Adventures in job hunting: a kind, but annoying, rejection.

Last week I had a phone interview with a company in Calgary that came up last minute. I hopped on the call and actually got to talk with the Company CEO for the interview. It was a great conversation and I was really happy with the way it went. I genuinely thought I had a shot.

When I have good interviews, I don’t like to talk about them because I don’t want to allow myself to get my hopes up. Rejection is so much more heartbreaking when you’ve allowed yourself to get your hopes up. So, for the most part, I try to put these things to the back of my mind to make sure that it doesn’t take over each day.

On Monday, I got an email from the CEO letting me know that I was not being selected for further consideration for this position. They thanked me for my time and suggested they received over 150 resumes for the position and have now chosen their final five candidates and I was not one of them.

I genuinely liked and appreciate this company and how they were conducting their hiring process, so I decided to email them back.

I thanked them for their time, told them I appreciated the opportunity and that I hope they find the candidate who will bring the most value to their office. It was all very professional, very kind.

I run into so much bullshit and so much nonsense in job hunting that when I stumble upon a hiring process that’s actually straight forward and proper, I desire to let said company know.

I wasn’t expecting a response. I really, genuinely just wanted them to know that I appreciated the consideration.

Later on Monday I received a response from the CEO thanking me for the kind email. Something she said, that I wasn’t expecting, was ‘You were in our top 10 but seeing as you’re not local, we weren’t able to consider you any further’.

Basically… you don’t live in Calgary… so even if you were the best for the job, we’re not considering you.

It sucks.

I told them I was willing to move. I told them my motivations to move. I cannot be the first person in the entire world trying to find a job in a new place… can I? (I say this facetiously)

38 thoughts on “Adventures in job hunting: a kind, but annoying, rejection.

  1. It’s still refreshing to encounter a company with enough character to respond personally and – even if it was frustrating – transparently.
    I wonder what the CEO would have said if you replied with something like, “I’m not expecting relocation assistance”…do you think that would have sweetened the deal for them?

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    1. It was really nice to deal with them. It made me hopeful. I’m sad they didn’t believe that I was willing to move. I really don’t know if it would have sweetened the deal for them. It’s hard to say with people… if I’ve learned anything in being unemployed it’s that people don’t really operate with a reason or a rhyme – at least not one visible to the outside eye.

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      1. Yes, it’s in your interests as a company to widen the net. Rigidity like that is usually the sign of a dysfunctional company. A company can appear great on the outside but have all kinds of arcane ways of operating.

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  2. Aw man, that’s hard. I’ve recently started thinking of places to work for the summer and where I would be most desirable to be hired. Just thinking about a summer job stresses me out, I can’t imagine what I’ll have to face when it comes to my career job, which will probably be even more difficult since being a teacher isn’t in high demand. I love the insight you share!

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    1. Teachers used to be in high demand in Canada but there’s been a slew of Conservative governments elected at the Provincial Level and they ALL seem to be laying off teachers left right and centre. It’s sad, really. Conservative governments in Canada don’t seem to put much value in education.


      1. Girl tell me about it. I’m in Ont and understand perfectly the pain teachers are going thru right now. It’s all I hear on the news and it makes me so upset. Dont even get me started on expanding class sizes. It’s like these politicians could care less about the children of the future.

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  3. Hey V, Rejection is hard to take however nice the company tries to be. Seems in this case, you like them (the said company) more than they like you. Because if they like you enough they will make whatever the offers or concessions. Missed opportunities is bitter but offers feedback on your strength and improvement. So next time you won’t let it get away.

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    1. I was using a friend’s address in Calgary for a while. Ironically, she got a job in Toronto and moved. I felt less comfortable about using the address of a complete stranger once someone else moved into her old place.

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      1. A friend. Was very cute, like “oh my God you’re really talking to me?” Cute. She, used Couch Surfing. Made friends with dudes in locations she wanted to apply for jobs. Borrowed, their address. Sometimes, slept with them. Not saying, she was perfect. 😂 She, just knew the loopholes. So. Couch Surfing and maybe Craigslist?


      2. Seriously? I’ve never even considered diving into the dark webs of Craiglist rental listings. It just seemed like a good way of joining a cult, or having my kidney sold on the black market… lol

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      3. Yeah. I’ve done it. I don’t like hotels. I’ll just post, ” hey. need a room for uh free or this much.” lol. It gets the conversation going. One lady in Calgary was going a 250 square foot room away with food if you help her with errands. I’m like, a bus ticket away. I’d do it.

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      4. I’m headed there for three weeks in January to try and line something up if nothing happens before then.

        I’d totally help that lady with errands… just so long as the errands didn’t involve criminal acts. lol. Maybe I’ll check Craiglist and see if she’s still there in January.

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      5. Ha. Yeah Craigslist is where I found my new favorite bicycle. You deserve another chance. Don’t forget that. You just have to be creative with your limited resources. Like, a pirate. That’s you. Pirate. You have a lot of talent don’t waste it waiting for someone to tell you it’s okay to use it.


  4. I sometimes get the feeling, that if they have so many candidates, and even more if those are equally qualified, they are happy to find reasons to not take a candidate, just to make a decision, even if those reasons are small… :/


  5. A long time ago my then boyfriend was transferred very far away. I was looking to move where he was eventually but not going until I found a job in the area. It was the same thing. People wouldn’t consider me because I lived far away even when I told them I was going to be moving there.


  6. I’ve always had a battle with the company where I work, to get them to put job adverts out WITHOUT asking for a degree of any kind. It’s such elitist b.s. – of the most experienced and skilled people in the business, half of them have no degree. It seem that using ridiculous rules to cull the herd isn’t so rare then…


  7. Such an insightful post, rejections are difficult no matter how nicely they may be presented, but as long as we learn from them and remain resilient hopefully (if not now then in the near future) the lessons we learn from will help our growth and future successes. Wish you the best in your endeavours xXx


  8. That sucks so much 😥 big hugs. I know you’re not local but you’re also not working so can start pretty much instantly, as soon as you find somewhere to live. There may even be people working at the company looking for a short term lodger.


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