82 thoughts on “Of all the things people warn about getting old

    1. I’ve contemplated CBD Oil. Thing is, in Canada we have to give over our driver’s license and go into public records as having purchased it. And, if we do, the United States could block us entry into the country because of it. So I’ve always shyed away.

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  1. Oh wow! Was just speaking about exactly this with my sister. Talking about how I’m 33 but have felt about 40 since I was around 27.


      1. Sorry again ;)) and thanks. :)) The post truly made me laugh in a good way; thought it was great. Same with all the comments.


  2. Ammm darling – these discoveries just keep on coming:)When I hit 30 I discovered that no – actually I won’t be able to eat Pizza at 10:30 at night and still rock my bodycon dress the next morning. (Now I need someone to remind me what a bodycon dress looks like) anyways. There are some amazing things to discover in your 30 – just putting it out there.

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  3. Back in my late 20s, a friend who’s a few years older than me warned me that as soon as I hit 30, that’s when things would just randomly begin to ache. Joints would randomly start popping and cracking. She was so right. Now, whenever I discover a new ache or pain, I wonder if I’ve done something to temporarily hurt myself or if I just need to accept it as the new normal.

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