Worries and such.

I had a dizzy spell yesterday. I lost peripheral vision for a short period and it was so bad that I was too scared to drive anywhere. I didn’t want to worry anyone so I told my family that I was going to call my best friend so that they wouldn’t bug me while they thought I was on the phone and I ended up staying in bed for several hours because of it. I actually fell down the stairs as I was heading to my room, which really scared me. My anxious mind wandered a lot of places and my rational mind told me I should just sleep it off.

I fell down the seedy dark corners of trying to diagnose myself using google and found nothing good.

The one good thing I did find is that you can get blurred peripheral vision from severe sinus pressure and head pressure. I’ve been battling a nasty sinus infection and, because if it, woke up with a pretty horrendous headache yesterday.

I’m chalking it up to that, for now.

It went away after I laid in the dark for a while.

I do not need to diagnose myself on google anymore. If anything else happens, a doctor can tell me what’s wrong with me.

49 thoughts on “Worries and such.

  1. Google searches never usually end well for me either. They leave me with a sense of both wonder and terror. I am sorry to hear about your dizzy spell and fall. I’ve had many sinus infections and it can definitely do that to you. I had a panic attack the other day while driving (bit of a back story there) and felt dizzy and had to pull over. I understand how scary it is, it’s not fun. I hope you feel better soon!

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  2. wow I can definitely relate. I actually passed out at work when I was seven months pregnant not because I was sick but because I didn’t eat and was over exerting myself. It’s a pretty scary place to be in pregnant or not so please get some rest and if a doctor is needed try having someone drive you, you do not want to pass out behind the wheel. best wishes love.

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      1. It’s highly possible that it could have been an ocular vision/aura. I get them occasionally, and they’re usually triggered by stress. They happen spontaneously and seem to be unpredictable. It’s not safe to drive if you have one of these migraines!

        Imagine a bonfire outside and that someone is sitting across from you. Look at the person across from you while looking towards the smoke/flames. Your vision will be wavy. If it’s similar to that, it’s likely an ocular migraine. Usually these migraines result in pain after the aura happens.


      2. The migraines come right after or during the auras, but they don’t always happen. So if you didn’t get a migraine [this time], then you’re really “lucky.”

        Unfortunately, after my first experience with these ocular migraines in Grade 12, I’ve had them ever since. Hopefully, this isn’t a reoccurring thing for you!

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  3. I almost lost my left eye to retina detachment. My vision was wonky and I thought it was stress. Thankfully I went to the eye doc and they dilated my eyes. I went for emergency surgery the next day. Doc said I had 2 weeks and my eye would have been toast. Please, please, please pay attention to your vision. Sounds like yours is a sinus thing but please pay close attention.

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    1. That’s very scary what happened to you. I’m so sorry! Also, that’s heightened my anxiety today. I’m telling myself that if it happens again I’m going to the doctor. I don’t need to lose my eye.

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      1. It’s all good, I can see perfectly fine now 🙂 Didn’t mean to freak you out, and yes you don’t need to loose an eye.


  4. Dr Google will always lead me to cancer lol If you’re worried, then you should probably go to the doctor. When I have anxiety attacks though, I lose some of my vision. Sending much healing and positive vibrations to you 🙂

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    1. Thank You ❤
      I've never lost vision due to anxiety, but I've heard it can happen. That must really suck. I couldn't imagine because I get anxious alot. Having blurry vision would likely be really hard thing to cope with.


  5. Can definitely be sinuses! I had this issue several years ago, and the dizziness was so bad, I had to refocus my attention after doing something simple like looking both ways at a stop sign. I was also terrified that had some insane brain tumor or something, but nope – just sinuses. Happened to my husband last week too. Every time he stood up he got dizzy.

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  6. Saw the comment about an ocular migraine. I’ve had these a couple of times–the first one happened when I was driving alone (stellar timing, lol). I visited my eye doctor to confirm what it was and they ran tests. They were a little different each time. The zigzags I saw reminded me of old televisions that couldn’t pick up a channel. Very odd.

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    1. I’ve never had a full ocular migraine before, and luckily that day didn’t turn into a migraine, but after reading those comments that sounds really scary! And unpleasant.

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      1. Are you spiritual? Do you have any interest in such things? I believe learning about self, mindfulness and holistic wellness is a must for all especially anxiety sufferers. Learning about energy and how it flows through your chakras could be your first step. Learning to breathe and ground yourself could help you with dizzy spells


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