35 thoughts on “The downsides to consulting.

    1. This particular person is… well I sent an invoice, waited two weeks, sent a reminder. Then they said ‘Yeah, I’ll get to that in a few days’. Then, they sent me an E-transfer that was password protected and it said ‘I’ll send the password separately’. Then they never sent the password. When I asked them for the password they were like ‘Oh I cannot remember the password I’ll have to cancel that one and send a new one’.

      At this point in time they really are just totally screwing with me.


    1. It sucks that people are like this.
      Honestly, I would never leave a bill unpaid. The fact that people go out of their way too, I just don’t understand that mentality.


    1. This person knows me and knows my financial standing as of present – thus they’d know I’d be bullshitting if I said that. At this point they’re just trying to fuck with me… for god knows whatever reason.

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      1. Just don’t let it make you too resentful. I was screwed out of over $1,000 in royalties by my first publisher. Not much I could do. Karma will yield its ugly, yet beautiful head. If all you can do is wait to dance on their grave, take pleasure in shining your tap shoes.

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    1. It’s the CEO of a company. Hired me to do some work for an upcoming presentation, won’t pay the bill. And because it’s the CEO I have no one above them to casually send my invoice too…


    1. Thanks. I’m going back and forth with them still. My whole desire to have the money is that it would really help with black friday to buy some presents for Christmas. If it shoes up after black friday that’s going to suck. Though, I’m going to get paid no matter what. I’m not going to let it slide.

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      1. Absolutely. You provided a service, you are entitled to be properly reimbursed for your services. Like how others have said, I can’t imagine “not” paying someone for a service or product they have provided.

        I know it’s not pleasant, but you will get paid! And I do hope you can enjoy shopping for holiday gifts.

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  1. I paid $800 to a web artist once who did similar back-and-forth via email traffic, which I still have, and never received the items I paid for. Thank God for PayPal now because I won’t do business without it now. I even submitted info to the IRS about this bullshit. Still out my $800 all these years later…


  2. I gave my bank details to my client for the direct bank transfer and mentioned to get on wallet apps like google pay and all..
    I didn’t because you know.. If I lose the phone my money in my bank account is gone then..
    They transferd late…
    But, later they paid on time..

    Getting good clients is a ride and a luck..
    Are you a freelancer?

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    1. I would’t call myself a freelancer, no. More like an amateur. lol

      This was… kind of my first go at putting myself out there to see if anyone needed work done. People have been telling me to do it all year, and I just thought ‘yeah, I need money for the holidays’. So this is my second client ever. And first client who I’m chasing for payment.

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