I made a post, I thought it was kind of awesome.

It was up.

People were commenting.

Now it’s gone?


Where did it go?

25 thoughts on “Whaaaaaat?

    1. I kind of want to rewrite it but I also want to find it because I don’t think I could rewrite it as good. Also, I can see your comment sitting there. It’s marked as waiting for approval and I can’t approve it because there’s no post. And it’s such an important comment. Like… Sending you love ā¤ Also, thank you for commenting. Also, I hope people get to see the comment and that I can find this post. You're very strong and incredible.

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  1. Hello V,
    Oh no! That is terrible.
    May I ask, is it the post you had published immediately before this one? If so, I should be able to send it to you (I receive email notification when you publish a new post, and the email contains the article… I hope it makes sense)

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      1. I sent an email. I’ve marked it “high” priority so hopefully it is not in your spam folder. If you can reply to that email (to confirm you received it) it would be much appreciated. Hope this helps! (hugs)

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    1. I had someone send it to me. So I have the text, so to speak. I’m debating reposting it. But I’m thinking I might want to wait a couple of weeks until talk of it dies down and people forget about it. I’ve gotten a lot of negative reviews about it so I want them to… move along (hopefully they’ll take off) and then maybe I can repost it in a few weeks I feel like if I reposted it right now it’d just get reported again right away.


    1. I think, as with anywhere in life, if you say something that pisses someone off or, in my case, offends them with serious subject matter they don’t think I should be posting, they can take issue with it. In a bar, I’d probably be told to shut up. On wordpress, I just get reported/flagged.

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