Twitter tips for bloggers

Include your blog link in your twitter ‘bio’ section. When people do click on and open up your twitter page, if you’re really committed to driving traffic to your blog, have your link right there, listed in your blog bio. Make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for them to find your blog.

Use twitter to show off your personality. Tweet tidbits of your life, or the shows you’re watching, share your sense of humour. Let people know who you really are in small tidbits – 280 characters at a time. I can say with utmost certainty there are blogs I follow on WordPress that I’ve found I appreciated the Blog Author so much more when I started following them on twitter and started learning so much more about their personality. Show of yours! Be candid. Be friendly. Be yourself.

Don’t just tweet your posts link. In the tweet provide a description of your post, or, provide a quote from within your post. People don’t just blindly click links on twitter. They want to know what they’re clicking on.

If you can, add a photo to your tweet. You know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, if you only have 280 characters on twitter, use your choice of photograph to give you those extra thousand words.

Follow Blog-Share accounts. These are accounts specifically set up on twitter to allow bloggers to share their work and to meet other bloggers. Some of these include: @bloggershut, @goldenbloggerz, @bloggerstribe. It’s basically an opportunity for free promotion. Follow them and take advantage of the platform they provide! They typically post threads for bloggers to share their posts and when they’re not posting threads they just ask for you to use their hashtag when sharing your post and they’ll retweet it and share it to their base that includes thousands of followers. It’s free promotion, easy promotion and a great way to interact with other bloggers.

Be Social. Talk. Make friends. Follow people without worrying if they’re going to follow you back. This one is important. People tend to tweet Twitter like it’s a popularity contest. It’s not. If properly executed it can be a positive means for you to promote your blog, content and self. The catch is: you have to let go of tracking if everyone you’re following is following you. You have to let go of the thought that thousands of people are going to just up and follow you. Unless you’re Ariana Grande and just haven’t told me yet, it’s all likel that your growth will be slow and organic in nature. Follow people based on if you like their content/personality/tweets. Don’t follow people with the expectation they follow you back. You want people to follow you because they want to, not because they feel an obligation to. And trust me, if you’re genuine, people will sense that and follow you out of choice, not obligation.

Jump on trending hashtags where you can. A few days ago there was one #3ThingsIWantInMyStocking. If you’re on twitter and see hashtags of this nature, share your thoughts. They’re popular tags because people are sharing and reading these tweets. Open up your opportunity to meet new people. And if you read something funny within the hashtag, like it. Let the random stranger know they appreciated their tweet.

Tweet consistently. Just like with blogging, people like to follow twitter accounts that are consistently updated. Whether it’s daily, or weekly, ensure that you’re using Twitter consistently. If you’re tweeting a couple of posts and then don’t use your Twitter account for a month, then people are going to get bored and likely unfollow you. Twitter is about interaction, and if you’re not interacting, you’re not going to see growth.

Tweetdeck is a free service that allows you to schedule all of your tweets in advance. Many services that allow you to schedule tweets will charge you for their service. Tweetdeck is COMPLETELY FREE! You need not make an account, your Twitter account is what Tweetdeck needs, you just have to allow Tweetdeck access. And, you can use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets across multiple accounts. The catch? You can’t post threads on Tweetdeck and you can’t post emojis. Realistically, though, you don’t need either of those things if you’re scheduling promotional tweets for your blog.

Tweetdeck is great if you work full time during the day or have a busy life and kiddos to look after. You can schedule your tweets so you don’t have to worry about logging in during the day to post. You can sit down at night after all the kiddos have gone to bed and schedule your post for the next day. Then, if you do get a chance to read twitter during the day, you don’t have to worry about posting, you’re at that point just browsing!

Ask your WordPress followers what their Twitter handles are. Want to make instantaneous connections on Twitter? Tell your WordPress followers that you’ve got a Twitter account and ask them for their Twitter handles. If you’re new or just starting out, this is an easy way of forming connections immediately.

Shameless self promotion: My Twitter handle is @MillennialMe88

49 thoughts on “Twitter tips for bloggers

      1. Sorry V – Usually I copy my blog link and then go over and paste it in twitter with a bit of a description hit post and wallah! done. Not so much with tweet deck – it doesn’t seem to want to post – I’ll try it via the mac (currently doing it on the phone) see if that works

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      2. It’s worth noting that any link you put into tweetdeck won’t be active until its posted to twitter. Itll just look like regular text in tweet deck.

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      3. It shouldn’t be disappearing. It should show be showing up in your ‘schedule posts’ column.

        With tweetdeck you can either hit ‘tweet’ below the tweet you’ve written, or you can go two buttons down and schedule the tweet. That’s where you pick a date and time for it to go live. Once you have it scheduled ‘tweet’ will change to ‘tweet on (WHatever date you’ve chosen)’ and it will go into your scheduled column until that date and time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these Twitter tips! Thanks for sharing the love to BloggersHut! I found TweetDeck super helpful with scheduling tweets :). It saves so much time when it comes to sharing content at specific times.

    Nancy β™₯

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  2. Another fab post. I love tweetdeck, learnt about it early on in my blogging experience, it is so easy to use. I did not know about bloggers on twitter who help share our content so thanks for that. Great post . I am twitter I think my handle is the same as my blog name

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  3. That is such great advice. Especially the little tidbits of your life on Twitter. Nothing is worse than people that only post links all the time (I might be a bit bad about that in super busy periods)
    Also, Crowdfire let’s you schedule posts for free (it got paid options too) and it can connect with your blog too so it’s easy to schedule tweets with your blogposts ❀️

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  4. I always enjoy your posts.

    Either you’re heart-breakingly honest (which is refreshing), or you make me laugh (which is fun), or – as in this post – you’re practical and informative (which is helpful).

    Thank you so much! I appreciate you. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m not the biggest fan of Twitter because of how much content there is and how fast things become irrelevant. I started getting into it a bit. I will have to try to be on the lookout for trending hashtags. Good idea. Thanks for sharing.

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