Things I wish would die in 2020

All of the following opinions are completely my own. If you disagree with me, that’s totally okay. I’d be happy to have open and honest discussions about that, so long as it’s done in a respectful manner.

OVERCONSUMPTION. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. You do not need a closet filled with clothing you’ll never wear. I don’t care if the display is pretty. It’s not necessary. Having a lot of one thing, or many things, does not make you cooler. What’s cool is making use of what you have. What’s cool is investing your money in pieces that will last for a long time, things that you will love and appreciate and be good to you.

Single-use plastics. These have got to go. You can buy cloth grocery bags at the Dollar Store for 50 cents each. You can buy produce bags for just a few dollars, or make your own for free. Food that comes in plastic can come in glass jars, or recyclable cardboard. Water bottles? Well it’s 2019, if you don’t have a reusable water bottle at this stage of the game, you’re behind the times. Will it be a slow transition? Probably. But I’m genuinely hoping the world as a whole takes more strides in the direction of eliminating single use plastics and that I don’t have to see so many photos of whales with red-solo-cups found in their belly.

“What I eat in a day” videos on YouTube. On the rare occasion I stumble across a YouTuber who showcases what they eat in a day and it’s actually proper, balanced nutritional intake for a 24 hour period, they’re typically the YouTube videos that only have 100 views. The people who get views are those that promote really unhealthy or dangerous diets. They promote extreme levels of intermittent fasting, or just all in all, are making under-eating look glamorous.

Something that a lot of people don’t understand is that, just because you’re eating a lot of Kale doesn’t mean that you’re eating healthy. We just treat food as food. You know… green is good. Potato chips are bad. Simple concepts like that the masses know and understand. But most people don’t take a deep dive into what proper nutrition is for them and their own body. A diet that’s right for you isn’t going to be the same as the diet of a girl with 1.5 million subscribers on youtube.

You need regular doses of vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins to keep your body functioning properly and to be taking in the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Watching someone drink their first two meals of the day and then eat a half a salad for dinner is dangerous misinformation. And honestly, I can’t prove it, but I’d bet they’re eating a lot more behind the scenes that they aren’t showing you. There’s a reason why there have been so many ‘scandals’ in the YouTube Vegan Community this year and why one of the most famous YouTube Vegans who sold meal plan guides and promoted her raw vegan lifestyle for several years was caught with a plate of fish in front of her and fessed up to eating animal products all along. Your body needs proper fuel to function properly. So please don’t believe when the pretty, skinny girl on YoutTube is telling you. If Nutrition is that important to you, save up some cash and go see a Nutritionist.

Bike Shorts. I don’t understand this trend and I never have. I’ll say it – they’re not flattering. Whether you’re size 2, size 12 or size 22, these don’t look good on people. I understand the use of them if you’re actually biking, but unless you’re about to get on your bike and ride 70 miles, why are they being worn? Some of (what I consider to be) the most beautiful women in the world I have seen wearing bike shorts this year and they just don’t look good. Girls everywhere, please find a new trend!

College/University Textbooks. For too many years too many trees have had to die for overpriced, underused College/University Textbooks. Professors know this. They know students aren’t reading 1200 pages of content in four months when they have four other subjects to do as well. They tell students they know this. They told us this when I was in University from 2006-2010. So, let’s be real. It’s 2019. Everyone is practically required to have a computer, and likely a tablet/Ipad to get through their degree. Why can there not be digital copies of a textbook? There has to be a better solution. Couldn’t students purchase digital copies? Copyright materials have protections now better than ever before. And could someone hack them? Maybe. What’s the likelihood of every college/university textbook material on earth being hacked and distributed? It just seems as though there could be better options.

The Penny. This is nothing to do with Canada (as we did away with the penny years ago). This is to specifically take aim at any country that uses the penny as a unit of currency. To use the United States of America as an example, it costs 22 cents to make one single penny in the USA. That’s right, it takes 22 cents to put 1 cent into circulation. In 2018 the United States produced roughly 7.5 billion pennies. 22 cents times 7.5 billion is a whole lot of money spent on a currency that is practically useless in society and could easily be done without.

Vaping. It’s not cool. It’s not cute. It’s not good for you, your health or your well being. People all over the world are getting sick and dying from Vaping related illnesses. Physicians and researches have yet to get a full grasp on what effects it has on the body. If you quit smoking and started vaping, you likely should assess why you’re jumping from one addiction to another. And if you started vaping without ever smoking, just stop. Find a hobby.

Facetune. I’m so tired of seeing people change their entire appearance in photos. Facetune is probably the worst app that was ever invented. Actually, I’ll just go ahead and say it, it’s not probably the worst app, it is the worst app. Prior to Facetune, we had to remind ourselves that magazines were photoshopped and try to not compare ourselves to the men and women that graced the pages. Now, everyone has the potential to change their appearance in it’s entirety. And, since society is a beauty worshiping pit of vanity, Facetune sells. Changing your appearance sells. As a society we’ve accepted these completely unrealistic standards of beauty that is a waist so small a woman’s arms look larger than their waist, or lips so large, they take up half their face. It’s dangerous, not just to vulnerable minds, but to all of us. If we see something enough times, we normalize it. These overly Facetuned images should never be normalized.

An excess of lip injections. I would like to stipulate that I have no problem with lip injections, when done properly. A lot of women have an insecurity about their lips and I can understand the desire to fix that. But, A LOT of women take it too far. A lot of women will get so much lip injections at one time that they begin to take on the appearance of what resembles that of baboon lips. It’s not cute. It doesn’t look natural.

Mukbang. I don’t like watching people eat. I don’t understand the point. I think it’s even more annoying to watch people try to eat and talk at the same time. And, a lot of people look really disgusting when they’re eating. I also, personally, hate the sound of people chewing. Mukbangs need to go out of style. Fast.

Crop Tops. I’m 31 years old. Dear EVERY brand on earth, I want a full shirt. Midriffs are so fifteen years ago, honestly. If someone wants a crop top, they should have to cut it themselves. It’s bloody ridiculous to go into a store and see the women’s clothing section filled with cropped shirts and cropped sweatshirts that are $80+. If it’s half the shirt, it should be half the price… Bring back full shirts.

Tiny sunglasses. They’re not cute. They’re not functional. They’re basically a useless accessory for you to spend your money on and to look stupid on your face. I’ve yet to see someone pull them off. The point of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun. If your sunglasses aren’t doing that, why are you wearing them on your face? My apologies to anyone who likes them, but my opinion stands. This is a trend that needs to die in 2020.

What are some things you wish would die in 2020?

102 thoughts on “Things I wish would die in 2020

  1. Love this post. I will maybe write one in response to your closing question. The way I feel this afternoon, my first answer would be me. BUT, that’s not really how I feel, it’s just another shitty day with anxiety. The battle continues…

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  2. Piggy-backing on your college textbooks gripe, the perception that brick and mortar schools are the sole gatekeepers of education. We live in the Information Age, with a cheap smart phone and an internet connection, one can gain knowledge on almost any subject in seconds. Online schooling is just as legitimate as schooling in a classroom, and online diplomas need to be treated as legitimate. With the exception of majors like engineering or medicine, physical schools need to start being phased out, which would go a long way to reducing college debt.

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    1. Oh yeah, the Classist, Elitist attitude that comes with the University/College education system is ridiculous. Personally, one of the biggest idiots I know went to Harvard and he paid people to do his assignments and essays for him for four straight years.

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  3. Overconsumption is definitely on my list. It’s the one thing I feel I have actually managed to edit out of my life in 2019, or at least towards the end of it. I started a new job and actually invested in a few good articles of clothing that I can mix up, style differently and ultimately KEEP, rather than lots of fast fashion.

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  4. On a lighter note, making your chosen Hogwarts House a major part of your identity. Okay, you’re a big fan of a wildly popular literary series, we get it. But you don’t see the rest of us nerds putting ‘Citizen of Gondor’ or ‘#blue lightsaber squad’ in our Twitter bios.

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      1. Hahaha yeah. I worked with a woman who broke some dishes in a restaurant when we were at a work dinner. When we were like “what he hell? Simmer down!” She said it was nothing and people need to mind their business then she made a quip about being a slytherin… it was pretty fucking stupid

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      2. Reading this comment I’m thinking that phrase might not be as widespread as I think. It’s used a lot in sports – basketball, football, hockey, etc.. – when a player is getting too ‘out of line’, causing a raucous or injury or just plainly being a dumbass, they’re told to simmer down.

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      3. Well, I’m based in the UK though and I’ve never heard it. Does come across as a quaint British kind of thing to say though haha. Btw thanks for your post on hashtags the other day! I’m not a real millennial and I’ve never used them, was just using categories on here. But now I’ve seen a big difference already from using them. And I’m starting to take the idea of myself as a writer more seriously.


  5. Oh and don’t get me started on money, how we STILL pennies and nickels, and how the dollar is backed by ‘the full faith and credit’ of a government $20 trillion in debt because apparently that’s sooo much better than physical backing of something like gold or silver…

    Last one, I promise haha.

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  6. I had never heard of Mukbang before so thanks for the enlightenment. I can’t believe people do that! How about we take the money you spent on gorging yourself and use it to feed actually hungry people? Just saying!

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      1. That’s okay. I’m sorry for putting you on the spot. The reason that I say ummm and ahhh is because I get nervous when I’m speaking with people I don’t know. After so many years in PR, I just worry people are judging me, so I get nervous and the spiral goes… I probably sound like a ditz when I speak. I’ve been told that before. lol


    1. I never really understood why there was such an uproar about ‘Ok Boomer’. Had people just let it roll off their backs, it probably would have died off 100 times by now. But people had to fight it, give it publicity and turn it into a popular saying.


    2. It’s kind of a fact of life that if people find something annoying, it’s going to get more popular. The Dab, The Floss, The Harlem Shake… well pretty much everything in society. lol


      1. It’s like the appeal that craft beer has to people who want to get drunk, or Vegas showgirls have to people who want to see boobs. In their mind, vaping is a more acceptable/cool way of smoking. Just drink the Budweiser, go to a strip club and suck on a pack of Marlboro Reds…you’re not fooling anybody.

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  7. The OU (Open University) has everything online and digital format…all of it is downloadable and that includes all the textbooks. They do still send out the textbooks if you want them. I must admit I do prefer paper books as I am of the old breed… LOL… I like to hold books and also highlight and write in them… 🙂

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    1. I think there’ll always be people who want the book and so the option of buying the book should always be available. But I do think the OU has it right in that the digital option should be available. There’s no need to produce this many textbooks. With such a small fraction of each textbook being used, someone could buy the downloadable version and print only the pages they need at home.


    1. Someone like yourself can weed through the bullshit and realize that yeah that’s enough food, or nahhhhhh someone is starving themselves, then I’m sure it’s no issue. But there are soooo many people who think that what they see someone eating on Youtube will be good for them and they just don’t know any better. That’s where it becomes unsafe. Ya know?

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  8. Crop tops should have been around when Britney Spears was still popular. Back in the 90’s, it would have made sense, but now crop tops are a thing? I feel like society is 15-20 years behind the times in terms of fashion.

    Some other things that need to go that are pretty much influenced by Gen Z: Tik Tok. Apparently, it’s one of the most popular apps.. and it’s basically people lip syncing. Like dafuq is this? And VSCO girls… what era are we in? And who the hell came up with that term?

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    1. I don’t really understand Tik Tok. But I guess it’s the Gen Z equivalent of… like our Nexopia? I don’t know. I figure every generation has one. lol

      VSCO Girls is an abomination. I’m there with you on that one!


  9. There is so much hype and worry about the environment these days. I’m glad to see people wanting to reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff people buy. Some people find personal expression in having the right accessory to make themselves stand out from the crowd. People have always created things and traded things as a way of building community. Now with the climate heating up and GreenHouse Gas emissions that come from manufacturing trade goods, people are getting very worried and people promoting “green” alternatives are getting rich and spreading a culture of panic and fear. Many young people are feeling hopeless as they see the consumer business as vibrant as ever. Yes plastic tossed away is causing problems for whales. Single use plastic can be collected even from the ocean and it can be recycled.

    There is hope. New Technologies have discovered ways to actually biodegradable and recyclable things that people need out of GreenHouse Gas emissions. Check out my website and my eco-colonialism blog post and get just a tiny glimpse into what many people are now calling the “Carbon Age”. We can work together to find solutions that work for the benefit of all while sustaining quality life here on this planet.


  10. I’m going to agree to disagree about the vaping. A lot of the research coming out of the UK (where Big Tobacco doesn’t have their hands in the pot) show that vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking and is a great tool to help people quick entirely.

    Here’s a study out of Italy (sample size is small, but I think still relevant in early studies, that shows there is virtually no difference in labs or physical indications between vapers and non smokers.

    (Ok either wordpress or my phone is not letting me copy the links).

    There’s also research from the UK showing that cardio markers improve in patients that have quit smoking and started vaping.

    The big vaping scare this summer? Mostly kids vaping illicit THC products they bought from unreliable sources that used Vitamin E, I think it was, as a carrier oil to intensify the hit.

    We’re still in the infancy of research, but from a personal standpoint – I haven’t felt this good in years, and my doctors have seen improvement in lung function, cardiac markers, and weight.

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    1. Firstly, congratulations for quitting smoking. As someone who’s grandfather passed away from a very aggressive form of lung cancer attributed to smoking, I commend you for that. I watched both of my parents quit after my grandfather got sick and I know it’s really, really not easy.

      I’d love to read that article from the study in Italy. Because, quite honestly, I fear for people like my friend’s young son who is stuck in the backseat of his car whilst he vapes for 20 minutes back and forth to daycare each day. Like you say, we’re still in the infancy stage of research, and that’s what worries me. In five or ten years are we going to learn he did undue harm to his son by practically hotboxing his car every day?

      Also, if you know of any reports that say it was kids vaping illicit THC products they bought from unreliable sources, I’d love to read those too. This is honestly something I’ve followed a lot because of my friend and his vaping in the car, because people continuously seem to vape in my face in public, because people think they can vape inside restaurants and stores because the laws only apply to cigarettes. If there are things out there that could put my mind at more ease, I’d love to see/read them.

      Thank you!

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      1. Honestly I think vaping around young kids is a big no no. Specifically for the reason that the research is still in early stages.

        The THC thing was mentioned in a number of articles once they got over the “VAPING R BAD” part of the story. But they didn’t start mentioning it until a few weeks after it all started and it was buried at the bottom of the article where people were least likely to read, apparently. I’ll see if I can dig some up.

        Here’s the Italian article:

        Here’s a link from the Sun (not the most reputable source, normally but I can’t find the original scholarly paper). They flat out say it’s not safe, but it’s better than smoking.


  11. I just heard about Facetune about a month ago and it made me go, “oh so that’s why a lot of the people I know on my feed look so different in real life!” It’s rather sad really because I think they already look great in real life.


    1. Right? There are some super stunning people in this world and they just over edit everything they post online and I find myself thinking ‘do you think you’re ugly? Because that’s so far from the truth’.


  12. Must admit, I had a good chuckle at these! May your wishes be granted 😉
    I wish cruelty would die… a quick death. To animals, and to humans.
    That won’t happen. So I’ll just wish that the extra weight (kilos/pounds) would find someone else, instead of me 😛

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  13. Dear V,
    There’s unbelievably a large amount of things people don’t use that they buy. Like you said about lip injections, most of these things are for the three A’s I measured in “Insecurities…” It helps with feeling good about oneself even though they’re stupid.
    Hard cover books are hazardous to the environment but I personally prefer them but I’m adjusting.
    Lol. I just realised I started with “Dear V”

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    1. Overconsumption is practically ruining our environment!
      Lip Injections, when done subtly, look okay. But a lot of women really overdo it.
      Books are great, I just think that there are some books that aren’t necessary anymore! Like college textbooks.. lol


  14. i personally like cropped shirts (though i think there should be other options as well for people who don’t like them), but i agree with everything else. to the question, the thing that i most want to see die in 2020 is intolerance. all kinds of it.

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  15. Ha! Jase and I had a good laugh at some of these, and yes we agree
    Jase’s list:
    Overuse of social media
    Tight pants on guys
    Denial of climate change

    Fake news
    Hate crimes against the LGBTQ community
    Stigma of mental health

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    1. You wanna hear something crazy? Kylie Jenner is a billionaire who don’t need any money but she’s made more than 6 figures this year just off the ad revenue of her youtube channel alone.

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    1. There are a lot of places where people are still required to purchase the physical books. In reading the comments, I saw that some places are offering digital versions, but that’s definitely not the majority… Sadly.

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  16. I loved what you wrote about the endless collections of clothes and plastics. As well as food and what people do to their faces and bodies in pictures.

    What you write about touches a lot on what people consider to be beauty. Or what people think is worth having or spending endless amount of dollars on. Truly, I’ve been a vain person in my past. If I’m being completely honest I struggle with vanity from time to time. People will be people and they will make their own choices according to what makes sense for them. It’s when people mature and shift their eyes from what they once thought to be normal to pure foolishness than the shift in thinking can happen.

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  17. I am a grandmother and I enjoyed reading your post (in case you’re interested in demographics). I, too, agree with all of the above especially vaping, bike shorts and crop tops (haha!) But you taught me a thing or two. Never heard of Facetune or Mukbang!


    1. Well thank you for your kind comment! It’s still winter here so I haven’t seen any bike shorts yet, but I am hoping they’re on their way out come spring…


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