I just typed up a really scathing post filled with hatred, vitriol and specific criticism of someone in my life.

I hit ‘publish’ and was hit with a WordPress error I’ve never seen before. I had an option to ‘Click here to try to recover’ and when I did so, the internet shut down. After opening WordPress again, it’s not been posted and it’s not in my drafts folder.

Guess I shouldn’t be venting after all…

50 thoughts on “Well…

    1. Yeah, me neither. But, since I like to tell people to be nice and not mean on the interwebs, I’m taking it as a sign that I likely shouldn’t have written it to start with…

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    1. Probably. I shouldn’t be singling anyone out with nastiness since I preach to people to not be nasty. That would make me a pretty wild hypocrite, so perhaps that was a sign I was’t supposed to show it.

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    1. Ranting is definitely necessary but this was probably a little too hate-filled and a little too specific. It was a lot like bullying now that I’m looking back on it and it’s probably a good thing it’s gone. I see that seeing as I didn’t see it worth it to retype up the hatred.

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  1. You’ll feel better for not having that against your name and your blog – oh God now I sound like a pompous twat 🙄 just what you want to hear when your feeling fierce. Also and aside from that – I just found you on twitter – so tagged you over there too.

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    1. You’re right. I know you’re right.

      Also, do you have the same username on twitter? I just looked at my notifications and all it said was ‘tea spangberg’ (I think that’s how it was spelled) is now following you.

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    1. I guess it is/was a sign. You’re very right there.

      I’m not usually that hate filled but someone really got under my skin tonight. Even so, I shouldn’t be writing such awful things and sharing them on the interwebs. Especially if I tell other people to be nice.

      Thank you for your little bit of positivity.

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    1. Yeah, possibly. Usually when I lose internet connection there’s still something in the drafts folder. The fact that I didn’t have anything in drafts means I wasn’t supposed to post it after all, I think.

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  2. You know you have to look at it from one more angle. You wrote it, you ranted it all out through your writing. Negativity and hatred is out from your soul and I think you are really blessed, universe sends signs to everyone but only the ones with pure soul and conscience can understand them. You got it. Don’t worry about preaching something and not practicing it. You have been practicing it and that’s why at your weak moment, universe interrupted. Be Blessed.

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  3. I hope youre doing okay V. Im going to give a contrarian point here. I think you should retype it and post it. For me, and I suspect you, the blog and posting is cathartic. It helps you put your thoughts out there and is a method of relief and letting go. If something in your life is compelling you to create a post like that, you got to get it out.

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    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I really didn’t have the motivation to type it all up again.
      Thing is, I took that as a sign as it wasn’t worth posting. It wasn’t worth sharing. That’s probably the truth.


  4. Isn’t it wild that the one time you write something that would reverse the view of your audience toward you, the one time you make a mistake in judgement like that, the universe shuts you down. I’m not one for a single, wise power or guardian angels, but somebody up there likes you…

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  5. Your post V reminds me of an episode of the Flinstones.
    Fred was angry at his boss, so he writes him a hate filled letter and drops into a mail box.
    He finds out that he was wrong about his boss and then the antics Fred goes through to stop that hate letter from reaching his boss’s desk.
    It truly is quite funny!

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  6. I saw the first line in the paragraph that made me interested in reading the rest of the article. It’s a begging of a great subject I think, especially that I find Vitriol in Alchemical writings.

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    1. Well I know that didn’t happen because she’s a bit of a loose cannon and I probably wouldn’t have a place to live if that were the case. Despite the fact that she desperately needs someone to tell her the truth. lol

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  7. It’s like, instead of saying something to someone, to make them know that their behavior is kind of awkward, like “I don’t appreciate what you said or done to me” rather saying: “What you did to me is disgusting! I f***ing hate you!!!” 🙂


  8. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve written scathing blog posts or emails. Filled with righteous indignation, I seem to take great pleasure in hitting the big red nuclear button and cackling with glee as I await mutually assured destruction…

    Until a short while afterwards when I’ve calmed down and massively regret being so inflammatory, trying to pick up the pieces of whatever relationship I’ve just destroyed.

    I’ve slowly got better though. In the last year I’ve only done this once, but that’s still one friendship too many that I’ve destroyed.

    For several years, I’ve been trying to practice Stoicism… I remind myself that other people often won’t do what I wish they’d do. Their behaviour is outside of my control. And all I really have control over is my own thoughts and behaviour (most of the time, anyway).

    The Stoic outlook is quite similar to the Buddhist approach. And it leaves me feeling much calmer. I don’t get in a flap quite as easily. And I rarely get angry when other people are rude, disrespectful, annoying etc.

    Weirdly, when my wife used to lose her temper, it would pass on to me. I would get very angry with her, and I felt fully justified… In my head I’d be expecting her to stay more calm, especially over small things. But now, when she sees red, I just say to myself, “She’s angry, and that’s OK. I’m going to choose to stay calm.”

    My quality of life has massively improved thanks to this Stoic approach. I’m more peaceful and calm. I realise that vitriolic emails and venting my frustration in the form of ranting complaints – that just makes things worse, for me, for the other person, for everyone.

    I’m sure I will still lose my shit occasionally. But in general I’m loving being more peaceful and in control of myself.


  9. Sometimes the universe REALLY steps in. There have been times I’ve done something, wanted to do something, and/or have spoken my mind only to have it intercepted one way or other. There were times I’ve told someone (I couldn’t stand) I’d help them (me, being the bigger person…”treat others as you’d have then treat you,” etc.) at a specific time/place, only to have something truly stop that from happening. Maybe their car broke down or the train I needed would have issues. Either way, I’d dread having to meet them: especially do anything to help them. I’d feign disappointment at our not being able to meet; secretly doing a happy dance mentally and at times physically, before DIVINE INTERVENTION kicked in somehow.


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