This is not okay.

I consider myself to be an extremely privileged person having been born Caucasian. I’ve never faced the prejudice that black women, men and children have faced, and continue to face on a daily basis in our modern day culture. I know that, as much as we’ve made strides in recent years as a society, equality is still not a reality. Which is why shit like this pisses me off.

Kim Kardashian is not black. Kim Kardashian is married to an African American man, she has kids who are, therefore, half African American, but she herself is not black.

In fact, Kim Kardashian is of Irish, English and Armenian descent. To those who are defending this photo stating her skin colour is do to her Armenian heritage, Armenian people are largely known for being Caucasian, just having olive skin-tones. To those who are defending this photo claiming that it’s the lighting, no amount of lighting changes your skin tone to look that of a different race, or plumps your lips and styles your hair to take on African American traits.

I know the Kardashian’s live by the notion that all press is good press, but what goes through a woman’s mind when she’s been called out for cultural appropriation twice already this year and it seems to be an ongoing issue with her family? She clearly thinks it’s fine. Did she just think ‘hey I’d like to look more like my husband and kids?’ Did she just think ‘Well if I make it look glamorous then it’s not blackface?’

Stuff like this pisses me off because, with more than 100 million people following her on social media, the naive and uninformed people of this world will think that this behaviour is okay.

Here’s a few photos from the archives to show just how caucasian she is.

I saw a tweet today that said ‘Kim Kardashian has been slowly turning herself into a black woman for years as though it’s ‘no big deal’.

And I really don’t think it’s right.

African American people in the United States are treated as criminals for just being black. A four year old girl took a doll from a dollar store in Arizona without her mom noticing and police pointed guns at her parents and manhandled them as though they were packing heat because of it. A man was gunned down in his backyard whilst holding his cell phone in his hand, that police claimed was a gun. A cop in Texas walked into the wrong apartment and shot and killed the man living there because she was scared of him for being black.

Kim Kardashian wants to look black, but she doesn’t want to acknowledge the struggles that African American’s face on a daily basis just for the colour of their skin.

And to anyone who says it’s a spray tan – there’s a considerable difference between a spray tan and specifically going out of your way to look as though you’re a different race.

We’re trying to come up us a society and teach people that racism is bad, cultural appropriation is offensive, wrong and unfair and that we should be treating people equally. This woman comes along with her team of makeup artists and photographers, wardrobe stylists and designers to specifically seek out trying to look a different race so that she can glamorize it and make it look as though it’s the next, ‘new-in’ trend to do.

This is not okay.

Being black is not a costume. She’s trivializing violent, historic (and present) oppression and perpetuating racist stereotypes. This photo (the magazine cover with dark skin at the top of the post) and all of the other times she’s done this allows her capitalize financially for trying to fake something that women all over the world are embodying naturally and getting no credit for.

It’s not cool. It’s not right.

41 thoughts on “This is not okay.

  1. I pay no attention to her. Could probably not pick her out of a lineup. But without you saying that’s her in that top picture I’d have never known based on what I remember her looking like. I have to agree with your post too.

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    1. I don’t watch their show, but I like to read those gossip magazines in the line of the grocery store checkout, and honestly, this family is such a hot mess of inappropriate and uncalled for actions. I truly believe they do shit like this, though, so they can keep people talking about them – because as long as people are talking about them, they’re making money…

      You’re not missing out in not paying attention to her. She doesn’t do anything worthwhile or valuable.

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    1. yes!
      Inevitably, in a couple of days she’ll offer an insincere apology, pretend that she didn’t know any better and people will forgive her until she does it again in 3-4 months…

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  2. I’m not Kardashian’s fan so I don’t know about this things till you wrote it here. But, I agree that it’s not cool at all. Instead of trying to look like African American people, she better educate herself about how black people often mistreated by our judgemental society so she could be more respectful to them. It’s unfair when the real black people often judged as a criminals just because they’re black while she gains money and popularity just because she ‘s trying to be black.

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    1. Wholeheartedly agree with everything here.
      She’s doing a disservice to black culture, and to all cultures when she does stuff like this. There are real people who suffer because of the colour of their skin, and she treats it like it’s a game to get more likes on Instagram.

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  3. As a woman of colour I find this so incredibly offensive and disturbing. Your skin tone/race isn’t something you can switch up and change whenever you feel like it especially when women of colour are being treated like there’s something wrong with them for having darker skin.

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    1. AMEN. She’s treating cultural appropriation like it’s a game from her wealthy glass mansion in the Hollywood Hills where there’ll never been any repercussions to her for her actions. Coloured women, men and children all over the world will have to pay for her actions instead.

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  4. I like you a lot V, and I don’t care one iota about the Kardashians. However, I really don’t see the big deal here. You know what Japanese people think when Western models dress in traditional Japanese garb? They like it. They are happy that some Westerners take such an interest in Japanese culture. These days, many of us are perpetually offended by minor issues using flimsy justifications. Just chill the fuck out! Society has way bigger issues than celebs who like to dress/look a certain way.


    1. That’s completely your perspective. Perhaps racism isn’t a rampant issue in the UK like it is in the United States and lately, in Canada as well.

      I mentioned in my post a few examples of things that have happened as of late in the United States where people were abused, harrassed or killed solely because of the colour of their skin.

      Our recent federal election in Canada was filled with rhetoric about how refugees don’t belong here and how (and I’m quoting) ‘brown people can’t contribute to our economy’. It pisses me off that people are treated as less-than, in our society, because of the colour of their skin while she can just run around and emulate the embodiment of an African-American woman without ever having to truly understand what African-American women and people with coloured skin go through each and every day in America.

      You can tell me to chill the fuck out all you want, but at the end of the day it’s my blog. And I determine what I find importance in and what I’m going to post about. If this post makes me perpetually offended by minor issues using flimsy justifications than I guess I will claim the title because I don’t feel bad for my thoughts and I don’t feel bad for posting this and I don’t think there’s anything wrong or untrue with what I said.

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  5. Wow. Shocking. I think she looks much better in her older photos. Also, it really saddens me how she’s doing this and then so many other women are whitening their skin and dying their hair blonde so that they can be accepted. It’s not right.

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    1. It’s really sad. It’s disheartening seeing things like this happen. It’s naive of me to wish for a world where people could just be themselves. But, I know that’s not possible. Especially when one of the world’s most famous families makes behaviour like this look glamorous.

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    1. It really, really is. You’re right.

      It’s stuff like this that keeps them in media coverage. It’s like clickbait, on cocaine. And it worked for me because here I went and posted it.

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  6. “Did she just think ‘Well if I make it look glamorous then it’s not blackface?’ “

    I think you nailed it with just a few words. I don’t follow her, maybe watched a few minutes of one show and don’t care for her in the least but I do agree that THAT is not okay.

    There was a woman Rachele something who claimed to be African but was raised by white folks treated with privileges of being white but when it became something that could get attention, the claim was that she was black.

    I never took up the argument with anyone because I didn’t really care just like I don’t care if Elizabeth Warren is or isn’t Native American just like no one cares if I am half asian but the difference is like what you said.

    None of the mentioned people intentionally set out to look like a different race… to glamorize black face and make it seem okay.

    What’s wrong with just being who you are? Perhaps she just doesn’t know. She isn’t the brightest light in the box.


  7. Is that her in the 1st picture? Can’t believe it. I think they are all a bit too fake, too much in love with money. And ‘poor’ Kanye suffers with – I think – a real- mental illness. Jusy my thoughts.

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    1. Oh, I’d agree. I think he has some sort of mental illness as well. What that is? I have nothing more than speculation. But it does go to show that mental illness affects everyone, regardless of how perfect one’s life might seem.

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  8. When I first saw the pic you shared, I didn’t even know it was Kim K (I found my life improved dramatically when I stopped following celebrity gossip, though I know more about the Karashians than I care to admit). There is so much going on there that she is literally unrecognizable.

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    1. You’re so right.

      I don’t like letting them get to me like this, and normally I try to let them out of my mind, but I saw this photo and just got too annoyed at why she always seems to get away with this.


  9. I completely agree with you and to add more insult, this isn’t the first magazine cover she has done this with! She refuses to learn from past mistakes which adds in another level of wrongness.
    One thing I do tend to wonder, is with olive skin tones does she actually tan faster and deeper? I still do not believe this is a tan and do believe she was purposely changing her skin color. But I do tend to wonder if that is why she sometimes can look much darker.

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    1. I think the KarJenner family for the most part, have consistent spray tans. At least that’s what people speculate in the gossip magazines I read (my guilty pleasure). I think they do it on purpose, and have been for years. I also think that’s why it’s so big with Youtubers and most influencers to always look like this just came back from a beach vacation. But, there’s a big difference between a spray tan and what the colour of her skin tone is in the photo.

      As for your question about olive skin tone, I know that it by no means is the same experience for everyone but my boyfriend has olive skin and he does tan easily. I wouldn’t say that he tans deeper though. It always looks like a tan, not like he’s changed his race complete;y… just like he’s maybe come back from a holiday somewhere warm.

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      1. Thanks for the info on that, I honestly think this photo does look like blackface and not “a tan”. I simply was just curious if her argument had any weight on those grounds.
        Usually spray tans even the good ones still look fake to me. This color on her doesn’t look like a spray tan gone wrong even, it looks like she is totally trying to change.

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  10. Eh…celebrities are weird. Michael Jackson also changed his skin color. Not saying it detracts from anything a Kardashian might do but they live their own world up in Hollywood.


    1. I do recall it not being okay when Michael Jackson did it either. I remember him being deeply criticized in the media because of the message hew as promoting. That being said, you’re right – celebrities try to pretend that they’re in their own world so it won’t matter.

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  11. This was very exciting to read! I think that we as a society have to acknowledge ignorance to fully condemn racist behaviour. I recently posted a post called “Free yourself” on my blog called where I talk about my experience with racism and you having a read would be amazing! All the best


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