Simple things I am grateful for today.

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some days are great and some days can feel as though everything in the world is falling into place. Then there are days, oh there are days, where I struggle to stay afloat. These are the days that I try to think of the things I am, and should be, thankful for. Some days it boosts my mood, other days it doesn’t. But every day it reminds me that I still have good things in my life, even when every fiber of my being is trying to tell me otherwise.

  1. I’m alive. It’s hard to be thankful for this when you’re in such a negative headspace all of the time, but truth be told, it’s a real blessing. I’m here, I’m breathing and I’m lucky for that.
  2. I have access to the internet. I use the internet for a lot. Looking for jobs. Pouring my heart out to this blog. Running social media accounts for Knight. Doing some consulting work. Watching copious amounts of Youtube videos and falling down various subject matter rabbit holes (the most recent of which being Mr. Atheist)
  3. The small pleasures in life. The sun, even if it is only up for a few hours each day. The smell of fresh brewed coffee. Hearing my niece and nephew laugh.
  4. The Tesla #CyberTruck is so badass. I want one. I want one sooooo bad. I’m going to get it one day. It will be mine. You just wait and see.
  5. The Cure – Pictures of You. This has been a favourite of mine for years and it’s a song that I go back to whether my mood good or bad. In my opinion, The Cure is music that will transcend generations and could quite possibly still be relevant 100 years from now.
  6. My foam roller. This rickety old body needs all the help it can get. And honestly, owning a foam roller is LIFE CHANGING for your muscles and joints.
  7. That I have a somewhat not-stupid head on my shoulders that keeps me on track. Staying the path of determination and stubbornness isn’t always a lucrative adventure monetarily, but I will get there. Rest assured, I will get there eventually.
  8. For these few minutes of peace I am getting tonight. Everyone’s gone out. I’m not sure if it’ll be 10 minutes, a half hour, an hour or even two. But I’m going to take advantage of this quiet while I’ve got it.
  9. Something Knight said to me on the phone two nights ago. I didn’t really say anything about it when he said it. And I haven’t mentioned it since. But I’ll probably remember it forever.

Sometimes, reminding yourself to be grateful is one of the most positive, and hardest steps you can take to make sure you get on with your day.

What are you grateful for today?

33 thoughts on “Simple things I am grateful for today.

  1. This is a great post V, and I think your gratitude list is perfect. The smell of coffee is a wonderful scent that reminds me of being inside a coffee shop or bakery. ☕️

    To answer your question, I am grateful for a free sample that came in the mail today. I’m also grateful for a video game that I finished today, which provided me 100+ hours of entertainment. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a game this much. 🌺

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    1. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a game to play and take your mind off of things for a while. I’m partial to Crash Bandicoot when I bust out the video games. What were you playing?

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  2. I feel you on the ups and downs! Gratitude is so important and I try to remind myself not to take things for granted – especially with the little things. Ex: Today I’m grateful that I got an awesome parking spot at work, that there was no line at the coffee shop when I went in, and that I got to work with my favorite coworker!

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    1. See, those are all small victories and bonuses that, if you let roll off your back, you can easily not notice each day. But, they are great things. I like your list.

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  3. This is lovely :0)
    I’m grateful that I didn’t slide off the cliff by our house (we had an ice storm last night) while driving to work this morning and that made me grateful for a load of other things!

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  4. I resonate with the point on the “small pleasures of life” such as looking at grass blades, and closing my eyes and feeling the sun on my eyelids. I’m currently studying Romantic Poetry, poets like Keats and Wordsworth, and their fascination with nature, and their feeling of nature being wonderful, are feeling that I wish I could have more, because that’s when I’m most peaceful. So that’s what I’m happy for

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  5. Love this. I shared it as a whatsapp status. Love ur blog posts. Today im grateful for my husband and son, for my family, for my 5 senses, being alive, for not being depressed today, and for so much more


  6. The songs of the birds, the soft purring of a contented cat, the warmth of the sun, the knowledge that all things will pass one day. And a comfortable mattress to ease my aching, aging body.


  7. I am grateful to be alive,to be able to chew food and able to swallow food. Grateful to be able to use the restroom for number 1 and number 2.Most often we take these things for granted. But until you cannot do it ,you will not be able to realize what you got.Some people want to be like Mike but I don’t want to be like Mike because Mike has his lane and I have my lane.In as much as I admire Mike but I want to be me and really reach my full POTENTIALS in the life.Why can’t I be better than Mike.And let Mike be Mike.


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