Hey Universe, if you’re listening.

I have a phone interview tomorrow, for a really awesome position with a really awesome company, that starts in January. Universe, I don’t know if you’re listening or not, but if you are, how about you work some of your magic? I’ve seen you do it before and I could use some of it right about now.

It’d be awfully nice to have a new job to go to in 2020. Awfully nice indeed. Dare I go so far as to say it would make me have a very merry and happy Christmas? Because I really think this position could change things for me. I really think it could make me a better me, a new me, a happier me.

Is that selfish of me to ask for your help? I think that’s selfish of me to ask. I don’t care though. A girl’s gotta get her turn eventually, and this, this could be mine!

Universe, I would like this job. Not one three months from now, or six months from now, I want this one.

I would be so happy if they could like me enough to give me an in-person interview. I know once they met me they wouldn’t want to pass me up. I just need them to give me the in-person.

Goodness, I hope this goes well tomorrow.

Sincerely, A hopeful soul.

81 thoughts on “Hey Universe, if you’re listening.

  1. Be you. Be honest and sincere. And trust that what’s best for you is right ahead. Have faith, and be of good cheer! This is often what the universe tells me…Good luck! That,s what I’m telling you!


  2. Dear V, just wanted to say I loved your last post, which I can no no longer find. I wrote a huge long (and supportive) comment and then chickened out posting it because it was so long could have been a blog post itself. Anyway. Warrior on. The post was perfect and necessary and brave and awesome.


    1. I don’t know where it went? I went to have a shower and came back and it was gone. Is this what happens when you get reported? I don’t know…. I’m so confused.

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      1. I subscribe to your blog, so I receive your posts via email. I see it’s not in my reader app though which is definitely weird. Would you like a copy? I don’t see any reason why it would have been reported or taken down?


  3. I didn’t get a chance to see the missing post…and I am very sorry about that.
    How did the interview go? How do all these employers not see your awesomeness? Here’s hoping the phone interview one DID hear what we all hear 😉


  4. Before you get on the phone, take a moment to FEEL like you already have the job, feel that confidence and eager anticipation. Let that be your vibe (not how much you NEED it). Be yourself and let them know you and what you’ve got to bring to the table. Enjoy the conversation and watch what happens!

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