Sending off job applications because I cannot sleep.

I applied for a job with a larger company that has offices in several cities across Canada. When the application was completed I got a notification that said:

“Thank you for applying for the position of —— ——- with ——— Company. Please check out our other vaccines by clicking here”



Not vacancies. Vaccines.

Who? What? How have they never noticed this ridiculous mistake of words? Has no one ever told them? Or have people told them and they just don’t care?

Naturally, I need to go to the ‘Vaccines Page’ to see what’s there. First thing I read at the top of the page is ‘Current Vaccines with ——– Company’.


My first task I do when I get this job is teach the difference between a vacancy and a vaccine.

37 thoughts on “Sending off job applications because I cannot sleep.

  1. Definitely sounds like the kind of company you do not want to end up working for. A term as simple as vacancies being written as vaccines is pretty horrendous. It’s hilarious how WordPress is now advertising posts about vaccines to me below this comments box too.

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    1. You’d think, with how tumultuous the discussion of vaccines is in 2019, they’d be more careful about their misspelling on their website. And if someone told them and they don’t care, that’s sad and pathetic.

      FYI – Pro Vaccinations – I just think from a company perspective, that’s likely a potential subject one wants to stay away from…

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  2. I love mistakes like that. One of my co-workers was recently tasked with writing a marketing thing for the company website – and sent me a copy of what he had written to review. Rather than rip it to pieces, I directed him to Grammarly πŸ™‚

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    1. HAHAHA! I never knew Grammarly existed until recently. At my last job, most people used to send me their stuff to edit before it went out. Which seems a bit backwards because my spelling and grammar on this blog is horrible! I’m pretty decent at editing though, I just don’t edit my posts before I hit publish. That being said, something like grammarly probably could have saved me a lot of time in my last job!!


  3. Omg.
    At first I’m think they want to make sure you have all of the vaccines they push on you then I read it again and I’m thinking they want you to purchase their vaccines and THEN I clued in finally. (Got coffee now, all good.) πŸ˜‚

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  4. How eNbarrassing! I bet working there would be a Knightmare.
    I had a similar experience while looking at condos in Seattle. The agent was away from her desk when I arrived, so she’d hung a nice laminated note on the door saying:
    Presently giving a tour, please have a seat and I will return shortly.
    Sorry for the incontinence.

    I’ll tell you, I appreciated the apology, but I did not want to risk sitting down anywhere! πŸ˜‚

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  5. I had to pop into the ER one night many moons ago. And the welcoming sign at triage said:
    “Please have patients, and wait your turn. Stand back to give the other patience’s privacy.”

    I died a little on the inside that night.


  6. Yeah… that’s a problem. Those are very different words. But, hey, if they’re making a flu vaccine available, you may want to check that out. I mean, I never get a flu vaccine because it’s always a gamble anyway. What if the strain that they’re trying to vaccinate against isn’t the strain that all the kids in my school are getting this year? Then I’m gonna get it anyway. Might as well take my chances and keep washing my hands and using sanitizer every time I play Candy Land with one of my students. Whoa… tangent…


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