49 thoughts on “23 posts in my drafts folder

    1. I think it’s more of a fear that if I admit to them, through publishing, then I have to admit to them, myself. As long as they stay in my drafts, I can go about my day pretending they aren’t the truth.

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  1. Hahaha. I have 40 in my draft folder. I haven’t posted them because I currently have a WordPress stalker. I am pretty sure it an ex-boyfriend. I keep waiting for him to go away. I don’t want him knowing what is happening in my life. I really don’t want to start a new blog. I changed my URL a couple of times. I set my blog on private. And he stills finds a way back. So someday I will publish them.

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    1. This is so scary. I am so sorry. I really don’t even know what I would do in this kind of a situation. I don’t know how one would ever get help with this. Wow. I’m sorry.

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  2. I usually have a lot of postings in draft mode. Sometimes, I was inspired at the moment, started to write the post and needed to think more about it.

    Other posts that sit there are passing thoughts. Whatever you decide to do, I am confident it will be when you are moved to publish. Merry Christmas.


  3. Some things are really difficult to say “out loud”. Hope you find the confidence or bravery to post a few of them. Love 🙂


  4. I have 184 😂, but that’s because I kind of use this as a notebook and don’t intend to publish all of them. Don’t worry too much about it, it’s all fine 😂


  5. Read them and see why you won’t post them. Does it still serve you? Most of the things we write have a personal button on it. Delete it when you think the button doesn’t work anymore for you. Breath and keep on writing. There is no pressure needed.



      1. Insecurities are nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has them, even if they don’t say so. Read them over and see why you feel insecure about them. That might help. Namasté


  6. I always publish, maybe I’m worse and I censor even before the thoughts hit the paper as so to speak. As suggested before I think it can be helpful to go through them and see with what thoughts you can part. A decluttering of the mind if you will.


  7. Slightly missing the point here, but has anyone else noticed that, with draft folders, WP saves the date/time you first began the draft, which (in my limited experience) then looks like it gets published with the original draft date rather than the actual publish date! So then it can end up sitting a ridiculously long way down the reader view list… maybe it’s just what happens when you have the cheap free account, or perhaps I’m just glitchy!


    1. This absolutely happens. All you have to do is make some sort of a change to the post before you hit publish.

      So, add a period, or subtract a letter. When you’re writing a post it Autosaves every thirty seconds. Let it autosave. And then revert it back to your original status. Then hit post and it’ll post with todays date.

      It’s just going to post with the date of last time it was saved/changed. So if you don’t change it before hitting post, it won’t update the date.

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      1. Oh so it goes by the last save rather than the first save? Good to know, makes much more sense. I must’ve failed to change anything when it happened! Thanks for that!

        Out of interest, what makes you write a whole draft and then not hit publish? Do you think you’ll tweak it first and then forget?


      2. Fears, I think. I have insecurities with respect to certain subjects and I am afraid that if I admit to them, they become real and not just something I can continue to bury.


  8. Don’t feel bad I got a crap ton of drafts written down they aren’t even on a computer haha. I’m scared to actually post mine because I can’t figure out how to categorize my posts to specific pages yet (ex: how your menus on your site have specific topics). In due time you may be ready to post them. One day you’ll probably say f*** it and either post them or delete them and that’ll be your final decision no need to rush things.


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