Please excuse the caps. I’m just THAT excited.

In follow up to ‘The Downsides to Consulting‘, I finally got paid. It didn’t come in time for Black Friday, which was a huge bummer. I wanted to use the money to buy some Christmas presents for some people in my life for cheaper than they would inevitably be this week, but nevertheless, I still got paid!

Ironically (not ironically, more like coincidentally) the money came today because of the fact that they have another project request for me today.

‘Okay, I’ll pay you now because I need something from you again.’

It can, at times, be a very vicious circle.

If you’re freelancing/consulting, please don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. If you do the work, you deserve to get paid. Don’t let people delay payment, give excuses, prolong things.

Like mentioned in the comments of my last post about this subject, a person would never leave a hair salon without paying for the services they just had done, whether it cut, dyed or styled. So, a person should not take over a month to pay an invoice for the work you complete for them for a project.

Stand your ground.

Your value is mighty. You got this.

54 thoughts on “I FINALLY GOT PAID.

  1. Also: I once had a business partner who was horrendous at paying me on time (i.e. within 30 days of the invoice). In the end I moved to 7 days and if he didn’t pay on time I simply stopped responding to his emails and messages until he did. Such a shame, it really soured our otherwise pretty good working arrangements.

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    1. YES! I am unemployed and this money will quickly be spent on Christmas presents. So, with only a couple hundred dollars to my name, I need to take all the projects I can get!


    1. We had a stern conversation about how I cannot wait more than a month and a half to get paid for things, especially when I know they have the money to pay me immediately. So hopefully this never happens again!

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  2. Oh, geez… I have friends who freelance, and they have stories! I’m glad that they paid you, even if it took them needing more work from you. I’m also glad that they’re paying you instead of pulling, as a friend once dealt with, “I’ll give you part of what I already owe you, and promise to pay the rest when you complete this new job.”

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  3. Congrats. I know exactly how you feel. My last payment was over a month overdue and I got tired of following up. Finally, came through. Better late than never, I guess!


  4. Congrats! I hear that all the time from my freelance journalist son; he routinely has to bug his editors multiple times. And sometimes they ask for more even though they didn’t pay him for the previous work!

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    1. I know we’ve spoken about it before but he must be a really resilient soul to keep at it full time. Only dealing with two clients lately has brought a lot of drama. ugh. People just need to pay their bills on time.

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  5. Congratulations! I can totally understand what you went through to get your paycheck. These employers need to be reminded sometime,that we,employees also need the money!πŸ˜…


  6. This is such a mighty post.
    True, many freelancers are not getting paid for their hard work.
    Standing your ground is very important- as you have mentioned. Platforms like https://www.therisr.com/ promise that they would protect their freelancers and I really hope they would.

    Thanks a lot for this post, it gave me all the reason to fight for my right to be paid especially when I have actually done my part as a freelancer.

    Do keep safe and I hope you all the success in your journey.


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