind of influencer if we are willing to open up and share.
    Thank you for your post, it red like a train!

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    1. Oh man, I’m addicted to YouTube videos, especially the educational ones. I love personal growth and development and will watch these types of videos. I can spend hours watching YouTube and know I should quit, but can’t seem to walk away. How did you manage to walk away?

      I really respect you for being able to say NO to YouTube! 😎

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      1. Thank you! I still listen to spooky stories on YT and watch an occasional video on ‘true crime’ but a short one.

        How did I do it? It didn’t feel good to me anymore. I researched some things on the brain, addiction and social media and wrote some posts on it. LOL! I just shifted from YT to blogging. But thanks for the kind words!

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    2. I genuinely think that real influencers don’t call themselves influencers and don’t want the title. They just go about their ways and influence people by their actions – and hopefully, their actions are good.

      I still love Youtube and I don’t want to give up on it, but I’m having a harder and harder time trying to find people who are genuine.

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      1. And all the drama! I can’t stand it anymore. I guess I have enough drama in my own life that I’m not in the need to watch anyone elses 😀 Even in the Mental Health community there is a lot of drama. Ain’t no body got time for that!
        I do understand the entertaintement value, it is just not for me anymore. Maybe I’m just too old!


  8. I think we have to redefine the meaning of ‘influencer’. Cause they do not always give a good influence for us (not all of them ). So, who’s the real influencer? *thinkingsohard*


    1. I think it’s really becoming a term with a really negative connotation to it. And the people who claim the title are so proud of it they don’t realize the negative connotation surrounding it.

      Who are the real influencers? People who do good. People who don’t want the attention or the accolades they just share some good without wanting or expecting anything in return.

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  9. I’ve often wondered how hard it would be to remain the same person if your wealth situation changes dramatically. I’ve always hoped that if I won the lottery, nothing about me would change. I haven’t had the chance to find out, but I wouldn’t mind the opportunity!

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  10. I recently watched a funny “what you don’t see” behind the scenes video on YouTube about influencers. I find it embarrassing, the poses and things people do to portray their “fabulous” experiences. If you want to watch it, I’ll add the link.


      1. Very cool video. I love parody stuff, great way to highlight issues without alienating people.

        Being a bit cynical for a second, she’s onto a win/win with this video… boobs’n’butts always get clicks, so she’s getting bonus clicks even though she’s actually calling out boobs’n’butts. That’s pretty smart.

        Also: comedy is difficult, but she’s really pulled this off. Top marks.


  11. In the last few months, I’ve been getting much better at consciously choosing what I give my attention to. It’s my most precious commodity!

    So I’m super careful about the channels I follow on YouTube. I also try to minimise “dead time” where I’m just mindlessly surfing or killing time.

    I’m now super intentional with how I use my smartphone… turning off almost all notifications is a big help!

    If we don’t carefully control where we give our attention, some YouTuber or big corporation is going to steal it and profit from it. Take back your attention!

    I can highly recommend Cal Newport and his book, “Digital Minimalism”.

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    1. You’re kind of right. If we don’t watch ourselves, we’re going to end up spending money on things that we just don’t need, want or desire because someone who didn’t pay for it told us we need to buy it. Over-consumption is not necessary and I don’t want it anymore.

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  12. Paying influencers to sell to their friends and followers will fade away like every fad. I hope these people have a plan B. The ones who are making real money are the ones telling people how to get free stuff and vacations and products by clicking and buying their courses and books . No different than MLM schemes.


    1. OH YEAH.
      People who promote a “This is how you become an influencer’ or ‘This is how you become instafamous’ course PISS ME OFF. They make me so mad. They’re literally sealing money from the naive and hopeful.

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      1. So easy to fall into a YouTube rabbit/wormhole! Now, my bookmark for YouTube goes directly to my subscriptions tab. That way, I only see new videos from the channels I’m subscribed to. Occasionally I’ll still go to YouTube’s homepage, but only really when I’m super bored.

        Oh by the way, V, I’m 100% back to using Google search and Chrome on my PC and phone. Your post made me re-evaluate my use of DuckDuckGo and Brave! I guess that makes you an influencer!!! Now if only you were paid for it!


  13. Influencers haha you mean youtubers? These people have nothing to offer this world… just a waste of space and the rich love them because they can relate spending so much money on useless crap. People on youtube are becoming useless by the minute.. i got lucky being able to experience the good times when panacea, kandee johnson and michelle phan represented the community. It was a lot more about teaching viewers a thing or two but now it’s just drama and flaunting items that most viewers cannot afford to begin with. Shame on Youtube for turning their brand into a space for child pedophilia and eating disorders. I mean…there has to be censorship & boundaries. The mukbangs are out of control and so are family vlogs.. how do we know most of these parents aren’t abusing their children? I mean, they are exploiting underage kids for money…. ugh, rant over. I am just so over Youtube.


  14. I’ve been thinking about killing my Instagram account for precisely this reason – Instagram has turned into this odd influencing plughole of the internet, with throw-away content posted by vaccuous idiots trying to get attention from the easily distracted. It’s madness.


    1. I mean it still happens obviously but it rolled out in canada a few months back and influencers were in am uproar but I think the reaction was so good they’re starting to roll it out to the rest of the world


    1. Ooooooooooh I rubber-neck too.

      What happened? Is it anyone I might know? Any of the big UK peeps? I’m curious what I missed. haha. I love when they create PR nightmares for themselves because I’m just like…. ‘Ya’ll better get your shit together and stop being such idiots’.

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      1. I am not sure if it is UK or US having said that it has to do with Mother of Daughters creating a new profile on a different web forum and slagging all her “friends” off apparently she has been doing it a while


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