Personal opinions on religion.

I had some people come to my door with some rather unpleasant messaging and pushy behaviours when I politely told them I did not wish to converse with them further. And, I have a lot of thoughts…

I believe that everyone has, or should have, the right to believe whatever they want in their life. I wish that religious freedoms were available to everyone and that no one had to suffer persecution for their beliefs, or choice to not believe.

I do not believe that any one religion is better than another. No one gets to claim moral high ground because of a religion they do or do not follow. I do not believe that people should be able to push their religious convictions on others. I do not believe that politics should be guided by religion.

I believe that talking about religion should be much the same as talking about salaries. If someone wants to share it, that’s great. But, if someone wishes to keep it to themselves, that should be an accepted answer and the subject should be dropped.

I do not believe that it’s appropriate to knock on a strangers door, beg them to read scriptures with you and tell them they’re bound for eternal damnation if they don’t listen to you. I don’t believe that fear, shame or anxiety should be able to be used as tools of religion to try and convert anyone, or make anyone feel less than for not being a part of a certain faith.

I believe that everyone is entitled (or should be entitled, as I do acknowledge that there are portions of this world where you can be persecuted for your convictions) to their own beliefs and I just wish for a world in which everyone would accept everyone’s own right to choose. Because there are certainly some religious activities that are extremely discriminatory if you don’t follow the same beliefs as say… the person who knocks on your door and begs you to read scriptures, for example.

Whatever faith you follow, I wish you fulfillment and happiness from that. And I hope that everyone feels the same, whether their beliefs align with yours personally, or not.

72 thoughts on “Personal opinions on religion.

  1. Great post. We need to have a movement about religious consent. Just like sex. If you say no, it’s never ok to continue. Why is it that as a society, it’s acceptable for people to knock on our doors and insist that we talk to them about what they bring and just saying no isn’t good enough???

    I had some little 18 years old kid knock on my door the other night. I was polite in dismissing them. I even thanked them for stopping by. They pressed on. I told them I’m atheist. This little kid started to tell me that he was atheist for 3 years before he found god. I almost laughed in his face. I’ve been atheist longer than he’s been alive.

    Telemarketers, soliciters, religious people knocking on my door and calling me…. I know you’re there. All of you. If I’m interested I’ll go looking for you.

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    1. This person that came to my door actually shoved his foot in the door to stop it from closing when I kindly tried to tell him to please move on and that I wasn’t interested. Then told me I was bound for eternal damnation unless I listened to him.

      So I totally know where you’re coming from.

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  2. It’s been my experience in life that often the people that want to tell you about their religion or their politics, dont want to hear about your religion or your politics. Faith is funny, its empowering in so many ways but most importantly its a full proof fall back position to justify just about anything.

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    1. “Fool proof fall back position to justify just about anything”… this is yes. Yes. Yes. Actually, this whole comment, it’s so true. People who want to push their religion on others are those who aren’t willing to hear about anyone else’s religion.

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  3. I agree with you. I really hate discrimination and violence in the name of religion. Following or not following certain religion is everyone’s rights and it shouldn’t be pushed. I’m glad that I used to live in a multicultural environment since childhood, so I have learned how to respect and accept the difference at very young age.

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  4. I agree with you Vee. It is those who do that bring reproach on others who are respectful of others.
    I can think of two groups who are pushy that way. They do not come to my door because I just tear them to shreds with all of their inconsistencies.
    I am truly sorry that someone did that to you.

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    1. I wish that I had the guts to tear them to shreds. Honestly, I just might if they decide to come back. I really didn’t appreciate them knocking on my door. And I just tried to be polite and kind and have them go on their way and they wouldn’t have it. It’s just… it’s not how you treat people. I wish I had the guts to tear them to shreds, like you say. Perhaps you can answer my door next time?

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      1. I used to slam the door in their face. I still do to an extent. One word of goodbye and then I shut the door in their face. I also have a locking screen which can’t really be seen through. Unless I’m expecting someone or I know who it is, I won’t open the screen.


  5. Well I don’t like that either – here – in the US you can put up a “No soliciting” sign and they don’t bother you – they are not supposed to. It usually works for all purposes. Religious or not. Could be considered trespassing if an individual residence has a “No Soliciting” sign clearly posted.

    I have a friend that has a sign that reads :

    We are too broke to buy anything…

    We know who we’re voting for…

    We have found Jesus…

    Seriously, unless you are selling thin mints –

    Lol her sign makes me laugh every time I see it – she just covered all the bases lol (it’s my favorite sign cause also still lets the Girl Scouts come!! We love those cookies – they can solicit lol)

    The signs do actually work here.

    I live in country currently – so I am away from all that now. 🙂

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      1. 😮 oh wow! Although people not reading signs does NOT totally surprise me, sadly

        I usually would either not answer or say “I’m sorry – not interested goodbye” before they had a chance to say anything else… it’s not rude – they were rude to come to house and you had a sign. Intrusion, ya know? You wouldn’t do that to them.

        But I do believe they are required to do so for their religion? It’s how they become?

        They have to go through that before they become a member? Or something like that. Not that it’s an excuse …

        It’s not my religion (I am Catholic, non-practicing other than by myself)

        But I have many friends of many religions … I believe Jehovah’s Witnesses require them to do that? Possibly Mormons too? I am not totally positive, so don’t quote me, anyone is free to correct me.

        They should however absolutely be respectful if a residence has a sign. Religion is very personal to many people. That’s definitely a touchy one.

        I’m sure many people shut their doors. They are probably used to it and have to know it upsets people.

        Those old saying my grandfather use to say …
        3 things to never speak of…
        1.) Money
        2.) Politics
        3.) Religion

        …he would always say that. He said many things lol – I listened “kinda” – I remember – so that’s something ✌️

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      2. They were JWs. They’e required to do that as a part of the religion. Many of them, have to start doing it when they’re children. This was the first time I’ve experience one of them trying to stop me from closing the door. I agree with your grandfather – there are some things that should just be left alone.

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  6. In high school, I was friends with a girl who was a Jehovah’s Witness. One day in study hall, we spent the entire time talking about it. I told her I had no interest in it personally, but it’s one of those things you hear rumors about as teenagers and I was curious strictly out of intellectual curiosity.

    Either that summer or the next, I was home and there was a knock at the door. It was my friend and a young man recruiting door to door. I was happy to see her, said hello, but the guy she was with was focused on making his pitch, barely noticing that I had no interest and definitely not noticing that she was petrified and wanted to go back to the car as soon as possible.

    It ended fine. They left.

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    1. Yeah, these people who came to my door were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      Why would she be petrified of you being at the door? Unless she wasn’t exactly proud of what she was doing?

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      1. But, hypothetically speaking, if she’s proud of what she’s doing it shouldn’t matter if it’s you or Barack Obama or regular Joe she doesn’t know answering the her message her convictions should still be the same?


  7. There are some religious folks who stand in on of the underground walkways in my city. They have signs that make clear they will discuss their spirituality with you. They have never bothered me, never tried to start a conversation under false pretenses, they just stand there waiting for people to walk up to them. These folks are basically there, available for people who want to talk and explore their religion. I love that approach and it makes me think well of them.

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    1. I probably wouldn’t mind that. You could approach them if you wanted to and if you didn’t want to then you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Clearly my part of the world needs to take a lesson from yours…

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      1. Well, they are just a good example. I’ve had also had interactions like the one you had. Having lived in the Bible Belt, I have pretty thick skin about people telling me which corner of the afterlife is reserved for me 😆.

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  8. A preacher adopted me when I was really young. A civil society, is based on laws. Before laws, there was just religious doctrine. I was about your age when I almost became a Buddhist monk. So. I don’t know much. Lots of things become like a religion its all pretty weird right now.

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      1. Probably. Wouldn’t be the first time. My grandfather used to build buildings in Mexico City. He’d get everything ready and as soon as they dug for a foundation they’d find a tomb or temple. We want to believe life, has value. After a town is created a social hierarchy emerges usually around what they believe in like religion. Now. If you don’t believe then how can the harassing believers have value? If their presence is greater in your area than non believers then you don’t have value. It does feel weird. A good friend is a Rabbi and runs a deli here. I’m only allowed to sit at a certain table. There’s choices that are made for you. Everything is good. So, I don’t mind. I don’t feel more Jewish and I think that’s where Evangelism misses the mark. You come to religion it doesn’t come to you. The hunger has to be there.

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  9. When I was younger, I was into a lot of different paranormal stuff. I remember being approached by JW’s during this phase. I pulled out my chain which was an inverted pentagram (for Wicca) – never seen people so quick to get away from me lol.

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  10. I get visits from the local Jehovah’s Witness hall and I installed a doorbell camera so I know if they’re there. They used to try and get me to read passages off and debate with them what I believed in, vs what they believed in. They went too far when they gave me a book about life after death after my father died in the hope that it would bring me solace. Most of it was normal grief support, with quotes from their Bible. In the end, I just found it’s easier not to get involved with them. It was only ever a waste of my time trying to reason with them. Believe whatever you want to believe, just don’t try and change me.

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    1. Wow, that’s so insincere of them to do. It really bothers me when JWs do stuff like that. I agree with your last sentence – believe what you want to believe but don’t try to make others follow your beliefs.

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  11. Yes I totally agree with you! ❤️ Everyone has the right to choose. My brother knew someone who was from the Jehovah’s. Years ago like more than 10 years ago my daddy was in the hospital very ill and my brother was at his home. This guy came to his house and also begged him to believe in that religion and the scary part was that he knew that my daddy was sick. Really strange. He then said if he didn’t want to believe now in their God and blabla because my father was very ill. I mean it was so rude to say that. My brother closed the door…

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    1. I’m sorry that I missed this when you first left this comment. JWs is something that I’ve done research on but I still truly don’t understand. It seems so predatory to do that someone who has an ill parent and is in such a vulnerable state and yet when you hear stories about JWs a lot of what you hear is very similar to your story. It’s unfortunate. Good for your brother for closing that door.

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  12. In a perverse sort of way, I look forward to people stopping me in the street or knocking on my door to talk about being saved (or whatever) – I very quickly turn the question around to their blind faith – ask them why they believe – what caused them to be doing what they are doing. Our local vicar knows better than to ask me to do any Alpha courses, or anything like that – we once talked about it, and he realised I would probably bring the entire course crashing down without too much effort 🙂 We laughed about it.

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    1. I’m sorry that I missed this comment when you first left it. I’m revisiting this post tonight and the notes that people left me. I think it takes a lot of guts to turn the conversation around on someone who’s trying to ‘save you’. It’s a lot of guts that I think a lot of people lack… and I don’t mean that in a harsh way, just a truthful way. Too many people would so much more easily just say ‘no thanks’ or hope to ignore them and walk away. I honestly think if people pulled a move like you, and flipped the conversation on its head, there’d be a lot less soliciting in religious circles. Or, I could be way off and they could just become more predatory. That’s good that the two of you were able to laugh about it. That seems like a situation I wouldn’t want to find myself in.


  13. Thank you very much for this informative and insightful article! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hearing your thoughts! I have recently published an article on my blog about the nature of religious freedom and whether religious people should be entitled to speak freely in all situations. If you have time it would be great if you could read my article as I would be interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks 🙂

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  14. That was a good article. I just wanted to comment that you seem to have A LOT of beliefs! haha im not mocking but I just wanted to say it. It just goes to show how important beliefs are to us as humans because they legit shape everything we do from that point forward. Your beliefs lead you to write this article! Which was super informative btw. I liked the salary example 🙂

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    1. Beliefs are very important to the makeup of a person. Whether it’s belief in a religion, or a belief in something else, everyone has something.


  15. Your post holds a lot of truth. The second temple of Jerusalem was meant to be a gathering place of all walks of life. The Sikh Golden Temple in Punjab has four doors facing North, South, East and West to signify all walks of people from all corners are welcome. I to find there is more than one way to peace as there is more than one flight to Jerusalem. All our paths in life are different and intertwine for many reasons.

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    1. I didn’t know that about the Sikh Temple. Thank you for sharing, that’s actually a really interesting tidbit and something I’m grateful to have learned.

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