Always remember

Just because you get a piece of the story doesn’t mean that you know everything.

It’s easy to assume that we’ve heard the whole story or that we understand everything just because someone has shared bits and pieces with us. But the truth is, unless we are that person, it can be really difficult to get a full grasp of anything that they go through.

Some people are more open and honest than others, yes. But that doesn’t, by any means, equate to 100% transparency.

After all, what do they say about people who make assumptions?

14 thoughts on “Always remember

  1. My grandfather used to say that… never assume… it makes an Ass out of u and me lol

    He used to say that all the time lol … along with other little lesson sayings lol

    But yes agreed – never assume!

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  2. Assuming it is a human trait. Which is not bad unless you speak those out. Use them as a guide to find the truth in yourself. Because there is always 2 sides to a story. Our emotions sometimes mix them up, which can create a conflict with our own beliefs. It is always good to analyse and think. Namasté


    1. I’ve had a lot of people making assumptions that they know all of my life lately, based on what they read on this blog. It’s getting tiresome. I just wish people would understand that a blog is just a snapshot and not the full picture. You know what I mean?

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      1. What people read of you is not what defines you. I write personal stuff as well, but it doesn’t mean it is me. The full person is far different than a piece that is written. It is just an image created by the reader. I do understand.


  3. I’ve always learned that there are really three sides to a Story however I have come to the conclusion myself that, if you really think about it, In situations EVERYONE that is involved may have gone through something at the same time but their individual experience with the situation can be different so, one persons truth may not be the same truth for others….and then there’s people who just lie about everything just to lie.


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