Let’s talk about Environmental Consciousness.

My incredible best friend sent me a Sephora gift card for my birthday. Naturally, since I love all things Sephora, I had to place an order right away to take advantage of their annual sale.

I ordered the Drunk Elephant ‘Midi Committee’ kit, used my gift card and was told that it would be to my house in 7-9 business days.

The package ended up getting to my house a lot quicker than expected, and what I got in the package I was less than impressed with it.

The Drunk Elephant ‘Midi Committee’ is a collection of travel size, and smaller than travel size, skincare items. There are five in total. As one could imagine, the products are small and don’t take up a lot of space.

The packaging, on the other hand, was over-the-top, and absolutely unnecessary.

The packaging the Drunk Elephant products came in.
The actual (tiny little) collection of products that were in the package.

I consider myself a very environmentally conscious person. I don’t speak about it always, but I do try to make my friends and family members more aware of the choices they’re making. I don’t use plastic bags, plastic straws, I try to limit my waste, try to recycle as much as possible. I want to be good to the planet. As good as I can be.

I’m a firm believer that small changes every day can make the difference. I also believe that if everyone made small changes every day we could collectively make one hell of an impact on the earth.

I don’t believe that it’s just individuals responsible for making these changes. Companies should be doing it to.

While I don’t use plastic bags, only use stainless steel straws, try to limit the amount of trash I am creating and overall just try to be good to the planet, it really disheartens me to see companies like Sephora and Drunk Elephant putting so damn much packaging on such small products.

The trial sized Drunk Elephant products came in plastic molding that was inside of a box, that was inside of a plastic/cardboard mixed wrapping that had branding on it, that was inside of the white box, that was inside of the Sephora box that was filled with brown paper because the Sephora box was so damn big it was easily 5-6 times the size of the Drunk Elephant packaging.

I’m not impressed.

Firstly – if my order alone had this much packaging to it, think of how much truly unnecessary packaging is shipped out of Sephora’s facilities each and every day to fill the thousands of orders they get. Are all of those thousands of people going to recycle or reuse the packaging? How much of that excess packaging is going to wind up in a landfill?

Secondly – With respect to Drunk Elephant, there is absolutely zero need to have products in plastic, in a box, in a plastic/cardboard wrapper, in another box. If Drunk Elephant has this much packaging on one kit, I can’t imagine how much packaging the rest of their skincare line has.

As a planet, we’re quite literally in the middle of an environmental crisis and WE ALL need to do our parts. Even companies. We all need to limit packaging, cut down our waste and make a difference. The onus cannot be put solely on consumers because we’ll be fighting a losing battle if we try to make changes and companies are still pulling this shit.

This is not sustainable.

This is not environmentally conscious.

This is not right.

Companies need to do their parts as well.

21 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Environmental Consciousness.

    1. Ugh. I know – Nestle owns like… everything. Them and Unilever. Those are two of the worst, also Procter and Gamble. Companies should never get a free pass based on how big they are…

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    1. I emailed Sephora. I’ve tried emailing Drunk Elephant but their ‘Contact Us’ section seems to go nowhere… So they’ll probably never pay attention.


  1. This reminds me of the Peppa Pig episode where Daddy Pig orders ONE lightbulb and it comes in this huge box. I couldn’t find the quote but Daddy Pig says something like, “Why do they always use such big packaging for these things?”

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  2. So of course I had to google Sephora, because I have never heard of it 😉
    I must admit, their stuff looks great 🙂
    And I have to fully agree with you with regards to the packaging. I find it happens a lot around here with online purchases – the packaging exceeds the item ten times over. Silly really when you consider that everyone around here is pushing to be environmentally friendly – maybe that’s where they should be starting!

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    1. It drives me crazy when I think of how much packaging comes on these products. You’re so right when you say that it often exceeds the product size ten times over. It’s so unnecessary and is doing real harm.

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    1. How’s that working out? I find it hard to find companies that are actually being sustainable. A lot of them claim to be but they don’t do much more than the claim. And to me, when it comes to this, actions speak a lot louder than words…

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      1. For the most part, I find it difficult!!! Packaging is one of the worse offenses, as you well know. There’s a company I used to sell for, Melaleuca, which is an extremely green/sustainable company. No animal testing, most of their products are organic, all of them are 100% natural, one of their big selling points is their packaging. They use as little packaging on all products as possible. I did a joint business with my ex-husband and when I divorced him I let Melaleuca go for all this time. I miss it substantially. I’ve been thinking and talking about going back to them. It’s not for everyone, but the products I used on a routine basis were REALLY good. I try to shop locally and at natural stores. It’s challenging.


  3. Government holds the power. Legislate and companies have to comply. No matter how much recycling and corn plastic and hemp cloths we all use, mega companies will still use non eco materials for the things we all need to buy.


  4. I love your post. It’s certainly very enlightening in terms of how it effectively shows how companies all over the world are being so careless , especially keeping in mind the present state of things. Your thoughts and ideas are certainly on point. Def gave me food for thought. And I feel the same about how even a drop counts when it comes to filling an ocean. All of us have to put in our individual efforts , big or small , to really revive our environment.


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