A rant about Facebook Marketplace.

One of the things I promised my parents this year was that I would help them get rid of a lot of the things they’ve been keeping in their house that they really don’t need. A lot of the things they have are worth money, but they’ve been sitting in the dark corners of their basement for YEARS. So, I told them that I’d post these things on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace to see if they could sell.

My mom solely uses Facebook as a means to see pictures of her grandchildren, so when I mentioned Marketplace to her she said she didn’t want to deal with it. Fair. Fine. I told her I’d post them to Marketplace and deal with the people if she actually went to meet them.

Facebook Marketplace might just be the most aggravating sale platform on the internet.

First and foremost, there seems to be no reason nor rhyme as to what is allowed and what isn’t. I posted a pair of mens NewBalance shoes, Facebook told me that my ad was misleading and against the Facebook Commerce Community Guidelines. I read the Commerce Community Guidelines and it wasn’t in violation, so I appealed their decision.

Also, there are mens sneakers all over Facebook Marketplace, so I really didn’t think that my ad was against anything…

In the mean time, while my appeal was being read, I posed a pair of Ladies NewBalance Sneakers. This ad went up fine. So I presumed my appeal on the men’s pair was going to be accepted.

Nope. Three hours later, Facebook said their ruling stands and that it was misleading of me to post those shoes and it was in direct violation of their Commerce Community Guidelines.


Dear Facebook: The difference between these ads is that one says mens and one says ladies.

Whatever. I left the ladies sneakers up, and just put the Mens sneakers on Kijiji.

Secondly: I honestly thought I was taking the easy job in telling my parents I’d set up a time and place for them to go and meet someone. Nope.

I genuinely think some people just message you to try and piss you off. I get the whole haggling scheme, or trying to score a deal. But if someone says no the first time, people really ought to listen to that.

The following was one conversation, with one person, over a period of six hours yesterday. The person took several long breaks between messaging me but seemed to always come back to try and haggle some more.

Me: Cost is $10. Cash only. Must pick up.
FBMP: Do you take Etransfer?
Me: No.
FBMP: Will you take $5?
Me: No
FBMP: Can I trade you item for item?
Me: No
FBMP: Do you deliver?
Me: No
FBMP: Can you find someone to deliver?
Me: No. You must pick up.
FBMP: They’re not worth $10 though.
Me: Then don’t buy them.
FBMP: Wow, you’re snooty.
Me: Thank you. These are now pending sale. Have a nice night.
FBMP: Okay, I’ll come pick them up right now.
Me: One, they’re pending sale for someone else. Two, it’s 10:30 at night. Goodnight.
FBMP: I’ll come to your house.
Me: No.
FBMP: But I really want them.
FBMP: I can come right now.
FBMP: Come on. Cash in your pocket.
FBMP: Answer Me.
Me: Please stop messaging me.
FBMP: Wow, you’re a bitch.

I’m exhausted just from this one conversation alone. I can’t till if this woman was crazy, intentionally trying to piss me off, or just annoying and doesn’t realize it.

Regretting my decision to add things to Facebook Marketplace.


45 thoughts on “A rant about Facebook Marketplace.

  1. 😮😮😮 oh wow!!! I don’t even know what to say!

    Sorry you had to deal with that person, Oh my god!

    One thing I believe is people have lost their tact, common sense and consideration, nowadays! (Not to sound like I am 100 or anything but is true!)

    That’s incredible – this is why I don’t trust people!

    My own Facebook – I have never sold anything or really looked at marketplace … but even with just family and people I actually know on my Facebook – I keep the privacy extreme. Your mom must be my age lol… I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that either lol … when I have used Facebook it is only to stay in touch with family and friends on East coast … updates on my kids and things like that. I definitely do not trust online people! Bad enough in person lol

    I’m working on that – not well – but trying lol ✌️😄

    Hope you don’t have to deal with too many crazies! 😮

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    1. My mom’s 65. She doesn’t like the Marketplace, but realistically, her facebook account is her first name and her maiden name. So, I’m reminding her that the last time someone could find records of her maiden name is in the 70’s, and she’s meeting people in public and with my dad so she’s never alone.. Plus, she likes the money. lol

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      1. Hahaha – she sounds funny … I am the same way… I am 47 though – but sometimes feel 90. 😉

        I am also very private and hold things very guarded – my kids are very online savvy … I can relate to your mom completely … my kids also laugh at me with that. Just too many people hacking and scamming … we didn’t have all this at our fingertips growing up.

        I make them do that stuff for me too lol ✌️😄 they are comfortable – I am not lol

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  2. I haven’t really had a bad experience with FB marketplace. I use Nick’s account if there’s something I want to sell. For a while I used it to sell some of my electronics. The most aggravating platform for me has been Kijiji.

    I haven’t had ANY luck selling clothing or essential oils on either platform yet. So far the items that seem to sell best are electronics (MacBooks, iPods, video games etc.)

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    1. I started selling on Kijiji after you told me about it earlier this year. Just trying to help my parents get rid of their junk! It’s only been about two or three weeks that I’ve tried Facebook marketplace and I’ve noticed A LOT more people are finding things on Marketplace. I’d imagine electronics are an easy sell!

      Yeah, I can imagine how essential oils would be a harddddd sell!

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      1. It’s a good way to get rid of stuff. I wish I could sell things while in Ontario but I don’t know my way around KW. I’m terrible with maps, and I highly doubt that my mom would be comfortable with the idea of me meeting a stranger 😂 I would LOVE to clear out their basement too. There’s so much stuff that they’re unable to turn it into a living space.

        Yep, it seems like marketplace is more popular than Kijiji these days. Use whatever works best for you. There’s a ton of low ballers on every platform which is incredibly annoying. 😒

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      1. You’re welcome lol.

        Wtf, this was 2 months ago? 2.5 months? 😆. That’s depressing 😅. I got another laugh at of your post, anyway lol.


  3. Yup. That sounds very familiar. I sold a tv on FB earlier this year and left the transaction hoping the planet throws us off sooner rather than later.
    I actually can’t believe I’m the same species as some of these social media denizens.

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  4. ouch! Ive been there before thats why I always end up putting my stuff up for dirt cheap so I dont have to haggle. And ppl still tell you they are going to meet you or whatever then no show. Annoying waste of time.

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    1. That was kind of my outlook. Yet people still haggle.
      Brand new sneakers? People are all “Can I have these for free?’ lol
      Oh and the no shows are annoying to! Don’t waste my time. lol

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      1. He he. Wonder what Facebook is collecting from that data. Least eBay shares some of the insights, “That thing is crap it sold for a dollar…”

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  5. People in my area are super flaky. I was trying to sell a keyboard that was a week old. It was worth almost 300. I was selling it for $270. Knocked off shipping and GST. People were still low balling me. One guy offered $100 because my post had been up for THREE weeks! I’m like, dude. This has been used like two times. People are scum. And not reliable at all.

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  6. Don’t even get me started. I listed a Blue Yeti microphone yesterday because my ASMR ambitions just aren’t working out, £100 nearly new, I had an offer for £20. I also listed a Canon EOS 4000D in a similar condition for £200, someone wanted to buy it for £332. Likewise, I get the haggling idea, but there is haggling and there is just being ridiculous. Haggling is knocking 10% off, not huge swathes of someone else’s money. I’ll he advertising both items on Ebay after Christmas, though Ebay can be just as vexing in itself.

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      1. Thankyou. The best I ever had was selling some £25 gold earrings and the buyer opened an INR case, only to follow up after a full refund and say “thankyou, nice earrings xx”. Now everything goes tracked!

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  7. Facebook Marketplace has some serious algorithm issues. I got the ‘against community standards’ for a floor lamp. I appealed with ‘it’s a FLOOR LAMP’ and they allowed me to put it back up. I had 15 people inquire about it. 5 said they’d come to pick it up and ghosted before 1 person did come and buy it.

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    1. It’s annoying as heck when people say they’re gong to come get it and they don’t show! I’ve had two people not show so far.

      Like… if you back then tell me. No sweat. I don’t know you so I don’t care. Don’t waste my time.

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  8. I’m so sorry to hear this, some people just can’t take a hint. Yes it’s ok to ask but within reason!

    eBay can be just the same. I have now set very strict buyer requirements for this reason, people saying ‘it was my child who bid on the item’ ‘I bid not realising postage wasn’t free, please cancel the sale’ *item says Collection Only* ‘can you send it via courier?’ ‘What’s the lowest you’ll go for this?’. Anybody who does this to me has their name added to the Blocked Bidder’s List. I don’t want people like that buying from me.

    I have now had to deal with a particularly taxing individual who bought something from me which had to be sent abroad via eBay’s Global Shipping Programme. I have the receipt for postage and email to say the item has arrived at the depot safely.

    It then got stuck and disappeared at eBay’s depot, and eBay said to me to tell the buyer to make a claim for it so they could reinburse us both, as it was not my fault this happened. I did this. Buyer did not do this within the time frame which is 45 days and they now have to make a claim through PayPal. I emailed them and explained how to do this on the beginning of December. As you can probably guess, I am still waiting for the buyer to make their claim through PayPal….

    If Paypal rules in their favour and asks me to refund them rather than PayPal, I will be seriously angry. If that happens I will remove the GSP option from all my listings.

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  9. I have never used that platform. With all the feminism going around, maybe Facebook is trying to boost women’s rights to good shoes by declining it to men?

    This conversation seems hilarious, but I can imagine it was infuriating to you.

    I’ve had multiple people tell me that Marketplace is AMAZING. *shrug*

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