One last post of gratitude for today.

I would say the best moment from today was, one of the people who purchased a ‘Millennial Life Crisis’ shirt, took a picture of themself wearing the shirt and sent it to my Instagram DMs. (I’m horrible for checking my instagram DMs… sorrrrrrrrry)

It was a pretty cool thing to see. I don’t want to post their name/photo just in case they really don’t want it out there on blast to almost 5,000 people (I know I wouldn’t want mine), but if they see this, thank you. Thank you for sharing it with me. It was definitely the highlight of my day.

To those of you who bought shirts, thank you. I hope you love the shirt as much as I do.

Seeing that photo kind of reminded me that it’s not my #MillennialLifeCrisis, it’s much bigger than that. I can get so wrapped up in myself and my angst that I forget about the world out there.

To everyone who reads this blog, I’m infinitely grateful to each and every one of you for sharing your lives with me. I don’t think I could ever express how much.

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