I’m not calling these unpopular opinions because, quite frankly – whether they’re popular or unpopular, they’re just opinions. They’re just my opinions. So, if you disagree with me, that’s totally okay.

It’s better to be too cold than too hot.

Putting people on mute is a nice break. Whether a phone call, on twitter, instagram, email or any other form of communication, sometimes you just need to mute someone for a little bit without them knowing. Sometimes you just need that extra time.

LED headlights are fucking awful.

There is a large number of people, both male and female, who attribute their fame, popularity or notability to talent or hard work when (let’s be honest) they’ve actually reached their present celebrity because they’re beautiful and wear minimal clothing.

A lot of what Gucci makes is actually really ugly. Bags, shoes, belts, the majority of it looks like colours and patterns put together in a middle school sewing class.

Getting presents causes more stress than happiness.

I have zero desire to visit Disneyland, Disneyworld or any other Disney theme park on this planet. When I think of all the places I want to travel and all of the things I want to see, an overpriced, overcrowded theme park doesn’t rank even remotely close to being on my list.

Top sheets are overrated and, quite frankly, absolutely useless.

Hiring managers should worry less about finding someone who lives near their office and more about finding someone who can do the job the best. Also, I realize nepotism isn’t going away any time soon, but if it’s happening and there is proof, the public should have open right to name and shame them.

Meat pies are an abomination to food.

Family photo ‘Christmas Cards’ are absolutely cringe-worthy. If you want to send me a photo of your family, please do. Please don’t put a shitty-designed border around it and use a tacky font to write ‘Merry Christmas from my family’. I know it’s your family… you sent me the card and you’re in the photo.

What are some of your opinions on random subjects?

64 thoughts on “Opinions.

  1. Social media people who follow “famous” people who try to get the “First Comment” by writing “First Comment” in the comments. They should be banned.

    Also people who use the word “comment” a lot when they leave a comment. 😉

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  2. I agree with almost all of your opinions. I would rather be hot because I hate being cold. I love my bed and need a top sheet.

    Some random things I have opinions about

    I can not stand anything on my kitchen counters or any surface really. Clutter makes me insane, like gives me anxiety!

    I detest having to look for something! Everything has a place, put it back!!!! If I’m going to work on a project and need something and then go to where it should be and it’s not there and I have to hunt for it, I get annoyed af!

    Facebook messenger, mute/block/ignore is one of my favorite options. Also the unfollow option on fb is amazing too. Like you, I need a break from some people.

    Children’s birthday party invites from everyone in the classroom, neighborhood, family & friends. I appreciate the invite and will send a gift but I won’t spend every weekend at a party. I have like 3 I go to a year. Plus add in weddings, bridal showers, gender reveals, baby showers, adult birthdays, and every holiday party, it’s too much. I have a friend that goes to everything for everyone and I don’t know how she does it.

    Unsolicited dick pics, like seriously what in the hell! NO, no and NO!!!!!!! What the hell makes a guy ever think this is a great idea?! I actually recently got one, out of no where, from a very accomplished, well known person and told him, What the fuck do not ever send me that again!!! We chat occasionally about my writing and projects he is working on but never, not once has the conversation ever been anything close to sexual so I was pissed. So infuriating!!!

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    1. Yes to clutter comment. I hate clutter.
      Actually, yes to all of yours except for the too hot/too cold one. We’ll have to disagree there! lol

      When it comes to dick pics, one of m exes told me that a lot of guys ‘get off’ just knowing that a female has looked at the pic – whether they wanted to or not. That’s why so many guys send them unsolicited, he said it’s a thing that excites them… just someone seeing it. Which is… fucked up. But, to each their own, I guess. I’ve received enough of them in my life to wholeheartedly agree with you.

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      1. That and overly flirtatious/sexual messages that are completely unwanted and inappropriate. I’ve had to block someone for doing this on multiple occasions after giving many warnings and to this day, he still sends me friend requests/tries to add me on social media accounts. NO THANK YOU.

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  3. I totally agree with almost all these apart from the meat pie aspect😂

    I’d rather stay at home in peace and quiet than go out where it’s so over crowded. I get nervous in crowded places.

    Socializing is so stressful

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    1. Yes! But with a catch…
      If someone disagrees with me and they’re respectful about it, I’ll post it.
      If someone disagrees with me and they’re an asshole, or their comment is rude, I won’t approve it. I ain’t got time for any unnecessary rudeness in the comments.

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  4. I think as a Canadian you can be arrested for saying that meat pie thing. And I understand why a woman over 30 doesn’t want to do Disney, but if you ever have a 7-year-old kid, don’t deny them what will end up as one of the greatest memories of their life. Yes on the top sheet, and I’d like to think you have the personality to enjoy the zen of those christmas cards. It’s like the fake families in their jeans and white shirts on Facebook turned up to 11. I mean, come on, even thinking that’s a good idea says way too much about you.

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    1. Cooordinated family outfits! Your comment just reminded me of coordinated family outfits. There are a few pictures of my family from when I was a kid that I absolutely hate my parents for. The fact that people still do that is ghastly.

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  5. I hate Gucci and I can’t stand those stupid family Christmas photos. Another bugbear is all my family insist on them all having the same pj’s on for Christmas day ffs. My sister and her hubby have 5 grown-up kids between them, they all have partners and now there’s 3 little ones so that’s 15 of them – all in the same pj’s! Is there a point here? Am I missing something?

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    1. I don’t think you’re missing something I agree on matching PJs.
      Matching PJs is so ridiculous to me. And people seem to love it.
      I don’t know, maybe I will one day get married and change my mind. But right now I just think it looks silly.


      1. I received matching PJs this year for Christmas. My husband and toddler got them too so we all match. I Kidd you not. The only reason why I’m keeping them is because the shirts are custom made with customized drawings for Nick and me which I thought was a sweet gesture. I won’t be sending a PJ family Christmas pic nor do I ever plan to. 🙄🤭

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  6. I agree with all of them lol. So especially the first three. Are you sure you’re not autistic? Haha. They can be due to hyper-sensitivity/sensory overload. I had major problems with offices here because of the temperature thing and lack of air conditioning. Funnily I worked in Vancouver once and had no problems because it had air conditioning and I kept turning it down. Also I had a fan.

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    1. I just think that when you’re cold, you can put layers on. When you’re hot (like in the dead of summer), you can’t go out in public naked… and even if you could, it likely wouldn’t do any good because it’s still hot as hell. lol

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  7. LED headlights are dangerous as HELL. Seriously I take one hand off the wheel sometimes to protect my eyes, not even in rural areas. In rural areas I simply cannot see and have to lift off and guess where the road goes.

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    1. I actually put my sunglasses on in traffic in the dark a few weeks ago, because the REAR LED lights in front of me were painful.


  8. There are so many of these that I 100% agree with.

    I’ve said my entire life that it’s better to be cold than hot. You can always put more layers on when you’re cold. If you’re hot, there’s only so much you can possibly take off. And it could still be hot.

    I temporarily block so many of my family members from my Facebook feed. I have to do it every 30 days. It’s like I can’t completely unfollow them because I’m hopeful that if I give them 30 days, maybe they’ll mature and change. I know better than to be optimistic.

    Why do LED headlights exist? I’m fairly certain it’s to blind me when I’m driving at night.

    Sometimes I wish I was beautiful. I bet they just get things given to them and they think it’s normal.

    I have no opinion on Gucci… sorry…

    When I receive a present, I feel like I’ve just been given an obligation to give a present. Especially when, every year, my mother declares that we will not do presents for Christmas this year and then Christmas comes and she has loaded myself and my sister down with gifts. And I’m the guy that followed the rules and didn’t buy anything. So I feel like a jerk…

    I love just about all the Disney things. But you’re right, the parks are ridiculously overpriced. I haven’t been since college, but I’d love to go back at some point. Especially since they’ve got a Star Wars land now.

    I only have a fitted sheet and a comforter on my bed. All I need.

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  9. I agree with every one of these EXCEPT “top sheets are overrated…” I love a high thread count percale sheet, top AND bottom!

    My opinion: gifs on Twitter are a sign that middle school lives on in your soul. Waiting for the ratio…

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  10. Meat and seafood counters make the entire grocery store reek like a sanitary napkin waste bin in a public bathroom, I dread grocery stores for this reason. Meat markets should have their own free standing building.

    Teach your dog to not eat cat shit from a litter box, or any other form of shit for that matter.

    Don’t blare the bass in your car, no one needs to “feel” your music.

    Please don’t bathe in perfume or cologne, it’s offensive to everyone.

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    1. 1. Seafood is the worst offender too. Have you ever been in Asian supermarkets? We have one here called T&T and the entire building smells like decaying fish.
      2. Yes. Or just don’t have both. lol.
      3. Yes.
      4. Yes.

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  11. My opinion – It’s okay to go to a restaurant, movie, market, art gallery, amusement park, theatre or concert by yourself, solo, especially if you need a break from friends, family and coworkers and need some space to clear up your mind, or don’t share hobbies/interests with people important in your life.

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  12. Disneyland.. is a love hate relationship, and Walt Disney was weird as fuck. The long lines and kids on leashes is a turn off for me personally. But….. Finding creative ways to sneak in alcohol makes the experience truly bearable in my opinion.

    People who don’t pick up after their pets are kind of the worst… It takes two seconds.

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    1. But, could you not just drink that alcohol outside of the park and not pay the park entrance fee? lol

      Yes. Agree. Winter is so great because when you’re out walking there’s no chance to walk in dog poo.

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  13. I think hiring managers care more about years of experience than training. They want you to know everything instead of hiring based on skills. Some jobs want 5-10 years experience for minimum wage.

    I agree with you on you need to be good looking to be famous. Kendall make up line is popular because she already had money and was famous.

    All designer things are ugly and not worth the price

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  14. I disagree with the hot and cold thing. I’m actually the opposite and prefer being too hot rather than too cold. I have poor circulation as it is and hate being cold.

    I’m not too familiar with what Gucci products look like so I’ll take your word for it. KIA is another brand with ugly products. Their cards are so ugly looking.

    I actually like meat pies and grew up in a family that likes British food. I never understood mince meat pies though. Apparently they are spicy and mincy.

    Here’s another one to add: Share this thing on social media with x friends or something bad will happen to you tonight at 11:59 PM. Spam the crap out of everyone because I said so. Luckily, this kinda thing is less common now but back in the day when e-mail was the best thing ever, it was a thing. And it was an annoying thing.

    And when people believe things that aren’t true and can’t be bothered to check snoops first, only to torture us with spam and ignorance instead. That’s another annoying thing.

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    1. Oh “SHARE THIS THING ON SOCIAL MEDIA” posts are annoying as hell. Or “99% of people won’t bother to share this to their social media profiles” – yeah those are a real piss off.

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  15. I completely agree with your Gucci opinion, it’s really not that nice!!!

    An opinion of mine is, and I know this is an odd one but I’ve discussed this a lot this Christmas period, Christmas cards are pointless and a waste of paper, same with any cards for any occasion actually not just Christmas! Some of my family members still like to receive them so I’ll do them, the rest shouldnt expect anything along those lines from me, and I’ve made that very clear! I appreciate the sentimental value some cards hold, but if they were that great you’d keep them not bin them after a week x


  16. My friends call me a polar bear so you can guess how I feel about the hot cold thing.

    I haven’t really ever used the mute button but now that I know its an option I agree

    LED headlights are awful and LED police car lights are worse. They are literally blinding some nights coming home from work.

    Definitely agree about the fame stuff.

    Googled Gucci and 100% agree

    I like getting presents so I disagree there

    All things Disney make me happy. I think it depends when you go how super crowded it becomes. There are definitely other places I want to see first but still want to see all the Disney Worlds, Lands, Etc. before I die.

    I hate top sheets and usually wind up donating them to charity.

    Agree with the hiring process

    Never had a meat pie so no opinion

    The family photo cards are the only way I get to see my friends and their kids so I kinda look forward to mine coming ever year.


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