Starting in January

I’ve thought a lot about it and one of the things that I would like to do, starting in January, is a series (or maybe a one off depending on who wants to participate or not) about careers. What is your career? How’d you land in your current role? What drew you to the industry? What is your education? What are the requirements to do what you do?

If anyone would like to take part, and be my first guinea pig for the series please email me at

Whether you have a relatively common job, such as a teacher or a nurse, or a relatively uncommon job, such as a Biochemical Engineer or the Travel Agent for the British Royals, or anything in between, I’d love to hear about it.

FYI: The series (or one off) won’t give away any specifics, like the name of your employer, I just want to do a series on careers and what people do to achieve them.

Update: I’ve gotten a lot of responses since posting this! More than I ever thought I’d get. It might take me a couple of days to get back to you. But there are some pretty cool people with some pretty cool jobs that I look forward to sharing more about in January!

I’ve you’ve sent me an email, I will send you one back, I promise! It might just take me a day or two!

32 thoughts on “Starting in January

  1. I’m definitely far from having a career. By now, I thought I would have one. I do this thing called being a housewife. It’s not as exciting as it sounds, and actually quite boring most days. My life is sorta a dumpster fire right now🔥

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      1. Being a mom/housewife is tough. For what it’s worth, Hilary I’d love to include you and talk about student life, and Holly, I am sure we could talk about a lot to make a post about housewife life. I know how hard work is being a housewife.

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    1. A Homemaker is one of the most difficult, under appreciated and under paid jobs you could have! You are essentially the CEO of your home and in some cases you are also a secretary, an interior designer, a teacher, a housekeeper, a chef, a hairstylist, a janitor, a mechanic, chauffeur, etc. I know I’m missing many different roles in that list. As a homemaker you are judged ruthlessly on the look of home inside and out, on your kids presentation (if you have any), your social life and so many more things. It’s hard with too many judgments and expectations.

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      1. Thank you for commenting, Angie. I’m happy that you can relate to this!

        I’m in the process of juggling other jobs that get little to no recognition at all, sadly. My housewife efforts often go unnoticed or underappreciated. I wonder why I even have a LinkedIn account since I don’t have a much to show for it. Sure, I may be a degree holder which didn’t lead to anything significant, but I don’t have a personal “brand,” I don’t have a business, and honestly, I’m trying to figure out what I’m actually supposed to be doing. Being a mom is a challenging job in itself which often pays $0 for one’s efforts. Add being a student to the mix (hello debt) and it gets quite complicated and expensive, very quickly.

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      2. Our job may pay nothing with little recognition but it’s the most important one in the world. We need to teach our little humans survival skills to help get them through whatever this world is coming to. We need to teach them compassion and the importance of kindness and responsibility. The most qualified person for this job is you! It’s all mothers out there. We need to help each other out and try really hard not to forget our value and worth in this world and to the little humans we are molding into brave, kind, smart, young adults 🙂


  2. You can do an email interview with me if you want 🙂 I’m a software and web developer. I was one of the kids in the 1980s with a home computer that my Dad brought home. Thirty years on, I work for a Microsoft partner on all sorts of commercial projects.


  3. I have had a few different jobs in my lifetime: fast food, pizza delivery, daycare worker, substitute teacher, nursing assistant in hospital and nursing homes. I got into work in National Parks in education needed and easy to transfer to new locations if wanted.


      1. I really enjoy it.. I have never had a passport, but I get to meet people from all over the world. I have a few books that teach you how to speak French (I want to learn in order to communicate better with guests from France).

        Where else could I live for a few months or few years, that some people pay to visit for just a weekend?


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